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Probability for Dummies

1. Auflage. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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Packed with practical tips and techniques for solving probability problems
Increase your chances of acing that probability exam -- or winning at the casino!
Whether you're hitting the books for a probability or statistics course or hittin... weiterlesen


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Probability for Dummies als Buch
Titel: Probability for Dummies
Autor/en: Deborah J. Rumsey

ISBN: 0471751413
EAN: 9780471751410
1. Auflage.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley and Sons Ltd

17. März 2006 - kartoniert - 384 Seiten


Packed with practical tips and techniques for solving probability problems
Increase your chances of acing that probability exam -- or winning at the casino!
Whether you're hitting the books for a probability or statistics course or hitting the tables at a casino, working out probabilities can be problematic. This book helps you even the odds. Using easy-to-understand explanations and examples, it demystifies probability -- and even offers savvy tips to boost your chances of gambling success!
Discover how to
* Conquer combinations and permutations
* Understand probability models from binomial to exponential
* Make good decisions using probability
* Play the odds in poker, roulette, and other games


Part I: The Certainty of Uncertainty: Probability Basics.
Chapter 1: The Probability in Everyday Life.
Chapter 2: Coming to Terms with Probability.
Chapter 3: Picturing Probability: Venn Diagrams, Tree Diagrams, and Bayes' Theorem.
Part II: Counting on Probability and Betting to Win.
Chapter 4: Setting the Contingency Table with Probabilities.
Chapter 5: Applying Counting Rules with Combinations and Permutations.
Chapter 6: Against All Odds: Probability in Gaming.
Part III: From A to Binomial:.Basic Probability Models.
Chapter 7: Probability Distribution Basics.
Chapter 8: Juggling Success and Failure with the Binomial Distribution.
Chapter 9: The Normal (but Never Dull) Distribution.
Chapter 10: Approximating a Binomial with a Normal Distribution.
Chapter 11: Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem.
Chapter 12: Investigating and Making Decisions with Probability.
Part IV: Taking It Up a Notch: Advanced Probability Models.
Chapter 13: Working with the Poisson (a Nonpoisonous) Distribution.
Chapter 14: Covering All the Angles of the Geometric Distribution.
Chapter 15: Making a Positive out of the Negative Binomial Distribution.
Chapter 16: Remaining Calm about the Hypergeometric Distribution.
Part V: For the Hotshots: Continuous Probability Models.
Chapter 17: Staying in Line with the Continuous Uniform Distribution.
Chapter 18: The Exponential (and Its Relationship to Poisson) Exposed.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 19: Ten Steps to a Better Probability Grade.
Chapter 20: Top Ten (Plus One) Probability Mistakes.
Appendix: Tables for Your Reference.


Deborah Rumsey has a PhD in Statistics from The Ohio State University (1993). Upon graduating, she joined the faculty in the Department of Statistics at Kansas State University, where she won the distinguished Presidential Teaching Award and earned tenure and promotion in 1998. In 2000, she returned to Ohio State and is now a Statistics Education Specialist/Auxiliary Faculty Member for the Department of Statistics. Dr. Rumsey has served on the American Statistical Association's Statistics Education Executive Committee and is the Editor of the Teaching Bits section of the Journal of Statistics Education. She's the author of the books Statistics For Dummies and Statistics Workbook For Dummies (Wiley). She also has published many papers and given many professional presentations on the subject of Statistics Education. Her particular research interests are curriculum materials development, teacher training and support, and immersive learning environments. Her passions, besides teaching, include her family, fishing, bird watching, driving a new Kubota tractor on the family "farm," and Ohio State Buckeye football (not necessarily in that order).


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