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Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations als Buch

Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations

Unleashing the Magic in Organizations. glossary. Sprache: Englisch.
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PEOPLE IN ORGANIZATIONs of all types-public and private, large and small-have for years had to wrestle with the formidable challenge of successfully planning and implementing changes in how they do business. Today, the demand for faster approaches is … weiterlesen


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Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations als Buch


Titel: Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations
Autor/en: Deborah Frieze, Dannemiller Tyson Associates

ISBN: 1576750884
EAN: 9781576750889
Unleashing the Magic in Organizations.
Sprache: Englisch.

30. Januar 2000 - kartoniert - 320 Seiten


PEOPLE IN ORGANIZATIONs of all types-public and private, large and small-have for years had to wrestle with the formidable challenge of successfully planning and implementing changes in how they do business. Today, the demand for faster approaches is increasing across a broad spectrum of organizations in business and society, as they are faced daily with an array of change mandates-new business strategy development and deployment, merger and acquisition integration, work re-design, community organizing, and more. Traditional command and control structures and processes no longer enable and mobilize people in organizations-the rapid rate of change in the environment demands new and different ways for organizations to respond.
Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations combines systems theory and practical methodology to offer a proven, flexible approach that leads to aligned action by hundreds, even thousands of people-and creates powerful processes for change. Shattering the old paradigm about how long it takes organizations to change, the book shows how to rapidly engage the whole system in meeting organizational agility and flexibility demands. It offers adaptable, repeatable strategies for different settings and convening issues through the authors' unique Whole-Scale approach-which has been successfully applied in diverse businesses and industries, the service sector, health care, education, government, other nonprofits, and communities throughout the world.
Imagine everyone in your organization pulling in the same direction, everyone with the same information, acting quickly to solve the problems and confront the issues facing your organization. Whole-Scale Change provides not only the theories and principles underlying the approach, but also the practical methods, tools, and road maps for unleashing the energy and combining the power and wisdom of all the people in an organization.


Preface by Margaret J. Wheatley

CHAPTER 1: Discovering the Magic: What Is Whole-Scale?
The Richmond Savings Story-1995
The Roots of the Term Whole-Scale
Unleashing the Power of the Microcosm
Uniting Multiple Realities
What Is it? A Journey or a Process?
What Is Action Learning?
Creating Paradigm Shifts: The DVF Formula

CHAPTER 2: Pointing the Way to the Magic
A Story of Systems Thinking in the Community: The National Caucus and Center on Black Aged, Inc. (NCBA)
The Convening Issues
Following the Star: A Whole System Journey
An Exploration of Systems Thinking
The Star of Success-Six Keys to a Successful Journey
A Whole Systems Perspective: The Shining Star
Implications of the Star as a Diagnostic and Planning Tool
A Story About Using the Star of Success to Point to the Magic: The SSO Story
The Business Situation
A Whole-Scale Intervention from the Star of Success Point of View Event Outcomes
Results After One Year

CHAPTER 3: Building Momentum: Planning the Whole-Scale Project
Scoping the Project
The Initial Meeting
Engaging Leadership
Assessing Readiness
DVF Formula
Willingness to Work Participatively with Their Organizations
Developing the Project Plan
Statement of Work
Project Structure
Schedule and Key Milestones
Project Resources
Aligning and Developing Leadership
Doing "Discovery" Work
Building an Infrastructure to Enable Whole Systems
Change The Leadership
Team or Steering Committee
Other Team Structures
The Consultant
The Need for a Strong Foundation

CHAPTER 4: Unleashing the Magic: Strategic Direction
The Whole-Scale Approach to Crafting Strategic Direction
Strategic Direction Development and Implementation Roadmap
A Story About Developing Strategic Direction- The Vision Systems Company
The Business Situation
The Intervention
The Results
A Story About Applying Whole-Scale Approach to Strategic Thinking: Scenario Building
The Business Situation
The Intervention
The Results
Systems Approach to Strategic Thinking
Unique Features of Roles and Responsibilities for Strategic Direction Development
The Leadership Team or Steering Committee
The Core Team in Strategy Work
The Consultant

