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The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games als Buch

The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games

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From cursed to first-the outstanding moments of the Boston Red Sox The Boston Red Sox may have a history of losing the big game, but they also have had many glorious moments and triumphs-none brighter than their remarkable journey toward becoming the … weiterlesen

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The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games als Buch


Titel: The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games
Autor/en: Cecilia Tan, Bill Nowlin

ISBN: 0471697516
EAN: 9780471697510
Sprache: Englisch.

März 2006 - gebunden - 238 Seiten


From cursed to first-the outstanding moments of the Boston Red Sox The Boston Red Sox may have a history of losing the big game, but they also have had many glorious moments and triumphs-none brighter than their remarkable journey toward becoming the 2004 World Series Champions, which ended the ' Curse of the Bambino.' Now Cecilia Tan and Bill Nowlin bring to life the teams highs (and lows), from a century that started with five World Series wins. Featuring player interviews, fascinating anecdotes, and photos, this book is a must-have for any Boston fan. Cecilia Tan (Boston, MA) has written for Mudville, Baseball Ink, Baseball Today, and Picto and is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research. She is the author of The 50 Greatest Yankee Games (0-471-65938-X). Bill Nowlin (Cambridge, MA) is the author of 10 books on the Boston Red Sox and Ted Williams, and Vice President of SABR.


Ceciliaa s Preface. Billa s Preface. 1. October 2, 1903: Pittsburgh at Boston. First Act: In which Big Bill Dineen tallies the first of his three victories in the first modern World Series. 2. October 13, 1903: Pittsburgh at Boston. Fever Pitch: In which a bloody baseball buzzes by the Flying Dutchman. 3. May 5, 1904: Philadelphia at Boston. Farmer Young Feeling His Oats: In which "No Quaker Gets Far as First Base" (Boston Globe). 4. October 10, 1904: Boston at New York. Capture the Flag: In which the Olde Town Team prevails in their first pennant race against their rivals from Gotham. 5. July 29, 1911: St. Louis at Boston. Throwing Smoke: In which Howard Ellsworth Wood achieves mound mastery. 6. October 12, 1912: New York at Boston. Taking the Fifth: In which a rookie bests The Christian Gentleman. 7. October 16, 1912: New York at Boston. To Err Is Human: In which Fred Snodgrass etches his name in baseball parlance. 8. October 9, 1915: Boston at Philadelphia. Foster Home: In which a pitcher allows three hits and tallies three of his own. 9. October 13, 1915: Boston at Philadelphia. Cinched Tight: In which Harry Hooper is the hitting hero. 10. October 9, 1916: Brooklyn at Boston. Leftist Duel: In which a big southpaw must record 42 outs to earn a World Series win. 11. June 23, 1917: Washington at Boston. What A Relief! In which the Carolina professor picks up the ball the Babe dropped. 12. September 5, 1918: Boston at Chicago. Wartime: In which a lone run is all the Babe needs. 13. September 11, 1918: Chicago at Boston. Bittersweet: In which Boston seals a fifth championship under dire circumstances. 14. September 5, 1927: New York at Boston. New York Marathon: In which fans crash the gates to see the home run race and are treated to an 18--inning marathon. 15. September 12, 1931: Detroit at Boston. Bull Headed: In which a curveballing Carolinian completes a contest. 16. September 28, 1941: Boston at Philadelphia. Splendid: In which the greatest hitter who ever lived stakes his claim. 17. September 13, 1946: Boston at Cleveland. Round--Tripper: In which a home run is a run home and pennant clincher at the same time. 18. October 6, 1946: Boston at St. Louis. Glory Days: (now facing Cardinals again in WS). 19. October 15, 1946: Boston at St. Louis. Dash of Bitters: In which the Red Sox are Slaughtered by aggressive base--running. 20. August 17, 1947: Boston at New York. Dennya s The Menace: (Denny Galehouse 11 inning CG). 21. October 4, 1948: Cleveland at Boston. Fit to be Tied: In which the American League flag comes down to winner--take--all. 22. June 24, 1949: St. Louis at Boston. 21--Gun Salute: In which Boston delivers a pasting of epic proportions. 23. October 2, 1949: Boston at New York. Double Indemnity: In which the Olde Towne Team goes to the wire a second year in a row. 24. August 28, 1950: Cleveland at Boston. Against All Odds: In which an eleven run deficit proves surmountable. 25. May 18, 1955: Cleveland at Boston. Shut Out: In which the Tribe sets a record at Bostona s expense. 26. September 28, 1960: Baltimore at Boston. Exclamation Point: In which the Splendid Splinter puts the final mark of punctuation on his career. 27. June 18, 1961: Washington at Boston. Long Shot: In which a player goes 2--for--11 in a doubleheader but ties one game and wins another. 28. August 1, 1962: Boston at Chicago. Sweet Taste: In which a native son finds his groove at last. 29. October 1, 1967: Minnesota at Boston. Boston Glee Party: In which a future dentist and the son of a Long Island potato farmer bring the magic back to the Athens of America. 30. October 9, 1967: Boston at St. Louis. Jim Dandy: In which a gentleman proves himself the master of the hill once again. 31. October 12, 1967: St. Louis at Boston. Heartbreak Hill: In which we come to love the impossible. 32. October 15, 1975: Boston at Cincinnati. Marathon Man: In which El Tiante pitches a titanic victory to even the Series. 33. October 21, 1975: Cincinnati at Boston. Alla s Fair: In which an immortal moment in time is granted a native son. 34. October 2, 1978: New York at Boston. Tie Breaker: In which the Sox become the first team in American League history to force a one--game contest for the second time. 35. April 29, 1986: Seattle at Boston. Whiff of Immortality: In which a Hall of Fame career gets off the launch pad. 36. October 12, 1986: Boston at California. Roller Coaster: [needs running line]. 37. October 18, 1986: Boston at New York . Bright Lights, Big City: In which a masterful Mormon gets on the way toward becoming Series MVP. 38. October 25, 1986: Boston at New York. Loyal to a Fault: In which a generous impulse leads to a lifelong blot on an excellent career. 39. April 12, 1992: Boston at Cleveland. No Win Situation: In which a journeyman pitcher succeeds in losing. 40. September 2, 1996: Boston at Seattle. Green Monster: In which a Sox lifer accounts for every tally. 41. September 18. 1996: Boston at Detroit. Retro Rocket: In which a hurler repeats a singular feat. 42. September 10, 1999: Boston at New York. Upon this Rock: In which a bantam--weight Dominican knocks out the Yankees. 43. October 16, 1999: New York at Boston. Cy Young versus Cy Old: In which the mantle passes while the Rocket goes down in flames. 44. April 27, 2002: Tampa Bay at Boston. How Lowe: In which a pitcher sinks to new heights. 45. July 23, 2002: Tampa Bay at Boston. Birthday Bash: In which the franchise player gives Boston a present. 46. June 27, 2003: Florida at Boston. Hook, Line, & Sinker: In which the new--look Red Sox blow the soon--to--be champs out of the water. 47. October 6, 2003: Boston at Oakland. A--Ball: In which the Red Sox take a giant step toward the Promised Land. 48. October 16, 2003: Boston at New York. The Hardest Battle: In which two ancient foes go to the very brink. 49. October 17 & 18, 2004: New York at Boston. Sequel: In which the stakes are higher and the road harder than ever before. 50. October 27, 2004: Boston at St. Louis. Hallelujah: In which the Red Sox accomplish something many snakebitten fans still remain skeptical ever occurred. The Games Ranked 1 -- 50. The "Other" Games. Acknowledgments. Notes on Sources and Technological Advances. References. Index.


