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Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire als Buch

Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire

The Creation of the Ford Empire. Sprache: Englisch.
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This intriguing new book traces the multigenerational saga of the Ford family and the creation of the Ford automobile empire. Written by a Detroit native who has written widely about the automotive industry and the Fords, Henry and Edsel is the first … weiterlesen

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Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire als Buch


Titel: Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire
Autor/en: Richard Bak

ISBN: 0471234877
EAN: 9780471234876
The Creation of the Ford Empire.
Sprache: Englisch.

September 2003 - gebunden - 313 Seiten


The epic struggle between a father and son and the building of a worldwide business empire
In this retelling of the story of the rise of Ford Motors, journalist Richard Bak offers a daring new perspective on the human drama that helped shape one of the world s great business empires. No dry corporate history, Henry and Edsel focuses on the epic battle of wills between the unyielding Henry Ford, his gifted son Edsel, and his "second son," the brutal and insidious Harry Bennet who rose from barroom brawler to become Henry s heir apparent. Bak dispels the common misperception of Edsel Ford as a weak and ineffectual manager, and explains that it was in fact Edsel s level-headedness and imaginative business solutions and that allowed the company to survive the many challenges to its survival in the first half of the twentieth century. Timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary celebration of Ford Motor Company, Henry and Edsel is sure to be warmly received by history buffs and business readers.
Richard Bak (Detroit, MI) is a veteran journalist who has written widely on the Fords and the automobile industry.



1. Farmboy, Tinkerer.

2.The Horse is Gone.

3. Rearview Mirror: Ford the "Automobileer" in 1900.

4. Who Can't Afford a Fordmobile?.

5. Hunka Tin.

6. The Five Dollar Day.

7. Rearview Mirror: The Crystal Palace in 1914.

8. War on Several Fronts.

9. Joy Ride.

10. Farewell, Lizzie.

11. Chronicle of the Neglected Truth.

12. The Little Man in the Basement.

13. Rearview Mirror: The Crown Prince at Work and at Play.

14. Airships and Time Machines.

15. An Invitation to Organize.

16. Bullets and Frescoes.

17. A Matter of Style.

18. The Overpass.

19. Rearview Mirror: Battling "Fordism" in 1937.

20. A New Social Order.

21. You Know How Father Is.

22. Running on Empty.

23. Rearview Mirror: The Last Years of the Flivver King.

Postscript. Ford After Ford.


Selected Bibliography.

Picture Credits.



RICHARD BAK is a veteran journalist who grew up in Detroit and now lives in Dearborn, Michigan. Bak, who worked on the assembly lines at Ford and Chrysler, has written widely on the Fords and the automobile industry. His twenty books include biographies of Charles Lindbergh and Joe Louis. Bak has received two book of the year awards from ForeWord magazine: one for a narrative history of Tiger Stadium and the other for a chronicle of Detroit's first three centuries.


"...engrossing history and that Bak gives new life to the well-known story of industrialist Henry Ford. " (Publishers Weekly, August 18, 2003)
"This work is valuable as both a sociological and a psychological study, and business and automotive historians will also be intgerested." (Library Journal, September 15, 2003)
"...the book is rich in detail..." (Director, January 2004)
"...good at illuminating the often ridiculous quarrels between the pair..." (Focus, February 2004)
"...offers a new perspective on the human drama that changed the shape of Ford...must reading for anyone interested in business..." (Bolton Evening News, 11 March 2004)
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