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Yahoo! Hacks: Tips & Tools for Living on the Web Frontier als Buch

Yahoo! Hacks: Tips & Tools for Living on the Web Frontier

Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (kartoniert)
Yahoo! took the world by storm in the 1990s as a one-of-a-kind, searchable list of interesting web sites. But ten years later, it has expanded into a department store overflowing with useful and innovative tools and services-from email, blogging, soc … weiterlesen
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Yahoo! Hacks: Tips & Tools for Living on the Web Frontier als Buch


Titel: Yahoo! Hacks: Tips & Tools for Living on the Web Frontier
Autor/en: Paul Bausch

ISBN: 0596009453
EAN: 9780596009458
Sprache: Englisch.

Oktober 2005 - kartoniert - 464 Seiten


Yahoo! took the world by storm in the 1990s as a one-of-a-kind, searchable list of interesting web sites. But ten years later, it has expanded into a department store overflowing with useful and innovative tools and services-from email, blogging, social networking, and instant messaging, to news, financial markets, shopping, movie and TV listings, and much more. Today's Yahoo! keeps you connected with every aspect of your life and every corner of the Web.
Yahoo! Hacks shows you how to use, expand, personalize, and tweak Yahoo! in ways you never dreamed possible. You'll learn how to:
* Fine-tune search queries with keyword shortcuts and advanced syntax
* Manage and customize Yahoo! Mail, using it as your universal email client to access all your other accounts
* Explore your social networks with Yahoo! 360, blogging your life, keeping up with friends, and making new contacts
* Store, sort, blog, feed, track, and otherwise share photos with Flickr and RSS
* Make My Yahoo! your Yahoo!, and personalize Yahoo!'s many properties
* Roll your own Yahoo! applications with Yahoo! new Web Services API and Perl, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, or the programming language of your choice
* Visualize search results and topics, mash up images from around the Web, and remix other web content
* List (or hide) your site with Yahoo!, and integrate Yahoo! Groups, Messenger, contextual search (Y!Q), or other Yahoo! features
Whether you want to become a power searcher, news monger, super shopper, or innovative web developer, Yahoo! Hacks provides the tools to take you further than you ever thought possible.


Credits Preface Chapter 1. Search 1. Fine-Tune Yahoo! Web Search Queries 2. Save Time with Search Shortcuts 3. Create a Yahoo! ID 4. Set Persistent Yahoo! Search Preferences 5. Assemble Advanced Search Queries 6. Translate Any Page with Yahoo! 7. Personalize, Track, and Share the Web 8. Prefetch Yahoo! Search Results 9. Compare Yahoo! and Google Search Results 10. Find Content You Can Reuse Legally 11. Find Video from Across the Web 12. Streamline Browsing with the Yahoo! Toolbar 13. Customize the Firefox Quick Search Box 14. Spot Trends with Yahoo! Buzz 15. Find Hot Technologies at the Buzz Game 16. Tame Long Yahoo! URLs 17. Opt Out of Advertiser Cookies 18. Track News About Yahoo! 19. Spider the Yahoo! Catalog 20. Browse the Yahoo! Directory 21. Track Additions to Yahoo! 22. Yahoo! Directory Mindshare in Google Chapter 2. Services 23. Track Your Investments 24. Build Your Own Stock Update Email 25. Download Financial Data Using Excel Web Queries 26. Convert Currencies with One Click 27. Do the Math with Yahoo! Calculators 28. Add a Yahoo! Bookmark with One Click 29. Import Existing Bookmarks into Yahoo! Bookmarks 30. Open Yahoo! Bookmarks in a Sidebar 31. Publish Your Yahoo! Bookmarks 32. Track the Media's Attention Span over Time 33. Monitor the News with RSS 34. Personalize My Yahoo! 35. Track Your Favorite Sites with RSS 36. Add a Feed to My Yahoo! with a Right-Click 37. Build Your Own News Crawler 38. Replace Your Phone Book with Yahoo! 39. Monitor Your Commute 40. Get the Facts at Yahoo! Reference 41. Find and Rate Movies 42. Subscribe to Movie Showtimes 43. View Movie Lists on Your Cell Phone 44. Plan Your TV Viewing 45. Create a TV Watch List 46. Develop and Share a Trip Itinerary 47. Shop Intelligently 48. Visualize Your Music Collection 49. Take Yahoo! on the Go 50. Stay Connected with Yahoo! Alerts Chapter 3. Communicating 51. Navigate Yahoo! Mail 52. Manage Yahoo! Mail 53. Create Yahoo! Mail Macros 54. Read All Your Email in One Place 55. Read Yahoo! Mail in Your Preferred Email Client 56. Manage and Share Your Schedule 57. Add Contacts to Your Yahoo! Address Book 58. Map Yahoo! Address Book Contacts 59. Discuss, Share, and Collaborate with Others 60. Archive Yahoo! Groups Messages with yahoo2mbox 61. Explore Your Social Networks 62. Import an Existing Blogroll to Yahoo! 360 63. Add an API to Your Yahoo! 360 Blog 64. Create a Yahoo! Avatar 65. Add a Content Tab to Yahoo! Messenger 66. Send Instant Messages Beyond Yahoo! 67. Store, Sort, and Share Your Photos Chapter 4. Web Services 68. Program Yahoo! with Perl 69. Program Yahoo! with PHP 5 70. Program Yahoo! with Python 71. Program Yahoo! with VBScript 72. Program Yahoo! with ColdFusion 73. Program Yahoo! with XSLT 74. Program Yahoo! with Java 75. Program Yahoo! with Ruby 76. Program Yahoo! with REBOL Chapter 5. Applications 77. Visualize Yahoo! Web Search Results 78. Find Links to Any Web Site 79. Import Yahoo! Local Listings into Your Address Book 80. Create a Yahoo! Local MIDlet 81. Import Yahoo! Local Listings into Excel 82. Spell Words with Yahoo! Images 83. Randomize Your Windows Desktop Background 84. Randomize Your Mac Desktop Background 85. Mash Up Images from Around the Web 86. Illustrate Any Web Site 87. Add Links to a Block of Text Automatically 88. Visualize News Topics as Tags 89. Get Related Terms Instantly with Ajax 90. Compare the Popularity of Related Search Terms 91. Plot Multiple Points on Your Own Map Chapter 6. Webmastering 92. Get Your Site Listed at Yahoo! 93. Hide Part of Your Web Site from Yahoo! 94. Search Your Web Site with Yahoo! 95. Add Presence to Your Web Site 96. Syndicate Rich Media 97. Add Contextual Search to Your Blog 98. Post Photos to Your Blog 99. Feed Your Latest Photos to Your Web Site 100. Display Messages from a Yahoo! Group on Your Web Site Index


Paul Bausch is an accomplished web application developer, and is the co-creator of the popular weblog software Blogger. Among his recent applications is BookWatch, a site that scans weblogs for book mentions, analyzes them to find the most frequently mentioned books, and uses the Amazon API to display the results. Paul is also an accomplished writer, and is the co-author of We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs, published by Wiley.


"Mit Yahoo Hacks [...] lassen sich knifflige Aufgaben in dem Web-Portal leichter lösen. Die Tipps können angewandt werden, im höherwertige Trefferlisten bei Suchabfragen zu erreichen oder um aufdringliche Cookies fernzuhalten." - Christian Kahle, blog.de.internet.com, Dezember 2005
Lesen Sie den vollständigen Blog-Eintrag unter: http://blog.de.internet.com/archives/2005/12/yahoohacks.html

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