CECILIA TAN has written for Mudville, Baseball Ink, Baseball Today, and Picto. She produces her own online baseball magazine, Why I Like Baseball, and is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). Tan is coeditor (with Bill Nowlin) of The Fenway Project, an account of one night at the ballpark told through the eyes of over 60 different spectators and observers. BILL NOWLIN, Tana s coeditor on The Fenway Project, wrote or cowrote Tales from the Red Sox Dugout and nine other Red Sox books. He has written for the Boston Globe Magazine, Boston magazine, Red Sox Magazine, Boston Baseball, Diehard, the Baseball Research Journal, the National Pastime, and other newspapers and magazines. Nowlin is editor of publications for the Ted Williams Museum.


"Any guesses as to which game Cecilia Tan and Bill Nowlin choose as the greatest of them all in their Fifty Greatest Red Sox Games (Wiley)? Correct. And second to that magic engagement that spanned Oct. 17 and 18, 2004, is Sunday, Oct. 12, 1986, best remembered for Dave Hendersona s exculpatory home run and sacrifice fly against the Angels. It saved the Red Sox from extinction in the ALCS, propelling them toward Oct. 25, 1986, the sixth greatest contest, according to the two savants, synonymous though it is with the expression a Bill Buckner.a The games, which range from 1903 to 2004, are excellently described and reflected upon--as well as highly debatable, making the book a bible for bibulous evenings." (The Boston Globe)
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