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Solid State Chemistry als Buch

Solid State Chemistry

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Solid State Chemistry is a general textbook, composed for those with little background knowledge of the subject, but who wish to learn more about the various segments of solid state theory and technology. The information is presented in a form that c … weiterlesen
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Solid State Chemistry als Buch


Titel: Solid State Chemistry
Autor/en: Richard C. Ropp

ISBN: 0444514368
EAN: 9780444514363
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2003 - gebunden - 460 Seiten


Solid State Chemistry is a general textbook, composed for those with little background knowledge of the subject, but who wish to learn more about the various segments of solid state theory and technology. The information is presented in a form that can easily be understood and will be useful to readers wishing to build on their own store of knowledge and experience. Well presented in easy to understand format.Informative textbook aimed primarily at the novice.Comprehensively covers the segments of solid state theory and technology.


The Phase Chemistry of Solids: Phase changes of solids, liquids and gases; Differences between the three states of matter; The close-packed solid; Phase relations between individual solids. Determining the Structure of Solids: Scientific basis for determining the structure of solids; Solid state structure conventions and protocols; How to determine the structure of compounds; Symmetry distribution of crystals; Phase relationships among two or more solids. Defects in Solids: The defect solid; Mathematics and equations of the point defect; Non-stoichiometric solids; Defect equation symbolism; Some applications for defect chemistry; Defect equilibria and their energy; Defect equilibria in various types of compounds; The effects of purity (and impurities). Mechanisms and Reactions in the Solid State: Phase changes; The role of phase boundaries in solid state reactions; Reaction rate processes in solids; Defining heterogeneous nucleation processes; The tarnishing reaction; Fick's laws of diffusion; Diffusion mechanisms; Analysis of diffusion reactions; Diffusion in silicates; Diffusion mechanisms when the cation changes valence. Particles and Particle Technology: Sequences in particle growth; Sintering, sintering processes and grain growth; Particle size; Particle distributions and the binomial theorem; Measuring particle distributions; Analysis of particle distribution parameters; Types of log normal particle distributions; A typical PSD calculation; Methods of measuring particle distributions. Growth of Crystals: Methods of growth of crystals; Furnance construction; Steps in growing a single crystal; Czochralski growth of single crystals; The Bridgeman-Stockbarger method for crystal growth; Zone melting as a means for forming single crystals; Zone refining; The impurity leveling factor; The Verneuil method of crystal growth; Molten Flux growth of crystals; Hydrothermal growth; Vapor methods used for single crystal growth; Edge defined crystal growth; Melting and Stoichiometry; Actual imperfections in crystals; Electronic properties of crystals; Silicon single crystals and integrated circuits; Future methods for manufacture of integrated circuits; Pushing the limits of semi-conductor technology; The solar cell; Piezo-electric materials and their uses. Measurement of Solid State Phenomena; Methods of measurement of solid state reactions; Utilization of DTA and DSC; Thermogravimetry; Determination of rate processes in solid state reactions; Dilatometry; Thermometry; Application of dilatometry to plastic materials; Optical measurements of solids; Colour spaces.


Richard C. Ropp, Ph.D., holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Rutgers University (1971), an M.S. from Purdue University (1952), and the A.B. (Chem.) from Franklin College (IN). His career in chemistry spans over 60 years and he has been a consultant to industry during the past 40 years. Dr. Ropp has presented many seminars and talks and is the author of eight books (six by Elsevier). These books are based upon the properties of alkaline earth compounds. He began working with alkaline earth compounds in 1952, and was the originator and inventor of the red color TV phosphor in 1956 which is still being used today. He also created more than 25 new lamp and TV phosphors still being manufactured for the industry. Most of these were based upon alkaline earth compounds. He also developed more than 15 new chemical processes for raw materials used in the trade, many of which involved the manufacture of alkaline earth compounds. Fifty-five patents have been issued in his name (seven on glass) and he has published 63 technical papers. About 90% of the patents involved alkaline earth compounds. He is the inventor of a new type of alkaline earth phosphate glasses based on molecular polymerization. These glasses do not exhibit surface leaching by water and are more stable to hydrolysis than silicate-based glasses. These new glasses have unique applications in fiber-optics, high level nuclear waste disposal, high strength fibers, medical and dental implants, lasers, projection TV, and uses in optical and electronic components. Dr. Ropp held appointments as Research Specialist and Member of the Faculty of the Department of Chemistry at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ from 1971 to 1981. His experience has been varied and he has acted as Consultant and Expert Witness to attorneys concerning the technological aspects of their ongoing cases from 1989 to 2011 (more than 155 cases). From January 1990 to January 17, 1991, he served as Vice President of Technology for International Superconductor Corporation (ISC) of North Miami Beach, FL. During that time, he was responsible for all matters pertaining to technology and acquisition of patents in the field of high temperature ceramic superconductors. Due in part to his efforts, ISC now owns 16 patents for license or sale to the industry. He continued to aid in the marketing campaign and became a member of the Licensing Executives Society in September 1990. From May to December 1989, he served as Consultant to the Corporation and wrote all 32 patent applications subsequently filed in the US Patent Office. From April 1988 to April 1989, he served as Director of Technical Affairs at Electro-Nucleonics in Fairfield, NJ (later called CPG, Inc.) where he was responsible for Quality Control during the manufacture of controlled pore glass, including the preparation of various types and grades of coated glass. Part of the work included improvement of existing manufacturing techniques, as well as new techniques for producing coated glass. Dr. Ropp's other affiliations include: Staff Scientist for Allied Chemical (Morristown, NJ- 1973-1977); Westinghouse Electric as Manager of Special Products Group (Bloomfield, NJ- 1963-1967) and as Consultant (1967-1970); and Advanced Development Engineer for Sylvania Electric Products (Towanda, PA- 1952-1963). He was consultant to ITT (1973) for evaluation of their lamp manufacturing plant, production methods, and quality control at Champion Lamp Works in Salem, MA. He was invited in May 1996 to lecture for two days at ITRI (Hinchu, Taiwan) on phosphor properties. A New York City insurance company sent him to Taiwan to evaluate 4000+ cathode-ray tubes, said to be water-damaged (December1996). He also served as consultant from 1995 to 2003) to Light Sources of Orange, CT during their development and manufacture of superior "Blacklight fluorescent lamps for tanning salon usage. Dr. Ropp is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London) and is a Chartered Chemist of the Society. He is also a member of the American Ceramic Society, American Chemical Society, AAAS, Materials Research Society, Sigma Xi, Licensing Executives Society, and served as the President of the New Jersey Institute of Chemists (1976-1980). He is listed in Who's Who in the East and Who's Who in the World-Registry of Business Leaders.
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