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Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic .Net als Buch

Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic .Net

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A career-enhancing guide to the future for FoxPro developers.


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Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic .Net als Buch


Titel: Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic .Net
Autor/en: Les Pinter

ISBN: 0672326493
EAN: 9780672326493
Sprache: Englisch.

Mai 2004 - kartoniert - 528 Seiten


A career-enhancing guide to the future for FoxPro developers.


Introduction. 1. Differences Between Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic .NET. A Whole New World. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The Visual Basic .NET Solution Explorer. Command Syntax. Flow of Control. Variables, Enums, Arrays, Collections, and Fields. Functions and Subroutines (Procedures). Classes, Namespaces, Properties, and Forms. Events. Compiler Directives. Data. Data Binding. Error Handling and Debugging. Summary. 2. Building Simple Applications in Visual FoxPro. Building a Simple Application in Visual FoxPro Building a Simple Application in Visual Basic .NET. Summary. 3. Building a Visual FoxPro Application for SQL Server. Why Three-Tier? Creating the SQL Database and Loading Your Tables. Writing the Sample Application. The Form Template. A Search Form Template. The Data Tier. Whats Next? 4. A Visual Basic .NET Framework. Starting the New Windows Application Project. Adding a Windows Controls Library. Building Your First Inheritable Form. Programming with Class. Click Event Code for the Forms Buttons. Summary. 5. Adding Internet Access. ASP and Database Development. Internet Access in Visual FoxPro 7. The StandardForm Class Template. Writing Web Connection Functions. Introducing the Server. Modifying the Data Tier to Add Internet Data Access. Building XML Web Services with Visual FoxPro 8. XML Web Services in Visual Basic .NET. Adding References to the Web Service to Your Client. Summary. 6. Data Access. Data Access in Visual FoxPro Before Visual FoxPro 8. Database Containers. New Features in Visual FoxPro 8. Data Access in Visual Basic .NET. Summary. 7. XML. The Structure of XML. Representation of Complex Structures. Hierarchical XML. The Document Object Model. Commands to Move Data Between a Table and XML. How FoxPro Implements XML. Importing XML into Visual Basic .NET. Reading XML into a Visual Basic .NET Dataset. Using XML and Data Islands to Reduce Server Load. Related Technologies: XPATH and XSLT. Extensible Style Sheet Transformations (XSLT). Summary. 8. Screen Design. The Base Control Classes. Creating the Startup Screen for Your Application. Creating Menus. Subclassing Controls. Data Binding. Innovative Screen Design. Tools. Summary. 9. Searching and Filtering in Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic .NET. Record Filtering in FoxPro. Record Filtering in Visual Basic .NET. A Generic Record Lookup Grid with Column Sorting in Visual FoxPro. Returning a Value from a Visual Basic .NET Form. Using the DefaultDataView for Filtering and Sorting. A Generic Record Lookup Form in Visual Basic .NET. Minimalist Filtering in Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic .NET. Search Forms with Additional Fields. Building Self-Populating Controls. Cleaning Up Mistakes in Legacy Data to Improve Searching. Getting Filtered Data Across the Web. Summary. 10. Reporting. Reporting in Visual FoxPro. Crystal Reports in Visual FoxPro. Reporting in Visual Studio .NET.


Les Pinter is Contributing Editor of Universal Thread magazine in Montreal, and a monthly contributor to the Virtual FoxPro User Group (VFUG) user group newsletter. He is also a member of the INETA (International .NET User Group Association) Speakers' Bureau for Latin America. Les publishes numerous articles on FoxPro, SQL, VB .NET and ASP.NET on his website and in Les Pinter's Database Journal, a bimonthly newsletter. Les has been a speaker at conferences in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, France, Spain, Russia and Canada. He gives seminars on Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic database development in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Although the Pinter Consulting corporate office is located in Mexico City, Les lives in San Mateo, California with his wife Ying-Ying Chang.

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