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Moral Issues and Christian Responses als Buch

Moral Issues and Christian Responses

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The seventh edition of MORAL ISSUES AND CHRISTIAN RESPONSES provides an introduction to contemporary moral issues from decidedly, yet diverse, Christian moral perspectives. This popular anthology explores a variety of pressing topics, including sexua … weiterlesen

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Moral Issues and Christian Responses als Buch


Titel: Moral Issues and Christian Responses
Autor/en: Patricia Beattie Jung, Shannon Jung

ISBN: 0155058959
EAN: 9780155058958
Sprache: Englisch.

August 2002 - kartoniert - 480 Seiten


The seventh edition of MORAL ISSUES AND CHRISTIAN RESPONSES provides an introduction to contemporary moral issues from decidedly, yet diverse, Christian moral perspectives. This popular anthology explores a variety of pressing topics, including sexuality, prejudice, biomedical ethics, the environment, terrorism, and war.


Preface. Introduction. Part I: TAKING A STAND. 1. Politics and the Church's Response to Social Issues. Edward Collins Vacek, "The Eclipse of Love for God." Harvey Cox, "The Market as God." Robert Benne, "The Church and Politics: Hot and Cold Connections". Jean Bethke Elshtain, "What Does It Mean To Take Washington, D.C. Seriously?" 2. Foundations. Walter Brueggemann, "Biblical Authority." Marie Vianney Bilgrien, "The Voice of Women in Moral Theology." Stanley Hauerwas, "Theology as Soul-Craft," Dispatches From the Front: Theological Dispatches With The Secular. Part II: SEXUAL ETHICS. 3. Sexual Intimacy, Commitment, and Pleasure. Jean Ponder Soto, "The Church and Marriage: Looking for a New Ethic." Marvin Ellison, "Common Decency: A New Christian Sexual Ethics." Karen Lebacqz, "Love Your Enemy: Sex, Power, and Christian Ethics." Paula Rinehart, "Losing Our Promiscuity." Adrian Thatcher, "When Does Christian Marriage Begin? Before or After the Wedding?" 4. Family Values. Mar Steward van Leeuwen, "Promise Keepers and Proof-text Poker." Don S. and Carol Browning, "The Church and the Family Crisis: A New Love Ethic." Sam and Bethany Torode, "Make Love and Babies." Bill McKibben, "The Case for Single-Child Families." Part III: BIOMEDICAL ETHICS. 5. Genetic Engineering and Cloning. Cynthia Crysdale, "Christian Responses to the Human Genome Project." James J. Walter, "Presuppositions to Moral Judgments on Human Genetic Manipulation." Lisa Sowle Cahill, "Stem Cells: A Bioethical Balancing Act." 6. Assisted Reproduction. Allen Verhey, "Cloning and the Human Family: Theology after Dolly." Lisa Sowle Cahill, "The New Reproductive Technologies: A Catholic Perspective." Maura Anne Ryan, "The New Reproductive Technologies: Defying God's Dominion." Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner, "Womb-Love." 7. Abortion. Ted Peters, "In Search of the Perfect Child: Genetic Testing and Selective Abortion." Beverly Wildung Harrison with Shirley Cloyes, "Theology and Morality of Procreative Choice." Sidney Callahan, "Abortion and the Sexual Agenda: A Case for Prolife Feminism." Thomas A. Shannon, "Fetal Status: Sources and Implications." 8. Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide. James F. Keenan, "The Case for Physician Assisted Suicide?" Margaret Farley, "Issues in Contemporary Christian Ethics: The Choice of Death in a Medical Context." Martha Ellen Stortz, "'The Curtain Only Rises': Assisted Death and the Practice of Baptism." Part IV: ISSUES OF PREJUDICE AND OPPRESSION. 9. Ethnic Diversity and Prejudice. U.S. Conference of Religions for Peace and the National Council of Churches, "Diversity and Community: A Multi-Religious Statement of Social Responsibility in the Context of Ethnic, Cultural, Racial, and Religious Diversity in the United States." Glenn C. Loury, "Black Dignity and the Common Good." Cornell West, "Race Matters." Gayraud S. Wilmore, "Struggling Against Racism with Realism and Hope." 10. Feminism in Church and Society. Julie Polter, "When Body Meets Soul." Kersten, "What Do Women Want? A Conservative Feminist Manifesto." Jacqueline Grant, "The Sin of Servanthood and the Deliverance of Discipleship." Mary Ann Rossi, "The Legitimation of the Abuse of Women in Christianity." 11. Heterosexism. James B. Nelson, "Sources for Body Theology: Homosexuality as a Test Case." The Ramsey Colloquium, "The Homosexual Movement: A Response." David Heim, Luke Timothy Johnson, David McCarthy Matzko, Max L. Stackhouse, "Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Church: A Conversation." Part V: ISSUES OF NATIONAL PRIORITY. 12. Immigration: Can We Have Open Borders? Dana Wilbanks, "The Moral Debate Between Humanitarianism and National Interest About U.S. Refugee Policy: A Theological Perspective." Aurora Camacho de Schmidt, "Mi Casa No Es Su Casa." Jack Miles, "The Coming Immigration Debate: An Englishman Takes an Alarmed Look at a Quintessentially American Issue." 13. Caring for the Environment. James Martin-Schramm, "Toward An Ecojustice Ethic." Thomas Sieger Derr, "The Challenge of Biocentrism." Larry L. Rasmussen, "Is Eco-Justice Central to Christian Faith?" 14. September 11, 2001: Terrorism and War. Jim Wallis, "A Light in the Darkness." Lisa Sowle Cahill and Michael Baxter, C.S.C., "Is This Just War?: Two Catholic Perspectives on the War in Afghanistan." H. S. Wilson, "A Religious Perspective on the Terrorism and War in Afghanistan." Part VI: ECONOMIC ISSUES. 15. Consumer Life Styles. Robert Roberts, "Just A Little Bit More: Greed and the Malling of Our Souls." Allen L. Hammond, "Limits to Consumption and Economic Growth: The Middle Ground." John L. Farthing and Jay McDaniel, "John Wesley, Process Theology, and Consumerism." 16. Capitalism and Christian Values. Ellen T. Charry, "When Generosity Is Not Enough." Oliver F. Williams, C. S. C., "Catholic Social Teaching: A Communitarian Democratic Capitalism for the New World Order." Michael Lind, "To Have and Have Not: Notes on the Progress of the American Class War." 17. Seeking Justice in a Globalized World. Gnana Robinson, "Christian Theology and Development." Peter L. Berger, "Social Ethics in a Post-Socialist World." Thomas R. Rourke, "Contemporary Globalization: An Ethical and Anthropological Evaluation."
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