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Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease als Buch

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

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Michael T. Johnstone, MD, and Aristidis Veves, MD, DSc, have assembled a panel of seasoned clinicians and expert scientists to comprehensively review both the clinical and scientific aspects of diabetic cardiovascular disease. The contributors thorou … weiterlesen


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Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease als Buch


Titel: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

ISBN: 089603755X
EAN: 9780896037557
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Michael Johnstone, Aristidis Veves, Micheal T. Johnstone

Juni 2001 - gebunden - 458 Seiten


Michael T. Johnstone, MD, and Aristidis Veves, MD, DSc, have assembled a panel of seasoned clinicians and expert scientists to comprehensively review both the clinical and scientific aspects of diabetic cardiovascular disease. The contributors thoroughly discuss the mechanisms and risk factors of diabetes in relation to hypertension, dyslipidemia, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure. Their review includes a full examination of the epidemiology, mechanisms, methods of assessment, and treatment of the disease at the macrovascular level, and a discussion of the microvascular effects, including retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, and compromised microcirculation in the diabetic foot.


Part I. Pathophysiology

The Metabolic Syndrome and Vascular Disease
Aresh J. Anwar, Anthony H. Barnett, and Sudhesh Kumar

Effects of Insulin on the Vascular System
Helmut O. Steinberg

Effect of Diabetes on Endothelial Function
Keiko Naruse and George L. King

Vascular Abnormalities in the Prediabetic State
Enrique Caballero, Su Chi Lim, Edward S. Horton, and Aristidis Veves

Diabetes and Advanced Glycation End Products
Helen Vlassara

The Renin-Angiotensin System in Diabetic Cardiovascular Complications
Edward P. Feener

Diabetes and Hypertension
James R. Sowers

Diabetes and Dyslipidemia
Henry N. Ginsberg and Catherine Tuck

Diabetes and Thrombosis
David J. Schneider and Burton E. Sobel

Diabetes and Atherosclerosis
Maria F. Lopes-Virella

Animal Models of Diabetes and Atherosclerosis
Peter D. Reaven and Wulf Palinski

Nitric Oxide and Its Role in Diabetes Mellitus
Michael T. Johnstone and Todd A. Caulfield

Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 and Vascular Disease in Diabetes Mellitus
Douglas E. Vaughan

Part II. The Heart

Coronary Artery Disease in Diabetes
Doron Aronson and Michael T. Johnstone

Heart Failure in Diabetic Patients
Lawrence H. Young, Raymond R. Russell, III, Deborah Chyun, and Tarik Ramahi

Preoperative Assessment and Perioperative Management of the Surgical Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
Theodoros Laddis and Mylan C. Cohen

Part III. Peripheral Vascular System

Epidemiology of Peripheral Vascular Disease
Edward J. Boyko, Nicholas L. Smith, and Jessie H. Ahroni

Diabetes and Arterial Stiffness
Ian B. Wilkinson, Jukka Westerbacka, Hannele Yki-Jarvinen, and John R. Cockcroft

Methods for Assessing Large Vessel Pathophysiology
Rola Saouaf

Peripheral Vascular Disease in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Allen D. Hamdan, Frank B. Pomposelli, Jr., Gary W. Gibbons, and Frank W. LoGerfo

Part IV. Microcirculation

Diabetic Retinopathy
Lloyd Paul Aiello and Jerry Cavallerano

Diabetes and Nephropathy
Bijan Roshan and Richard J. Solomon

Vascular Changes and Diabetic Neuropathy
Rayaz A. Malik, Solomon Tesfaye, and John D. Ward

Microcirculation of the Diabetic Foot
Osama Hamdy, K. Abuelenin, and Aristidis Veves


"All practicing clinicians would find some value in this text, but especially cardiologists and internal medicine practitioners as well as vascular specialists. Family medicine physicians and medical students would find it a good reference. . .This is indeed a comprehensive review of the vascular implications of diabetes. It is an important book because of the increasing prevalence of diabetes in our society. The book provides a good starting point for researchers since one can be struck after reading it that there are many opportunities for investigatioin presented here. It is a worthwhile addition to the medical literature. "-Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal
"...covers the range of problems, both clinical and biochemical, that arise in the cardiovascular system of those with diabetes. I highly recommend the book to interested medical students and residents and all clinicians who work with patients with diabetes." - Canadian Family Physician
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