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Ethylene in Plant Biology als Buch

Ethylene in Plant Biology

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Ethylene in Plant Biology, Second Edition provides a definitive survey of what is currently known about this structurally simplest of all plant growth regulators. This volume contains all new material plus a bibliographic guide to the complete litera … weiterlesen

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Ethylene in Plant Biology als Buch


Titel: Ethylene in Plant Biology
Autor/en: Frederick B. Abeles, Mikal E. Saltveit Jr, Page W. Morgan

ISBN: 0120414511
EAN: 9780120414512
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 1992 - gebunden - 414 Seiten


Ethylene in Plant Biology, Second Edition provides a definitive survey of what is currently known about this structurally simplest of all plant growth regulators. This volume contains all new material plus a bibliographic guide to the complete literature of this field. Progress in molecular biology and biotechnology as well as biochemistry, plant physiology, development, regulation, and environmental aspects is covered in nine chapters co-authored by three eminent authorities in plant ethylene research. This volume is the modern text reference for all researchers and students of ethylene in plant and agricultural science.
Key Features
* Completely updated
* Concise, readable style for students and professional
* Contains an extensive bibliographic guide to the original literature
* Well illustrated with diagrams and photographs
* Thorough coverage of:
* ethylene and ethephon roles and effects
* stress ethylene
* biosynthesis of ethylene
* molecular biology of ethylene
* action of ethylene
* agricultural uses of ethylene


Preface. Reference System Usage. Frequently Used Abbreviations. Introduction and Historical Perspectives. Ethylene Analysis and Properties of the Gas. The Biosynthesis of Ethylene. Regulation of Ethylene Production by Internal, Environmental, and Stress Factors. Roles and Physiological Effects of Ethylene in Plant Physiology: Dormancy, Growth and Development. Fruit Ripening, Abscission and Postharvest Disorders. The Mechanisms of Ethylene Action. Ethylene in the Environment. The Role of Ethylene in Agriculture. References. Index.


"Ethylene in Plant Biology is a mine of useful information about the gas and its effects... If I were a fresh ethylene researcher, particularly in agriculture, it is this book I would want at my fingertips, for its comprehensive coverage and tips on practical usage, to assist my development and maturation. It is also a valuable resource for researchers and students in any aspect of plant biology or horticulture." --CELL "The work will be valuable to all seeking up-to-date and comprehensive information on ethylene." --THE QUARTERLY REVIEW OF BIOLOGY From Reviews of the First Edition "Dr. Abeles has made a thorough survey of the bulky and confusing literature on this topic from the earliest indications of ethylene damage to plants over a century ago to the most recent and sophisticated biochemical and physiological studies. The topics covered are far ranging and include such matters as the practical use of ethylene and related compounds in plant production, the part played by ethylene as an air pollutant, its chemistry, and analytical techniques for its estimation. Anybody interested in plant hormones and the chemical control of plant growth and development will find this a gold mine of information and references." --L.J. Audus, NATURE "The real value of this book is in collecting the information about ethylene and classifying its effects. The author has done a skillful job of including and illustrating all the important information." --M. Faust, UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE, Beltsville, Maryland "This book is a well-documented, well-indexed and well-illustrated survey of this whole field. This book will be essential for students and workers in this and related fields." --PHYTOLOGIA "The reviewer strongly recommends the book to students and research workers in post-harvest physiology of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The fact that the author has included descriptions of the role of ethylene in growth, development, and flowering of plants makes this book essential reading for all horticulturists, physiologists, and biologists." --AMERICAN SCIENTIST
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