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Photoshop Elements 4 als Buch

Photoshop Elements 4

The Missing Manual. illustrated ed. col. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (kartoniert)
The popularity of digital cameras continues to grow exponentially. They are now more powerful, feature rich, and affordable--turning digital photography into a mainstream interest. And with Photoshop Elements, Adobe has created the most popular phot … weiterlesen


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Photoshop Elements 4 als Buch


Titel: Photoshop Elements 4
Autor/en: Barbara Brundage

ISBN: 0596101589
EAN: 9780596101589
The Missing Manual.
illustrated ed.
col. Illustrations.
Sprache: Englisch.
O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA

18. November 2005 - kartoniert - 504 Seiten


The popularity of digital cameras continues to grow exponentially. They are now more powerful, feature rich, and affordable--turning digital photography into a mainstream interest. And with Photoshop Elements, Adobe has created the most popular photo-editing program on the planet. Learning how to work Photoshop Elements and manage digital photos can be a challenge for anyone just getting started--from the hobbyist to the pro photographer. With the latest Photoshop Elements 4 update, Adobe delivers a powerful new program that provides photo editing and organizing functionality with improved performance. The updated version also includes new, more intuitive features that are streamlined and easier to use--when the photographer has the right learning tool in hand.

With Photoshop Elements 4: The Missing Manual, author Barbara Brundage has written the perfect digital photography guide. In a clear, easy-to-read format, the author provides step-by-step instruction so readers can learn what they need to do to edit their photos successfully and manage their collection. This new edition also includes more than a dozen downloadable images so readers can practice using the editing tools. Readers will master useful editing techniques--from the most common to the advanced:

* Automatically correct red eye and skin tones
* Select and extract complex objects with the Magic Selection Brush and The Magic Extractor
* Create photomontages
* Restore old photographs
* Post photos on the web
* Manage and archive an entire collection
* Design a custom slide show with panning and zooming capabilities

Once photographers learn how to edit their photos successfully, they'll also learn how to post them online or upload them to the Kodak EasyShare Gallery for use in creating personal mailing lists, post cards, calendars, and much more. Photoshop Elements 4: The Missing Manual, is for any photographer interested in learning the right editing techniques for producing and sharing beautiful digital photography.

Photoshop Elements 4: The Missing Manual covers the Windows version of the software only. When we published the book, there was no Mac version of the software (as there is now), and for various reasons, we've been unable to update this edition to include the Mac version. Nonetheless, if you're on a Mac, you can use this book. Just substitute Command for Ctrl, and Option for Alt whenever you see keystroke shortcuts, and about 98 percent of the Editor functions will work the same. The sections on the Organizer only apply to Windows because the Mac version has no Organizer.


Foreword The Missing Credits Introduction Why Photoshop Elements? What You Can Do with Elements 4 What's New in Elements 4 Elements vs. Photoshop The Key to Learning Elements About This Book Part One: Introductory Elements Chapter 1. Finding Your Way Around Elements The Welcome Screen Organizing Your Photos Editing Your Photos Getting Started in a Hurry Chapter 2. Importing and Managing Your Photos Importing from Cameras Opening Stored Images Scanning Photos Capturing Video Frames Creating a New File The Organizer Chapter 3. Rotating, Resizing, and Saving Straightening Scanned Photos Rotating Your Images Straightening the Contents of Your Image Cropping Pictures Changing Your View of Your Image Changing the Size of Your Image Saving Your Work Backing up Your Files Chapter 4. The Quick Fix The Quick Fix Window Editing Your Photos Adjusting Skin TonesPart Two: Elemental Elements Chapter 5. Making Selections Making Quick Selections Selecting Rectangular and Elliptical Areas Selecting Irregularly Sized Areas Selecting with a Brush Changing and Moving Selections Chapter 6. Layers: The Heart of Elements Understanding Layers Creating Layers Managing Layers Fill and Adjustment Layers Moving Layers Between Images Part Three: Retouching Chapter 7. Basic Image Retouching Fixing Exposure Problems Controlling the Colors You See Using Levels Removing Unwanted Color Choosing the Color You Want Sharpening Your Images Chapter 8. Elements for Digital Photographers The RAW Converter Photo Filter Processing Multiple Files Chapter 9. Retouching 102: Fine-Tuning Your Images Fixing Blemishes Applying Patterns Making Your Colors More Vibrant Changing the Color of an Object Making Color Photos Black and White Creating Spot Color Colorizing a Black-and-White Photo Special Effects Chapter 10. Creating Panoramas and Transforming Images Creating Panoramas Transforming Images Part Four: Artistic Elements Chapter 11. Drawing with Brushes, Shapes, and Other Tools Picking and Using a Basic Brush The Specialty Brushes The Impressionist Brush The Pencil Tool The Paint Bucket Dodging and Burning Blending and Smudging The Eraser Tool Drawing with Shapes The Cookie Cutter Chapter 12. Filters, Effects, Layer Styles, and Gradients Using Filters Adding Effects Applying Gradients Gradient Maps Chapter 13. Type in Elements Adding Type to an Image Warping Type Adding Special Effects Type Masks: Setting an Image in Type Part Five: Sharing Your Images Chapter 14. Printing Your Photos Getting Ready to Print Using a Photo Processing Service Printing from the Editor Printing from the Organizer Printing Multiple Images Creating Projects Chapter 15. Elements and the Web Image Formats and the Web Saving Images for the Web or Email Creating Animated GIFs Emailing Your Photos Sending Photos to Other Gear Chapter 16. HTML Photo Galleries and Slideshows HTML Photo Galleries Slideshows Part Six: Additional Elements Chapter 17. Beyond the Basics Graphics Tablets Free Stuff from the Internet When You Really Need Photoshop Beyond This Book Part Seven: Appendixes Appendix A. The Organizer, Menu by Menu Appendix B. The Editor, Menu by Menu Appendix C. Installation and Troubleshooting Index


Barbara Brundage is the author of Photoshop Elements 6: The Missing Manual, and Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac: The Missing Manual, an Adobe Community Expert, and a member of Adobe's prerelease groups for Elements 3, 4, 5, and 6. She's been teaching people how to use Photoshop Elements since it first came out in 2001. Barbara first started using Elements to create graphics for use in her day job as a harpist, music publisher, and arranger. Along the way, she joined the large group of people finding a renewed interest in photography thanks to digital cameras. If she can learn to use Elements, you can, too!


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"Gemäß dem Grundsatz dieser erfolgreichen Reihe "Das Buch, das eigentlich mit in der Schachtel hätte sein müssen" geht auch dieses Werk weit über die mitgelieferte Anleitung hinaus. Nach Grundlagen der Software liefert die Autorin alle wesentlichen Informationen, die zum erfolgreichen wie kreativen Umgang mit Photoshop Elements 3 leiten." - Gerd M. Hofmann, Mac Life, Ausgabe 2/2006
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