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Ever the Winds of Chance: Poems

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Ever the Winds of Chance.



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Ever the Winds of Chance: Poems als Taschenbuch
Titel: Ever the Winds of Chance: Poems
Autor/en: Carl Sandburg

ISBN: 0252068483
EAN: 9780252068485
Sprache: Englisch.
Fotos von Margaret Sandburg, George Hendrick

Dezember 1999 - kartoniert - 200 Seiten


Ever the Winds of Chance.


"From reading this book, it would have been no surprise to learn that this hardworking, clean-living young man became a general or statesman or biographer. It is, rather, a surprise that he became a poet, for this is no portrait of the artist as a young man. There is no spiritual or emotional struggle-no burning desires, no humiliating defeats, no elations, jealousies, illusions. Rather, this is a portrait of a mind expanding, testing itself, measuring itself as it measures others." - Barbara Fisher Williamson, New York Times Book Review "Ever the Winds of Chance is wonderfully nostalgic as a record of a time when people had a rough plenty but appreciated it; when everyone worked and lived more deeply because of it; and when men had honor and women virtue. In his evocation of time it is as though a window opens and a breeze you can taste comes into the room."- Robert W. Smith, Plain Dealer "The book reveals the inner turbulence of the young poet and socialist and describes the many forces that halped to shape his life and career." -Publishers Weekly "A welcome addition to the Sandburg canon... It touches and illuminates a crucial time in the development of a memorable American writer."-Douglas L. Wilson, Western Illinois Regional Studies "There is an engaging scrapbook style to Ever the Winds of Chance which captures the emotional momentum of a success story in the making, even while Sandburg is pasting up the pedestrian details of daily life... Wonderful in the way that new growth can so brilliantly understate its possibilities, Ever the Winds of Chance reveals a psyche never very far removed from the society and culture that tempered it. "-Ronald Curran, World Literature Today "The stylistic simplicity, the perceptions and comments, are pure Sandburg; and the historical detail, even apart from the biographical, is engaging in its evocation of the Midwest and America at the turn of the century... A valuable document for anyone interested in this important literary figure. "-Barry Silesky, Chicago "What we have here is an intimate look at the literary growth of one of the great writers of this century and at the intellectual influences that helped to shape his mind. Sandburg writes with rich and surprising detail about people and events that occupied his life 50 years before... [An] important and useful portion of American literary history. "-Choice "Fascinating ... A seeker's tale, the portrait of a boy finding his direction in life, and one that binds with the spell of unexpected intimacy. "-San Diego Magazine "This is a thoroughly delightful memoir, written out of nothing more than the sheer joy, and sometimes pain, of remembering. Sandburg summons up the past with a vividness and particularity which is really quite extraordinary. A perfectly lovely, fresh and unaffected piece of writing."-William H. Pritchard, author of Lives of the Modern Poets

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