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James Joyce

26 black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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Sets out to reverse the traditional view of James Joyce and his work as the paradigm of international modernism in literature. This title relocates the writer and his work in Ireland, showing them at the various points to be intricately bound up in I … weiterlesen
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James Joyce als Buch


Titel: James Joyce
Autor/en: Andrew Gibson

ISBN: 1861892772
EAN: 9781861892775
26 black & white illustrations.
Sprache: Englisch.
Reaktion Books

1. Juni 2005 - kartoniert - 224 Seiten


From "Ulysses "to "Finnegans Wake," James Joyce's writings rank among the most intimidating works of literature. Unfortunately, many of the books that purport to explain Joyce are equally difficult. The Critical Lives series comes to the rescue with this concise yet deep examination of Joyce's life and literary accomplishments, an examination that centers on Joyce's mythical and actual Ireland as the true nucleus of his work. Andrew Gibson argues here that the most important elements in Joyce's novels are historically material and specific to Ireland--not, as is assumed, broadly modernist. Taking Joyce "local," Gibson highlights the historical and political traditions within Joyce's family and upbringing and then makes the case that Ireland must play a primary role in the study of Joyce. The fall of Charles Stewart Parnell, the collapse of political hope after the Irish nationalist upheavals, the early twentieth-century shift by Irish public activists from political to cultural concerns--all are crucial to Joyce's literary evolution. Even the author's move to mainland Europe, asserts Gibson, was actually the continuation of a centuries-old Irish legacy of emigration rather than an abandonment of his native land. In the thousands, perhaps millions, of words written about Joyce, Ireland often takes a back seat to his formal experimentalism and the modernist project as a whole. Yet here Gibson challenges this conventional portrait of Joyce, demonstrating that the tightest focus--Joyce as an Irishman--yields the clearest picture.


Andrew Gibson is Professor of Modern Literature and Theory at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is the author of Joyce's Revenge: History, Politics and Aesthetics in 'Ulysses' (2002) and co-editor with Joe Kerr of London from Punk to Blair (Reaktion, 2003). Declan Kiberd is Professor of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, University College Dublin.


With an introduction by Declan Kiberd 'Written in a compact and graceful style, Gibson's book can be read in two or three happy and absorbing afternoons ... Despite, or perhaps because of, its partialities, James Joyce makes for engrossing and highly satisfying reading. Gibson's knowledge of Irish history, like his prose, is impeccable, and his application of a distinct point of view about Joyce to his life and career illuminates many aspects of them anew ... a fine study. James Joyce Literary Supplement Gibson's book has much to recommend it ... This is an important study that should send us all back to the master's scriptures with wiped eyes and big questions. -- Gerry Dukes Irish Independent The care with which Gibson analyses the play Exiles in his study is essential reading, as is his change in perspective regarding Ulysses itself, where he emphasizes the novel's profoundly Irish historical and existential freight. El Pais, Uruguay

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