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Optimal Control Theory

Applications to Management Science and Economics. Sprache: Englisch.
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Sethi and Thompson have provided management science and economics communities with a thoroughly revised edition of their classic text on Optimal Control Theory. Central to the book is its extraordinarily wide range of optimal control theory applicati … weiterlesen
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Optimal Control Theory als Buch


Titel: Optimal Control Theory
Autor/en: Suresh P. Sethi, Gerald L. Thompson

ISBN: 0792386086
EAN: 9780792386087
Applications to Management Science and Economics.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer, Berlin

31. Juli 2000 - gebunden - 506 Seiten


Sethi and Thompson have provided management science and economics communities with a thoroughly revised edition of their classic text on Optimal Control Theory. Central to the book is its extraordinarily wide range of optimal control theory applications. Chapter 5 covers finance; Chapter 6 considers production and inventory problems; Chapter 7 covers marketing problems; Chapter 9 treats machine maintenance and replacement; Chapter 10 deals with problems of optimal consumption of natural resources (renewable or exhaustible); and Chapter 11 discusses a number of applications of control theory to economics. The book has been successfully used as a professional reference tool and as a graduate course book. Its usefulness lies in its emphasis on building applied models of realistic problems faced in a variety of business management situations. The new edition has been completely refined with careful attention to the text and graphic material presentation. In Chapter 3, models have been added that use mixed (control and state) constraints, current value formulations, and terminal conditions. Chapter 4 now covers more advanced material on pure state constraints as they relate to mixed constraints. Each of these chapters contains new results that were not available when the first edition was published. Another important change is the expansion of the material on stochastic optimal control theory, which has become the new Chapter 13. This new chapter provides a brief introduction to stochastic optimal control problems, and it contains formulations of simple stochastic models in production, marketing and finance, and their solutions. Optimal control methods are used to determine optimal ways to control a dynamic system. The theoretical work in this field serves as a foundation for the book, which the authors have applied to business management problems developed from their research and classroom instruction.


Preface to First Edition.- Preface to Second Edition.- What is Optimal Control Theory?.- The Maximum Principle: Continuous Time.- The Maximum Principle: Mixed Inequality Constraints.- The Maximum Principle: General Inequality Constraints.- Applications to Finance.- Applications to Production and Inventory.- Applications to Marketing.- The Maximum Principle: Discrete Time.- Maintenance and Replacement.- Applications to Natural Resources.- Economic Applications.- Differential Games, Distributed Systems, and Impulse Control.- Stochastic Optimal Control.- Solutions of Linear Differential Equations.- Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory.- An Alternative Derivation of the Maximum Principle.- Special Topics in Optimal Control.- Answers to Selected Exercises.- Bibliography.- Index.- List of Figures.- List of Tables.


`Like the first edition, Sethi and Thompson's revised textbook advances the state of the art of operations research and management science on multiple dimensions. The authors provide a rigorous treatment of a powerful methodology. They demonstrate the deep managerial insights to be obtained in a variety of management and economics domains. The book facilitates learning in the classroom and encourages readers' creativity. The clarity in exposition makes the book accessible to diverse readers, including mathematicians interested in learning about applications and researchers in various application domains interested in developing new managerial results.
This is a very good textbook for subjects on optimal controls with management science applications. I have adopted this as a textbook and the students love it. Illustrative figures and diagrams are sufficiently provided, and materials are carefully explained. The use of the commonly available Excel program to solve TPBVPs at the end of chapter 2 is suitable for the ever increasing demand of "multimedia teaching". I have not seen any other optimal control textbook include such a set of Excel instructions in such a simple and elegant way. Moreover, the authors made a set of chapter-by-chapter Power Point files available on the web to supplement the textbook for classroom teaching. I'd give 5 stars to this book anytime.'
Joseph Lee, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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