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A Companion to Plato

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Plato and Platonism remain fundamental to the practice of philosophy. This companion comprises original contributions from some of the best Platonic scholars in the world, and reflects the various ways in which they are dealing with Plato's legacy.


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Titel: A Companion to Plato

ISBN: 1405115211
EAN: 9781405115216
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Hugh H. Benson

Oktober 2006 - gebunden - 473 Seiten


Plato and Platonism remain fundamental to the practice of philosophy. This companion comprises original contributions from some of the best Platonic scholars in the world, and reflects the various ways in which they are dealing with Plato's legacy.


Notes on Contributors. Preface. Abbreviations. 1. The Life of Plato of Athens: Debra Nails (Michigan State University). 2. Interpreting Plato: Christopher Rowe (University of Durham). 3. The Socratic Problem: William J. Prior (Santa Clara University). Part I: Platonic Method and the Dialogue Form:. 4. Form and the Platonic Dialogues: Mary Margaret McCabe (King's College London). 5. The Socratic Elenchus: Charles M. Young (Claremont Graduate University). 6. Platonic Definitions and Forms: R. M. Dancy (Florida State University). 7. Plato's Method of Dialectic: Hugh H. Benson (University of Oklahoma). Part II: Platonic Epistemology:. 8. Socratic Ignorance: Gareth B. Matthews (University of Massachusetts at Amherst). 9. Plato on Recollection: Charles Kahn (University of Pennsylvania). 10. Plato: A Theory of Perception or a Nod to Sensation?: Deborah K. W. Modrak (University of Rochester). 11. Knowledge and the Forms in Plato: Michael Ferejohn (Duke University). Part III: Platonic Metaphysics:. 12. The Forms and the Sciences in Socrates and Plato: Terry Penner (Professor Emeritus). 13. Problems for Forms: Mary Louise Gill (Brown University). 14. The Role of Cosmology in Plato's Philosophy: Cynthia Freeland (University of Houston). 15. Plato on Language: David Sedley (University of Cambridge). 16. Plato and Mathematics: Michael J. White (Arizona State University). 17. Platonic Religion: Mark L. McPherran (University of Maine at Farmington). Part IV: Platonic Psychology:. 18. The Socratic Paradoxes: Thomas C. Brickhouse (Lynchburg College) and Nicholas D. Smith (Lewis and Clark College, Portland). 19. The Platonic Soul: Fred D. Miller, Jr. (Bowling Green State University). 20. Plato on Eros and Friendship: C. D. C. Reeve (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). 21. Plato on Pleasure as the Human Good: Gerasimos Santas (University of California, Irvine). Part V: Platonic Ethics, Politics, And Aesthetics:. 22. The Unity of the Virtues: Daniel Devereux (University of Virginia). 23. Plato on Justice: David Keyt (University of Washington, Seattle). 24. Plato's Concept of Goodness: Nicholas White (University of California at Irvine). 25. Plato on the Law: Susan Sauve Meyer (University of Pennsylvania). 26. Plato and the Arts: Christopher Janaway (University of Southampton). Part VI: Platonic Legacy:. 27. Learning about Plato from Aristotle: Christopher Shields (University of Oxford). 28. Plato and Hellenistic Philosophy: A. A. Long (University of California, Berkeley). 29. Plato's Influence on Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Philosophy: Sara Ahbel-Rappe (University of Michigan). Index


Hugh H. Benson is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oklahoma. He is the editor of Essays on the Philosophy of Socrates (1992) and author of Socratic Wisdom (2000) as well as various articles on the philosophy of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.


"The essays are generally well-written, informative and thought-provoking, and the collection as a whole is aptly designed to bring a reader face to face with the major themes in the current discussion of Plato's philosophy." (The Classical Review, 2008) "This hefty volume differs from many anthologies on Plato in its comprehensiveness...The essays represent recent scholarship on Plato, with bibliographical references at the end of each essay to literature almost exclusively within the last 50 years...To a lover of Plato, another volume of essays on his thought is always welcome." (Choice) "A work avowedly for the philosopher and the student philosopher, but accessible too by other students, this will be a welcome addition in a wide range of libraries from undergraduate level upwards." (Reference Reviews)

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