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Membrane Transport: A Practical Approach als Buch

Membrane Transport: A Practical Approach

Sprache: Englisch.
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Membrane Transport is targeted towards researchers with an interest in the mechanism of solute transport across biological membranes. Its scope is broad, ranging from the techniques required to study transport itself, through the expression, purifica … weiterlesen


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Membrane Transport: A Practical Approach als Buch


Titel: Membrane Transport: A Practical Approach

ISBN: 0199637040
EAN: 9780199637041
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Stephen A. Baldwin

August 2000 - kartoniert - 342 Seiten


Membrane Transport is targeted towards researchers with an interest in the mechanism of solute transport across biological membranes. Its scope is broad, ranging from the techniques required to study transport itself, through the expression, purification and reconstitution of transporters, to techniques for investigation of their structures. As such, it not only proves the necessary technical grounding for newcomers to the field, but should also be of value to "old-hands" wishing to get up to date with recent developments in these areas. While some of the approaches described require sophisticated equipment (e.g. a stopped-flow fluorimeter), most of the protocols can be implemented in any well- found laboratory. Preparation of this volume comes at a time when a result of genome sequencing our knowledge of membrane transporter sequences is far outstripping our understanding of their molecular mechanisms. Our hope is that this book will help future researchers to redress this imbalance.


Assay of membrane transport in cells and membrane vesicles; Reconstitution of membrane proteins: the Ca2+-ATPase of sarcoplasmic reticulum; The Xenopus oocyte expression system for the cDNA cloning and characterization of plasma membrane transport proteins; Expression of foreign transport proteins in yeast; Baculovirus-mediated overexpression of transport proteins; The amplified expression, identification purification, assay and properties of hexahistidine-tagged bacterial membrane transport proteins; Spectroscopic and kinetic approaches for probing the mechanisms of solute transporters; Detection and analysis of glucose transporters using photolabelling techniques; Computer prediction of transporter topology and structure; Two-dimensional crystallization of membrane proteins


"The book is logically organized, contains many protocols, and should allow investigators to undertake work in this area with minimal problems."--Doody's
"Some of us have been convinced for years that membrane proteins are, of course, the most important players in biology on this planet. Consequently, it has been painful to see the new initiatives on structural genomics flying ahead with global plans for high-resolution structures of thousands of cytosolic proteins in the next few years, while membrane proteins are simply dumped to one side as too difficult to handle in such a grand plan. The contents of this new volume in the Practical Approach series immediately attracted me, therefore, as a timely reminder that some devotees are still working hard to bring membrane proteins into the mainstream of structure-function analysis with all the promise of greater insight into mechanisms of transport function that this will surely generate. ... This volume ... should be a useful guide and stimulant to those laboratories now prepared to get stuck into the analysis of membrane proteins at the structural level."--Trends in Biochemical Sciences
"The guide is well organized and easy to use. . .Researchers who are currently working in the area of membrane transport(or just thinking about it) will want to obtain a copy of Membrane Transport: a Practical Approach for their reference libraries"--Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

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