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This book analyzes the factors for developing regional success and wealth in the Networked Economy and identifies the best practices that business and government leaders need to consider to develop their area into a powerhouse in the future.


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Autor/en: Jeff Saperstein, Daniel Rouach

ISBN: 0130654159
EAN: 9780130654151
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2002 - gebunden - 350 Seiten


This book analyzes the factors for developing regional success and wealth in the Networked Economy and identifies the best practices that business and government leaders need to consider to develop their area into a powerhouse in the future.


Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. About the Authors. 1. The Innovation Economy. I. SILICON VALLEY: THE MAGNETIC FORCE. 2. Global Entrepreneurs and Marketing of Multinational Companies. 3. Linking Organizations: Non-Government Organizations, Strong Regional Business Associations, and Philanthropies. 4. Local Government Working in Partnership with Business. II. IRELAND: THE ENTERPRISE ISLE. 5. Enterprise Spirit and Trade Union Social Contract. 6. National Government Directing the Growth of Ireland. 7. The Branding of Ireland: International Corporations Choosing Ireland for Multifunctional Operations. III. STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: "THE HIGH-SPEED GLOBILE INNOVATIONS COMMUNITY". 8. Industry Specialization and Leveraging Intellectual Capital. 9. Entrepreneurship Infusion: Political and Societal Change for the Innovation Economy. IV. GERMANY, THE UNITED KINGDOM, AND FRANCE: EUROPE'S INDUSTRIAL GIANTS ADAPTING TO THE GLOBAL INNOVATION ECONOMY. 10. Munich - The Hidden Champion: Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture with State Government in Partnership with Business. 11. Cambridge-Incubator for Innovation, "Small is Beautiful". 12. Sophia Antipolis-Technology Park the "French Way". V. HIGH-TECH ISLANDS OF TAIWAN AND ISRAEL. 13. Taiwan Technology Parks and NGOs. 14. Taiwan's Financial Capitalization: the Chinese Networking Culture Extends to China and Beyond. 15. Israel's Military Technology: The Transfer to Civilian Applications and Universities as Incubators. 16. Immigration to Israel, Venture Funding, and Entrepreneurship. VI. INDIA: THE BEST HOPE FOR BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE. 17. India's IT Sector and Government Initiatives in Education. 18. Transnational Links in Venture Capital for the Public Good-An Advantage in Networking. 19. Endnote. Special Perspectives - Dialogue Across the Atlantic: Lester Thurow and Jacques Attali. Special Perspectives - Governments Can Help Make Regional Wealth in the Innovation Economy: A Dialogue Between Kailash Joshi and Davidi Gilo. Special Perspectives - Human Resources Management in the Innovation Economy: Self-Managed Living Systems. Index.


JEFF SAPERSTEIN is a consultant, marketing instructor, and writer who maintains extensive contacts with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and multinational company executives. He consults in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. He is co-author of How to Be a More Effective Account Manager and Practical Approaches to Impromptu Speaking. Saperstein has written marketing columns for the San Francisco Business Times and the San Jose Business Journal and conducted marketing workshops throughout the US for AdWeek, a leading advertising industry publication. He has taught marketing courses to business professionals throughout Latin America, France, and Israel and serves as instructor in marketing for San Francisco State University Graduate School of Business, the University of California at Berkeley Extension, and the Stanford University Professional Development Program. He also teaches marketing and high technology topics at ESCP/EAP in Paris, France. DR. DANIEL ROUACH is one of the world's leading experts ininternational technology transfer and business intelligence and is the former Dean of ESCP-EAP Full-Time MBA program. He runs in-company executive programs and seminars for companies ranging from Danone and Arthur D. Little to IBM France, Thomson, STMicroelectronics, and Bull Europe, as well as for public sector organizations. Rouach leads the Group Technology & Innovation Lab, a Paris, France-based research center specializing in identifying and promulgating best practices for the management of technology and innovation. He teaches courses in international marketing, management of technology transfer, and business intelligence in ESCP-EAP programs.

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