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The Welfare State in the European Union: Economic and Social Perspectives als Buch

The Welfare State in the European Union: Economic and Social Perspectives

Economic and Social Perspectives. Sprache: Englisch.
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This book provides a balanced and rigorous account of the current functioning and performance of the welfare state in Europe. Its main feature is a basic trust in the various missions of the welfare state, particularly poverty alleviation. Accordingl … weiterlesen


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The Welfare State in the European Union: Economic and Social Perspectives als Buch


Titel: The Welfare State in the European Union: Economic and Social Perspectives
Autor/en: Pierre Pestieau

ISBN: 0199261024
EAN: 9780199261024
Economic and Social Perspectives.
Sprache: Englisch.

Februar 2006 - kartoniert - 169 Seiten


This book offers an account of the performance of the welfare state in the European Union, and explores its future prospects in an ever evolving setting. The objectives of the welfare state are twofold: to relieve poverty and to provide a sense of security for everyone. It can be shown that over the last four decades the welfare state has been quite successful in achieving these objectives, more visibly in the Nordic countries than in the Southern or the Anglo-Saxon
ones. But today the welfare state is at a crossroad. It is facing a variety of challenges that include demographic aging, the changing role of families, increased opportunism, economic integration and declining job security. All these challenges call for a drastic reform of the welfare state, one
that requires more control of abuses and more accountability. The authors that it is crucial that all the components of the welfare state be made as efficient as possible, and that if a choice has to be made between alleviating poverty and protecting individuals against lifetime risks, priority should be given to the first objective. This book devotes a chapter to each of the main social protection programs: health care, unemployment insurance, pensions and child policies. In addition, special
consideration is given throughout to the necessary interdependence among the State, the market and the family.


1. Introduction; 2. Poverty and inequality; 3. Social spending; 4. Revenue sources; 5. Types of social protection; 6. Social insurance and globalization; 7. Welfare state and economic efficiency; 8. Efficiency of the welfare state; 9. Social versus private insurance; 10. Old age pensions; 11. Health care; 12. Unemployment and poverty; 13. Family allowances; 14. Conclusion


Since receiving his B.A and M.A degrees in economics from the University of Louvain and then his PhD from Yale, Pierre Pestieau has had over thirty years of experience teaching and conducting research in public economics and population economics. Besides being Professor of Economics at the University of Liege, he is a member of CORE, associate member of PSE, CEPR Fellow and CESIfo Fellow. He is currently coeditor of the Journal of Public Economics and associate editor of Economica, Finanzarchiv and the Journal of Public Economic Theory.


The Welfare State in the European Union, covers much ground, both empirical and discursive, and will certainly provide a useful companion to those wanting to understand the workings of welfare states today and in the future. Social Policy, Volume 36/4
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