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Natural Products for Pest Management als Buch

Natural Products for Pest Management

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This book provides an excellent overview of the new discoveries and approaches, and mode of action studies on natural product-based pest management agents. It covers a wide range of topics that include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, algaecides … weiterlesen


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Natural Products for Pest Management als Buch


Titel: Natural Products for Pest Management

ISBN: 0841239339
EAN: 9780841239333
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Agnes M. Rimando, Stephen O. Duke

Mai 2006 - gebunden - 319 Seiten


This book provides an excellent overview of the new discoveries and approaches, and mode of action studies on natural product-based pest management agents. It covers a wide range of topics that include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, algaecides, and molluscicides, as well as regulatory aspects governing natural products registration and commercialization. This book will benefit scientists, students, and faculty members in the fields of agronomy, plant biochemistry and physiology, natural products chemistry, entomology, chemical ecology, plant pathology, and related disciplines, as well as the organic farming sector and groups working on alternatives to synthetic pesticides.


1. Natural Products for Pest Management; Discovery and Mode of Action of Natural Herbicides; 2. Isolation of Seed Germination and Plant Growth Inhibitors from Mediterranean Plants: Their Potential Use as Herbicides; 3. Chlorosis Inducing Phytotoxic Metabolites: New herbicides from Phoma macrostoma; R. GILBERT, KAREN L. BAILEY, AND JO-ANN DERBY; 4. Physiological Effects of 2-Benzoxazolinone on Lettuce; CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF TOXINS PRODUCED BY WEED PATHOGENIC FUNGI; AS POTENTIAL NATURAL HERBICIDES; 6. Natural Compounds for Novel Strategies of Parasitic Plant Management; 7. Search for Germination Stimulants and Inhibitors for Root Parasitic Weeds; 8. Phytotoxins Produced by Invasive Weeds and their Applications in Agriculture and the; RESTORATION OF NATURAL AREAS; 9. Isolation Strategies for Finding Bioactive Compounds: Specific Activity vs. Total Activity; Discovery and Mode of Action of Natural Fungicides and Insecticides; 10. Natural Products and Their Role in the Design of Active Ingredients for Modern Crop; PROTECTION; 11. Phytotoxic, Antialgal, and Antifungal Activity of Constituents from Selected Plants of; KAZAKHSTAN; SITPAEVA, NADEJDA G. GEMEJIEVA, GAUKHAR S. MUKANOVA, AND LEONID K. MAMONOV; 12. Finding New Fungicides from Natural Sources; 13. Natural Insect Repellents: Activity Against Mosquitoes and Cockroaches; SCHULTZ, CHRIS PETERSON, AND JOEL COATS; 14. Insect Antifeedant Activity of Natural Products and SAR of Their Derivatives; MORIMOTO AND KOICHIRO KOMAI; 15. Isolation and Identification of an Insecticidal Soyasaponin from Field Pea Extracts; 16. Modified Vetiver Oil: Economic Biopesticide; Molecular Biology as a Tool in the Discovery of Natural Pesticides; 17. Engineering Natural Products for Crop Resistance to Parasitic Weeds; 18. Brassinosteroids in Induced Resistance and Induction of Tolerances to Abiotic Stress in; PLANTS; 19. Actinonin-Induced Inhibition of Plant Peptide Deformylase: A Paradigm for the Design of; NOVEL BROAD-SPECTRUM HERBICIDES; 20. Global Gene Expression Approaches to Mode-of-Action Studies with Natural Product-; BASED PESTICIDES; BAERSON, AND STEPHEN O. DUKE; 21. A Functional Genomics Approach for the Identification of Genes Involved in the; BIOSYNTHESIS OF THE ALLELOCHEMICAL SORGOLEONE ERSON, FRANCK RIMANDO, ZHIQIANG PAN, AND S. O. DUKE; Regulatory Issues on the Use of Natural Pesticides; 22. Regulatory Considerations for Researchers of Natural Products

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