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COM+ Programming with Visual Basic als Buch

COM+ Programming with Visual Basic

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The importance of a book like COM+ Programming with Visual Basic lies in the fact that the Visual Basic programming environment is designed to hide as many low-level system details as possible. While this approach can speed development time by lettin … weiterlesen

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COM+ Programming with Visual Basic als Buch


Titel: COM+ Programming with Visual Basic
Autor/en: Jose Mojica

ISBN: 1565928407
EAN: 9781565928404
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2001 - kartoniert - 364 Seiten


The importance of a book like COM+ Programming with Visual Basic lies in the fact that the Visual Basic programming environment is designed to hide as many low-level system details as possible. While this approach can speed development time by letting you focus on the task at hand, it actually hinders the process when it obscures details you need to understand or control. Such is often the case for programmers who are developing components that take advantage of COM+ services. COM+ Programming with Visual Basic takes aim squarely at the information needs of these developers.
For instance, despite the marketing hype about COM+ as the new and improved version of COM, classic COM is very much the foundation on which COM+ is built: COM+ components are a particular kind of COM component. Visual Basic hides almost all COM implementation details; yet it is precisely in the area of COM+ programming that these hidden details are most important. Therefore, we've devoted significant content to exploring COM internals:
* Interface-based programming
* How COM interfaces work internally
* How COM components are activated
* How versioning COM components works in Visual Basic
The second section focuses on incorporating individual COM+ services, like transaction support, security, and asynchronous operations, into applications. The author concludes by discussing what you need to learn to transition to Microsoft's coming .NET framework.
Regardless of what lies ahead for .NET, many distributed systems are being built today with COM+. COM+ Programming with Visual Basic focuses on topics relevant to distributed applications that are here to stay:
* How to use interfaces
* Passing objects by reference or by value
* What it means to have multithreaded applications
* How declarative programming works
* How to program within a distributed transaction
* How to add role-based security to applications
There's simply no other documentation available for much of what's in
COM+ Programming with Visual Basic. It's destined to be the resource behind the most robust, efficient, high-performance COM+ applications.


Preface 1. COM+ Internals What Is COM+? COM and COM+ Knowing the Internals Introduction to .NET 2. Interface-Based Programming Why Interface-Based Programming? Defining Interfaces in Visual Basic Using a Class Through an Interface Polymorphism I (Multiple Components-Single Interface) Polymorphism II (Single Component-Multiple Interfaces) Review 3. How Interfaces Work Internally Life Without Interfaces Memory Layout of Interfaces COM as a Binary Standard Type Libraries COM Standard Interfaces: IUnknown and IDispatch Summary 4. In-Process Servers Client-Server Communication: A High-Level View Client-Server Communication: A Low-Level View 5. Out-of-Process Servers and COM's Remoting Architecture ActiveX EXEs Threads Remoting and Location Transparency Pinging Mechanism Summary 6. Versioning The Goal of COM Versioning Client Requirements COM's Versioning Story How Visual Basic Versions Your COM Objects Using IDL Summary 7. COM+ Applications Creating a COM+ Application Services Overview COM+ Administration Components Summary 8. Writing and Debugging COM+ Code COM+ Architecture Debugging COM+ Applications 9. Transaction Services What Is a Transaction? Declarative Transactions Summary 10. COM+ Security Security Terminology RPC Security COM/COM+ Security Internet-Based Security Summary 11. Introduction to .NET The .NET Architecture Developing Assemblies VB.NET Features Mixing COM+ and .NET Using COM+ Services Summary Index


Jose Mojica is an instructor and researcher at DevelopMentor, a company that's gained an
international reputation for its experience with COM and COM+. He
teaches various courses that focus on enterprise development in COM+,
IIS, .NET, and Visual Basic. Before joining DevelopMentor, Jose was a
consultant at IBM, writing DCOM servers that performed speech
recognition and creating ActiveX controls in ATL for the ViaVoice SDK.
He has worked with Visual Basic since Version 1.0. Jose is the author
of Building ActiveX Controls with Visual Basic 5.0 and coauthor
of Programming Internet Controls and Distributed
Applications for Visual C++ 6.0 MCSD Training Kit.
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