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Rapid Thermal Processing for Future Semiconductor Devices

von H. Fukuda
Sprache: Englisch.
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This volume is a collection of papers which were presented at the 2001 International Conference on Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP 2001) held at Ise Shima, Mie, on November 14-16, 2001. This symposium is a second conference that followed the previous s... weiterlesen


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Rapid Thermal Processing for Future Semiconductor Devices als Buch
Titel: Rapid Thermal Processing for Future Semiconductor Devices
Autor/en: H. Fukuda

ISBN: 0444513396
EAN: 9780444513397
Sprache: Englisch.

April 2003 - kartoniert - 160 Seiten


This volume is a collection of papers which were presented at the 2001 International Conference on Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP 2001) held at Ise Shima, Mie, on November 14-16, 2001. This symposium is a second conference that followed the previous successful first International RTP conference held at Hokkaido in 1997. The RTP 2001 covered developments in RTP and other short-time processing continuously aiming to point out the future direction in the Silicon ULSI devices and II-VI, III-V compound semiconductor devices. This book covers the following areas: advanced MOS gate stack, integration technologies, advancd channel engineering including shallow junction, SiGe, hetero-structure, novel metallization, inter-connect, silicidation, low-k materials, thin dielectrics including gate dielectrics and high-k materials, thin film deposition including SiGe, SOI and SiC, process and device modelling, Laser-assisted crystallization and TFT device fabrication technologies, temperature monitoring and slip-free technologies.


Preface. RTP2001 Organization.
1. Role of Rapid Thermal Processing in the Development of Disruptive and Non-disruptive Technologies for Semiconductor Manufacturing in the 21st Centrury (R. Singh, M. Fakhruddin, K.F. Poole).
2. Analytical Model for Spike Annealed Diffusion Profiles of Low-Energy and High-Dose Ion Implanted Impurities (K. Suzuki, H. Tashiro).
3. Process and Technology Drivers for Single Wafer Processes in DRAM Manufacturing (R.A. Weimer, D.C. Powell, P.M. Lenahan).
4. Ultra-high Vacuum Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition for Formation of TiN as Barrier Metals (S. Naito, M. Okada, O. Nakatsuka, T. Okuhara, A. Sakai, S. Zaima, Y. Yasuda).
5. Implementations of Rapid Thermal Processes in Polysilicon TFT Fabrication (M.K. Hatalis, A.T. Voutsas).
6. High-Perfomance Poly-Si TFT and its Application to LCD (H. Hamada, H. Abe, Y. Miyai).
7. Rapid Low Temperature Photo Oxidation Processing for Advanced Poly-Si TFTs (Y. Nakata, T. Itoga, T. Okamoto, T. Hamada, Y. Ishii).
8. Properties of Phosphorus-Doped Polycrystalline Silicon Films Formed by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition and Successive Rapid Thermal Annealing (R. Morimoto, A. Izumi, A. Masuda, H. Matsumura)
9. Evaluation of Crystalline Defects in Thin, Strained Silicon-Germanium Epitaxial Layers by Optical Shallow Defect Analyzer (Y. Kiyota, K. Takeda).
10. Novel UV-assisted Rapid Thermal Annealing of Ferroelectric Materials (E. Lynch, S. O'Brien, P.V. Kelly, H. Guillon, L. Pardo, R. Poyato, A. Gonzalez, M.L. Calzada, I. Stolichnov).
11. Rapid Thermal Annealing of (1-x)Ta2O5-xTiO2 Thin Films Formed by Metalorganic Decomposition (K.M.A. Salam, H. Konishi, H. Fukuda, S. Nomura)
12. Hard Breakdown Characteristics in a 2.2-nm-thick SiO2 film (K. Komiya, M. Nagahara, Y. Omura).
13. Rapid Thermal MOCVD Processing for InP-Based Devices (O. Kreinin, G. Bahir).
14. Sb Pile-up at the SiO2/Si Interface during Drive-in Process after Predeposition using SOG Source (T. Ichino, H. Uchida, M. Ichimura, E. Arai).
15. Large Refractive Index C-S-Au Composite Film Formation by Plasma Processes (M. Matsushita, Md.A. Kashem, S. Morita).
16. The LEVITOR 4000 system, Ultra-fast, Emissivity-independent, Heating of Substrates via Heat Conduction through Thin Gas Layers (E.H.A. Granneman, V.I. Kuznetsov, A.B. Storm, H. Terhorst).
17. Steady and Transient Gas Flow Simulation of SiGe Vertical Reactor (A. Miyauchi, H. Yamazaki, Y. Inokuchi, Y. Kunii).
18. The Short-period (Si14/Ge1)20 and (Si28/Ge2)10 superlattices as Buffer Layers for the Growth of Si0.75Ge0.25 Alloy Layers (M.M. Rahman, K. Kurumatani, T. Tambo, C. Tatsuyama).
19. Si Epitaxial Growth on the Atomic-Order Nitrided Si(100) Surface in SiH4 Reaction (Y. Jeong, M. Sakabura, T. Matsuura, J. Murota).
20. Heavy Doping Characteristics of Si Films Epitaxially Grown at 450oC by Alternately Supplied PH3 and SiH4 (Y. Shimamune, M. Sakuraba, T. Matsuura, J. Murota).
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