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Rehabilitation Instructions for Orthopaedic Patients als Buch

Rehabilitation Instructions for Orthopaedic Patients

1000 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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Written by an eminent expert on orthopaedic rehabilitation for the orthopaedist, physical trainer, athletic trainer, or any health care professional managing rehabilitation, this handbook provides patient instructions for rehabilitation of all muscul... weiterlesen


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Rehabilitation Instructions for Orthopaedic Patients als Buch
Titel: Rehabilitation Instructions for Orthopaedic Patients
Autor/en: S. Brent Brotzman

ISBN: 0781751489
EAN: 9780781751483
1000 illustrations.
Sprache: Englisch.
Lippincott Williams&Wilki

Juni 2014 - gebunden - 544 Seiten


Written by an eminent expert on orthopaedic rehabilitation for the orthopaedist, physical trainer, athletic trainer, or any health care professional managing rehabilitation, this handbook provides patient instructions for rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal injuries and postoperative rehabilitation after surgery. For each injury, the book presents step-by-step descriptions and photographs of chronologically progressive rehabilitation exercises and checklists of timing and criteria for return to sports. The book includes a disc so patient instructions may be individualized and printed. The format also allows easy photocopying. Each chapter also includes clinical points for the practitioner, illustrations of pathophysiology and treatment, and etiology and prevention. Additional topics covered include low-impact exercises for arthritis patients, cast care, groin strain, and care of sprains.


1. Hand and WristBoxer's FractureCarpal Tunnel Syndrome-Non-operative treatment /ergonomic modificationCarpal Tunnel Syndrome uPostoperative TreatmentCast care Upper extremityDe Quervain's TenosynovitisDupuytren's ContractureIntersection SyndromeMallet FingerScaphoid fxSkiier's ThumbTriangulofibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury of the wristTrigger FingerWrist Sprain2. ElbowGolfer's ElbowLittle Leaguer's ElbowOlecranon BursitisSupracondylar fractureTennis ElbowThrower's Elbow- Preventative Conditioning Exercises and Post-Injury Exercises3. Shoulder(AC joint)Separated ShoulderAdhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)Biceps TendinitisConditioning and strengthening/ Exercises for the Throwing AthleteDislocated Shoulder -Nonoperative ManagementImpingement SyndromeMultidirectional Instability RehabRotator Cuff TendinitisRotator Cuff Tear -Postoperative Rehab4. Neck and BackBurnerFacet SyndromeHerniated Disc u Lumbar SpineMechanical Low Back PainPyriformis SyndromeSciaticaWhiplash5. Arthritic Conditions and Total Joint Replacement- Postop Rehab and ActivityLevelsArthritic Lower Extremity Patient-- Low Impact ExercisesAquatic Cross-Training Program For Lower Extremity Injury Rehab after Total Hip Replacement Rehab after Total Knee Replacement Treatment options for patients with Lower Extremity Arthritis6. Special TopicsCast CareConcussion- Head Injury Checklist SheetCrutches, Routine Use of, NWB, PWB, WBATDrugs:a) Creatineb) Glucosaminec) Chondroitin sulfated) Cortisone injectionse) Use of NSAIDS- Warning Signs and ContraindicationsFluid Replacement/Hydration RecommendationsPreop instructions, meds not to take, npo etca(Preop checklist, no herbals, diet meds, npo)Sprains and Strains-Proper use of the the RICE regimen (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and anti-inflammatories7. Hip and ThighGroin StrainHamstring InjuryQuad InjuriesTailbone (Coccyx) InjuryTrochantric Bursitis8. KneeACL Reconstruction-- Postoperative RehabBaker's CystIliotibial Band SyndromeHousemaid's KneeJumper's KneeMedial Collateral Ligament InjuryMeniscal Tear uPostoperative ManagementOsgood Schlatter's DiseasePatellofemoral (Anterior Knee Pain)a) ELPSb) Lateral subluxation9. Foot and AnkleAchilles tendonitisAchilles ruptureAnkle SprainsAnkle instabilityAnkle FracturesBunionDiabetic Routine Foot CareIngrown Toenail CareFibula fractureHallux RigidisIPK careLeg Length DiscrepancyMorton's NeuromaMetatarsalgiaPes Planus (Flat Feet)Plantar FasciitisSever's ApophysitisShin splints Overuse Syndrome / Stress FracturesToeing in - toeing out10. Doctor's TopicsPost-op ordersConscious sedation dosagesEach Topic To Include:Background Educational InformationIllustrations of Pathophysiology and TreatmentsEtiology and Prevention InfoRehab ExercisesReturn to Sports and ADL' timing and criteri
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