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The Handbook of Marketing Research

Uses, Misuses and Future Advances. Illustrations, . Sprache: Englisch.
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Accessible and reader-friendly this handbook promotes the curent overarching business philosophy of customer/market focus by emphasizing the need for market research to provide the insights required for making decisions. This book identifies such tro … weiterlesen
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The Handbook of Marketing Research als Buch


Titel: The Handbook of Marketing Research
Autor/en: Rajiv Grover, Marco Vriens

ISBN: 141290997X
EAN: 9781412909976
Uses, Misuses and Future Advances.
Illustrations, .
Sprache: Englisch.
SAGE Publications Inc

17. August 2006 - gebunden - 720 Seiten


Accessible and reader-friendly this handbook promotes the curent overarching business philosophy of customer/market focus by emphasizing the need for market research to provide the insights required for making decisions. This book identifies such troubling current trends as biased sample answers on long questionnaires, and `professionals' whose job is to skew focus group responses.

Top international researchers from both academia and practice have come together here to provide a broad range of ideas and applications.


Introduction: The Changing World of Marketing Research - Rajiv Grover
PART I: Foundational Design
1. Trusted Adviser: How It Helps Lay the Foundations for Insights - Rajiv Grover and Marco Vriens
2. Structuring Market Research Departments and Processes for Optimal Impact - Marco Vriens and Rajiv Grover
3. What Do "Really Good" Managers and "Really Good" Researchers Want of One Another? - Lindsay Zaltman and Gerald Zaltman
PART II: Data Collection
4. Deep Engagement With Consumer Experience: Listening and Learning With Qualitative Data - Eric J. Arnould and Amber Epp
5. Questionnaire Design and Scale Development - Naresh K. Malhotra
6. Response Biases in Marketing Research - Hans Baumgartner and Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp
7. Online Marketing Research - Jeff Miller
8. Advanced Techniques and Technologies in Online Research - Scott M. Smith, Jared Smith, and Chad R. Allred
9. Sampling and Weighting - Dan Mallett
10. Dealing With Missing Data in Surveys and Databases - Marco Vriens and Sandip Sinharay
PART III: Analysis and Modeling
11. Basic Data Analysis - Scott M. Smith and Gerald S. Albaum
12. Marketing Decision Support Models: The Marketing Engineering Approach - Gary L. Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy
13. Using Regression to Answer "What If" - Donald R. Lehmann
14. Advance Regression Models - Raghuram Iyengar and Sunil Gupta
15. Conjoint Analysis: Understanding Consumer Decision Making - David Bakken and Curtis L. Frazier
16. Construction of Efficient Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments - Warren F. Kuhfeld
17. Structural Equation Modeling - Victoria Savalei and Peter M. Bentler
18. Cluster Analysis and Factor Analysis - Subhash Sharma and Ajith Kumar
19. Latent Structure Regression - Wayne S. DeSarbo, Wagner A. Kamakura, and Michel Wedel
20. Hierachical Bayes Models - Greg M. Allenby and Peter E. Rossi
21. Hazard/Survival Models in Marketing - Pradeep K. Chintagunta and Xiaojing Dong
22. An Introduction to Data Mining - Christopher R. Stephens and R. Sukumar
PART IV: Conceptual Applications
23. Ad Testing - Allan L. Baldinger and William A. Cook
24. Modeling Marketing Mix - Gerard J. Tellis
25. A Guide to the Design and Execution of Segmentation Studies - William R. Dillon and Soumen Mukherjee
26. Measuring Brand Equity - Kevin Lane Keller
27. Customer Satisfaction Research - Richard L. Oliver
28. Measuring Customer Equity and Calculating Marketing ROI - Roland T. Rust, Katherine N. Lemon, and Valarie A. Zeithaml
29. Customer Lifetime Value - V. Kumar
30. International Marketing Research - V. Kumar
31. Marketing Management Support Systems and Their Implications for Marketing Research - Gerrit H. Van Bruggen and Berend Wierenga
Author Index
Subject Index
About the Editors
About the Contributors


Dr. Rajiv Grover is the Head of the Marketing Department and holder of the Terry Chair of Marketing at the Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.  The Department of Marketing houses the unique Master of Marketing Research program, and through the Department's Center of Marketing Studies it conducts several executive programs in Marketing Research.  Dr. Grover has received several honors for his research and teaching efforts including the O'Dell award for the best paper in the Journal of Marketing Research and the Hugh O. Nourse Outstanding MBA Teacher Award.  He received a Ph.D. degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta; and an Electronics Engineering BTech degree from IIT, Kharagpur. 


"In addition to discussing relevant content, the various contributors to the book are excellent communicators. Sentences are clear, paragraphs are coherent, and chapters fulfill the promise of their introductions, and readers will benefit from the diagrams, figures, and charts that are used to enhance the text.  I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it highly. This book will be of particular interest to advanced students, academics, and practitioners. Although statistical background is necessary to comprehend the advanced analytical techniques, most readers are likely to benefit from the overviews provided in this well-written book."  
                                                                                    -Guldem Gokcek, JOURNAL OF MARKETING
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