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Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications als Buch

Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications

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Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers as the foundation of multimedia database applications. With the release of Oracle8 Database in 1997, Oracle became the first commercial datab … weiterlesen
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Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications als Buch


Titel: Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications
Autor/en: Lynne Dunckley, Larry Guros

ISBN: 1555583318
EAN: 9781555583316
Sprache: Englisch.

Dezember 2006 - kartoniert - 520 Seiten


Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers as the foundation of multimedia database applications. With the release of Oracle8 Database in 1997, Oracle became the first commercial database with integrated multimedia technology for application developers. Since that time, Oracle has enhanced and extended these features to include native support for image, audio, video and streaming media storage; indexing, retrieval and processing in the Oracle Database, Application Server; and development tools. Databases are not only words and numbers for accountants, but they also should utilize a full range of media to satisfy customer needs, from race car engineers, to manufacturing processes to security.

The full range of audio, video and integration of media into databases is mission critical to these applications. This book details the most recent features in Oracle's multimedia technology including those of the Oracle10gR2 Database and the Oracle9i Application Server. The technology covered includes: object relational media storage and services within the database, middle tier application development interfaces, wireless delivery mechanisms, and Java-based tools.

Gives broad coverage to integration of multimedia features such as audio and instrumentation video, from race cars to analyze performance, to voice and picture recognition for security data bases. As well as full multimedia for presentations
Includes field tested examples in enterprise environments
Provides coverage in a thorough and clear fashion developed in a London University Professional Course


1. Introduction:

Oracle Database and Application Server 10g; What they Mean For Business Goals for this book

- Drivers: web, wireless, digital imagery

- Segments: banking, security, defence, real estate, retail

2. Multimedia Explained

Analog Media
Digital Media
Digital Media Formats

- file formats

- compression schemes

- pixel formats

- image formats

- audio formats

- video formats

3. How does Oracle10g support image, audio and video content?

Media Packaging

- blobs

- objects

- structure

- attributes

- methods

- initialization

Media in relational tables

4. Getting Ready: What you need to know before you media-enhance your application.

Planning The Development Process.
Gathering Requirements.


- interMedia

Middle Tier Architecture

- Oracle Application Server Wireless

- media adaptation

- streaming video services

- Tools

- Portal

- Jdev

- Wireless

Development Planning.
Construction Planning.

5. Building the database

Database Administrator Role

Installation & Upgrades

- installation & configuration

- installation check

- verify installation

- upgrade

- downgrade

- deinstall

6. Protecting your data

Performing Essential intermediaTasks
Optimizing the Configuration of the Database Engine.
Performance tuning - Tools to Measure Performance

7. Where and how to use intermedia

Database Programmer Role
Management Utility -Enterprise Manager

8. Building a simple application

Application Optimization.
Looking Behind the Scenes.

- bulk loading

- indexing
Object interfaces
Relational interfaces

9. Creating image audio, and video objects with intermedia Exploring the Benefits of Using Objects.

Java Media Classes

-Java Introduction

-Ord Image Class

-Ord Audio Class

-Ord Video Class

-Ord Doc Class

-Common Object Methods

- interMedia classes for servlets and JSPs

Reviewing Objects, Properties, and Methods.

10. Java Application Development

-JDBC Connection

-Java Servlet Classes

-Java Servlet Access

-Java HTTP Download To Browser

-Java HTTP Upload from Browser

11. Advanced Queries - Content Based Retrieval.
Problems & challenges
Image content based retrieval

- image signature

- specialized index

- image matching

- domains of utility

Speech content based retrieval

- 3rd party speech recognition

- speech index

- text based speech mining

12. Java Development Tools

- JDeveloper & BC4J

- Java Advanced Imaging

- Java Media Framework
Java Delivery JSPs
JSP Tag Library

13. Using PL/SQL for intermedia applications

Server Side Sql
Web Sql
Code Wizard
Understanding Queries using Intermedia objects
Mastering multimedia Queries.
Optimizing Queries. Summary.

14. Multimedia Database Middleware
Coping with multimedia data on networks
Streaming Media
Oracle Application Server 10i
Media adaptation services
Wireless media delivery
Database Security and Reliability

15. XML and SMIL: Something to Smile About
Portal forms and reports

16. Understanding the Big Picture.
Demonstration Application
15 Pages
Photo Album

- Java



Putting It All Together.
Tips and Techniques.
Appendix A: Installing Oracle Intermedia.
Appendix B: About PL/SQL Versions. intermedia Resources for PL/SQL Developers
Appendix C: CD Contents.


Professor of IT, TVU London University since September, 2001, formally lecturing posts in Computing at The Open University and the University of Luton, 1986-98. She is currently programme leader for the undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes in Computing and Information Systems at TVU, London. She recently published a textbook on 'Multimedia Databases' for Addison Wesley. Project Review Officer, responsible for IT and MIS systems, at Local Government Management Board, from 1982-1985, having been promoted from the post of Head of Local Government Examination Section. Database administrator for large-scale UK government databases. Systems Analyst PPEB/JADPU Home Office & Police Computer Unit, 1975-78
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