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Principles of Electronic Instrumentation als Buch

Principles of Electronic Instrumentation

von A. de Sa
Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (kartoniert)
This second edition includes additional chapters on micro-electronic device technology, transducers and optoelectronic measurements. Emphasis is placed on physical principles and their practical implementation.


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Principles of Electronic Instrumentation als Buch
Titel: Principles of Electronic Instrumentation
Autor/en: A. de Sa

ISBN: 0713136359
EAN: 9780713136357
Sprache: Englisch.

März 1990 - kartoniert - 288 Seiten


This second edition includes additional chapters on micro-electronic device technology, transducers and optoelectronic measurements. Emphasis is placed on physical principles and their practical implementation.


Part 1 Modern semiconductor devices: physical basis of semiconductor device operation; single junction devices; optoelectronic devices and displays; bulk semiconductor mechanisms. Part 2 Microelectrical device technology: the planar technique; preparation of a pure silicon slice and controlled oxidation; preparation of masks and photolithography; selective doping; thin-film deposition, isolation, interconnection and encapsulation; microcircuit functions and limits of circuit integration. Part 3 Linear circuit design and building blocks of analogue circuiting: black box representation; equivalent circuits; interrelation between the various parameters; analysis of commonly used linear circuits; high frequency circuits in general; large - signal circuit design criteria; building blocks of analogue circuiting. Part 4 Logic design and building blocks of digital circuiting: Boolean algebra and the physical implementation of its concepts; minimisation of Boolean expressions; binary numbers and codes; digital IC terminology; families of digital IC's; combinational logic circuits and some commonly used MSI functional circuits assemblies; sequential logic systems; monastable circuits and clock pulse generators; digital memories; microprocessors. Part 5 Principles of digital-to-analogue converters and analogue-to-digital converters: digital to analogue - types of converters - converter terminology - conversion with magnitude and sign; analogue to digital - types of converters - converter terminology; appropriate choice of converters for certain applications. Part 6 Feedback theory and its applications: basic mathematical concepts in feedback theory; flow diagrams and linear feedback systems; feedback and its consequences; instability of linear feedback systems; stabilisation techniques; practical applications. Part 7 Transducers: transducer terminology; types of transducers; conversion of optical signals into electrical ones; modern digital transducers. Part 8 Frequency analysis: some properties of Fourier transforms and their applications; spectral representation of signals; some statistical techniques in signal analysis; 2-transforms and sampled signals; the time domain and frequency domain; convultion, correlation and power spectra of waveforms; sampling and reconstitution of electronic signals; filters; references. Part 9 Noise: sources of fundamental noise; environmental noise - sources and minimisation; noise measurements; some commonly encountered experimental situations. Part 10 Principles of signal recovery: basic mathematical concepts and their physical implementation; filtering; signal recovery by autocorrelation; phase-sensitive detection; signal recovery by autocorrelation; multipoint correlation by digital technique; warehouse recovery; multichannel averager; the "box-car" detector; computer-aided signal recovery.
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