CHAPTER 5: Co-Creating: Designing Organizations
Whole-Scale: The Organization Design Application
The Whole-Scale Organization Design Implementation Roadmap
Unique Features of Infrastructures for Whole-Scale Organization Design Implementation Roadmap
The Leadership Team or Steering Committee
The Core Team
The Research or Implementation Planning Team
The Road to Organization Design
Getting Started
Leadership Alignment
The Launch Event
Design Events: Process and Organization
Implementation Events
Reunion Events
Deep Dives
Applying Whole-Scale to Organization Design at a Government Education and Training Organization
Scoping the Change Effort and Building a Project Plan
Building on the Infrastructure
Leadership Alignment: Why Change?
Leadership Alignment: All Managers Off-site November '97
WOW (Whole Office Workshop) I: "Ensuring Our Future in a Competitive Business Environment"
WOW II: Listening to Customers
WOW III: Designing the New Office
WOW IV: Transitioning Our Way into the Future
WOW V: Implementation Event
Micro Design: Taking Hold of the Day-to-Day
Continuation and Follow-through
Insights Concerning Moving Fast and Deep

CHAPTER 6: Integrating: Mergers and Acquisitions
The Need for a Business Case
Newly Formed Organizations Face Numerous Challenges
The Star of Success
Strategic Direction: Star of Success
Developing All Components of the True North Star
Roadmap for Mergers and Acquisitions
Tower Automotive: Growing a Culture While Growing a Company

CHAPTER 7: Sustaining the Momentum Systemically
Planning for Sustaining Momentum:
"Good post-work planning begins the work."
Application Principles
Keep the System Whole
Engage as Many Microcosms as Possible
Build Critical Mass for Change
Keep the Flame of Change Burning
How To's for Sustaining Momentum
Visual Displays
A Story About a Community Seeking to Intervene in Escalating Violence
Situation and Convening Issue
Roadmap: Event Purpose and Its Role in the Overall Process Interim Results
Reunion Event and Continuation Plans

CHAPTER 8: Truly Living Whole-Scale: Principles as Foundations
Whole-Scale Guiding Principles
Principles of the Whole-Scale Approach Principles of the Whole-Scale Practice Principles of Design

CHAPTER 9: The Real Secrets of Whole-Scale: The Heart of Our Work

DEEP DIVE A Theory and Roots Underlying Whole-Scale
Foundations of Our Work
Older and Newer Wisdom
Socio-Technical Systems (STS)
Pathfinders' Wisdom
How Whole-Scale Internalized STS
Whole-Scale Change as an Enabler of Process Consultation
Pathfinders' Wisdom
How Whole-Scale Internalized Process Consultation
Whole-Scale Change as an Enabler of Strategic Planning
Pathfinders' Wisdom
How Whole-Scale Internalized Strategic Planning
Whole-Scale Change as an Enabler of the Systems Theory
Pathfinders' Wisdom
How Whole-Scale Internalized Systems Theory
Whole-Scale Change as an Enabler of the New Sciences
Pathfinders' Wisdom
Systems Thinking and the Role of Chaos in Change
How Whole-Scale Internalized New Sciences
Whole-Scale Change as an Enabler of Appreciative Inquiry
Pathfinders' Wisdom
How Whole-Scale Resonates with Appreciative Inquiry

Models and Processes that Unleash the Magic
Seven Models that Work Simultaneously
to Guide Whole-Scale Work
D x V x F > R The Paradigm Shift Model: Formula for Change
The Converge/Diverge Model
Setting Strategic Direction Within Organizations: The Strategic Planning Model
The Star of Success and the North Star
DPPE (Data, Purpose, Plan, Evaluate)
MCG: Membership-Control-Goals

Strategic Planning Models and Tools
The Whole-Scale Strategic Planning Model
Strategic Terms and the Questions They Evoke
What Is Strategic Direction? Why Is It So Important?
A History of Creating Strategic Direction
Creating Strategic Direction: The Star of Success and North Star
The Breakpoint Model
Doing the Strategic Gap Analysis Homework: Finding the Strategic Drivers

General Readings
Roots and Theories: Selected Readings
Readings About Whole-Scale
World Wide Web Links
Future Before You Plan
About Dannemiller Tyson Associates
About the Authors


For twenty years Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA) has pioneered large- group processes that unleash true empowerment within organizations and communities, resulting in rapid, significant, and lasting organizational change. We are passionate advocates for whole system. We, ourselves, are a virtual company, operating around the globe with one-brain and one-heart to help our clients be successful in their environments. Together with our clients, we focus on expanding the boundaries of whole system approaches to change.
Our passion is to share with others the work we have created and what we continue to learn on our journey. In this book we cover what we are learning about whole systems change; describe the underlying theory, foundations, and history of Whole-Scale Change; and take you on the adventures we have shared with organizations and communities around the world. In the companion book, Whole-Scale Change Toolkit, we look at the way we make the change journey happen and give you tips on how to design Whole-Scale events as accelerators in that journey.

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