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Facilitating Reflective Learning Through Mentoring & Coaching als Buch

Facilitating Reflective Learning Through Mentoring & Coaching

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What is the difference between a 'coach' and a 'mentor'? How can practitioner's and clients assess their benefits if there is little or no general understanding as to their meaning? This book offers answers by describing the different theoretical mod … weiterlesen

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Facilitating Reflective Learning Through Mentoring & Coaching als Buch


Titel: Facilitating Reflective Learning Through Mentoring & Coaching
Autor/en: Anne Brockbank, Ian McGill

ISBN: 0749444487
EAN: 9780749444488
Sprache: Englisch.

Mai 2006 - kartoniert - 325 Seiten


What is the difference between a 'coach' and a 'mentor'? How can practitioner's and clients assess their benefits if there is little or no general understanding as to their meaning? This book offers answers by describing the different theoretical models available for coaching and mentoring and by looking at how these models are applied in practice.
Robust theory is backed up by practical advice. Numerous practical exercises, case studies, templates - including a Training Workshop template - learning partner handouts and a questionnaire for selecting prospective mentors are included. Advice is also included on sensitive areas such as the boundary between mentoring or coaching and therapy, and the desirability of supervision and codes of practice.


PART I LEARNING THEORIES AND VALUES 2. A map of mentoring and coaching Reality dimension; Learning outcome dimension; Functionalist approach; Engagement approach; Revolutionary approach; Evolutionary approach; The prevailing discourse; The power horizon; Learning for improvement or transformation?; Power and organizational learning; Values of reflective learning 3. Learning theories The nature of learning; Habitus, field and dispositions; Learning as a social activity; Individual learning in organizations; Single and double loop learning; Emotion in a mentoring or coaching relationship; Psychological principles of learning; Learning and the body 4. Reflective dialogue and learning Stages of learning; Reflection and reflective dialogue PART II MENTORING AND COACHING MODELS 5. What is mentoring? Functionalist mentoring; Engagement mentoring; Evolutionary mentoring; Relationships at work; Barriers, obstacles and myths in mentoring 6. What is coaching? Functionalist coaching; Engagement coaching; Evolutionary coaching; Executive coaching; Life coaching; Diversity in coaching 7. Mentoring models Traditional stage models and their implications; The cyclical mentoring model; The double matrix mentoring model 8. Coaching models The GROW model; The FLOW model; The SOS model; Jenny Rogers’s model; Egan’s skilled helper model PART III PRACTICE SKILLS 9. Being a client Congruence; Self-disclosure; Managing emotion as a client; Receiving feedback 10. Being a functionalist mentor or coach Contracting; Listening; Restatement of client’s story; Summarizing; Questioning; Empathy; Feedback; Engagement mentoring or coaching 11. Being an evolutionary mentor or life coach Mentor presence; Mentor congruence; Listening; Restatement of client’s story; Socratic questioning; Managing emotion; Advanced empathy; Summary; Feedback; Conflict, challenge and confrontation; Defence mechanisms; Immediacy; Reviewing the learning; Developing mentors and supporting them 12. Training and development of mentors and coaches Mentor training; Coach training; Training ideas for mentors and coaches; Mentoring and coaching skills; Evolutionary skills; Selection of mentors; Choosing a coach; Diversity training PART IV BOUNDARIES AND ETHICS 13. Mentoring, coaching or therapy? The boundary; What can mentors or life coaches learn from therapy?; Supervision and support for mentors and coaches 14. Conclusion Three different approaches; Code of ethics Appendix 1: Pro formas for mentors and coaches Appendix 2: Self-coaching: keeping a journal Appendix 3: Examples of ground rules Appendix 4: Passionate learning: a case of reflective learning Appendix 5: Questions for reflective dialogue Appendix 6: Case study exercises Notes


Anne Brockbank, Ian Mcgill


“While it encourages understanding of the differences between mentoring and coaching by discussing the various models available, this work presents examples of how these models work.” Advance Magazine “The use of Action Plans, creative narrative that draws out the mentee’s story, empathy and reflective dialogue all combine to offer a unique perspective on the role, application and impact of the mentoring and coaching process on individual participants.” Rapport “I felt compelled to write a brief message to you to let you know that your text is an excellent resource. I have been reviewing a significant amount of coaching literature for my studies and also for professional purposes and I will include your text as a key reference for persons I coach and also highly recommend to training and practicing coaches.” Damian J. Manassa, Performance Coach “There are some particularly good chapters on how to listen and give feedback, and I was pleased to see some very practical templates on what a coaching contract could actually look like. This is definitely a book for serious study or to be shared around the department.” Training and Coaching Today “It provides a depth of background information together with a helpful section on practice skills…A valuable insight into the benefits and difficulties of mentoring and coaching, along with practical guidance on how to achieve success.” Personnel Today "... theoretical argument is illustrated by practical exercises ... The often-brittle overlap between mentoring/coaching and therapy is also sensitively discussed... and concluding contextual discussion of ethics ... provides a stimulating coda" Music Teacher
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