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Oxygen-Ozone Therapy als Buch

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

von V. Bocci
A Critical Evaluation. Auflage 2002. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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When I was about fifteen, my Biological Seiences teacher, Prof. N. Benacchio, lent me a book by Paul de Kruif "The Microbe Hunters" and I remained fascinated by infectious diseases. I was intrigued by the potency of virulent bacteria which are consta … weiterlesen
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Oxygen-Ozone Therapy als Buch


Titel: Oxygen-Ozone Therapy
Autor/en: V. Bocci

ISBN: 1402005881
EAN: 9781402005886
A Critical Evaluation.
Auflage 2002.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer Netherlands

30. April 2002 - gebunden - 472 Seiten


When I was about fifteen, my Biological Seiences teacher, Prof. N. Benacchio, lent me a book by Paul de Kruif "The Microbe Hunters" and I remained fascinated by infectious diseases. I was intrigued by the potency of virulent bacteria which are constantly trying to invade our bodies and often overcome what today we call innate and adoptive immunity. Indeed, shortly after that, I was struck by his tragic death due to peritonitis. Later, while studying medicine (although medical knowledge in the 1950s was almost primordial compared with today), I soon realised how the various biological systems were wonderfully organised but at the same time frail and how our life could end in a few minutes. Slowly it became obvious that our "wellness" was the result of a dynamic and very unstable equilibrium between health and disease. This unstable equilibrium could be broken forever if the body's response could not reverse the pathological state. I stuck a sort ofposter on the wall ofmy room with these three words and connecting arrows: HEALTH~-? DISEASE -? DEATH As I don't believe in another world after death, it became obvious to me that we should make every possible effort not only to delay death, but to try always to shift the equilibrium to the left. In this book, I will try to show that this can be achieved, as a last resort, even with ozonetherapy.


1. A brief historical review.
2. How I came to study ozonetherapy: an odyssey with no end in sight.
3. Ozone in nature.
4. Physico-chemical properties of ozone.
5. Ozone toxicity: biological risk, toxicology and first aid.
6. The ozone generator.
7. How to check ozone concentrations.
8. Solubility of ozone in water and preparation of ozonized water and oil.
9. Preliminary basis for understanding ozone reactivity and the potential risks of ozonetherapy.
10. How is oxidative stress assessed?
11. Is there any justification for using ozonetherapy in human pathologies caused or worsened by free radicals?
12. The antioxidant system and the defense system against ozone.
13. How does ozone act?
14. What happens in the intracellular environment after blood ozonization?
15. Are blood lipoproteins oxidized after ozonization?
16. How is ozone administered?
17. Extracorporeal blood circulation versus O2-O3 (EBOO).
18. Quasi-total body exposure to O2-O3 (BOEX).
19. Rectal insufflation of O2-O3 (RI).
20. The potential toxicity and mutagenicity of ozone.
21. Side effects and contraindications of ozonetherapy.
22. The adaptation to chronic oxidative stress (COS).
23. How to evaluate Ozonetherapy?
24. Ozonetherapy in various pathologies.
25. How important is the placebo effect in ozonetherapy?
26. Ozonetherapy in dentistry.
27. Ozonetherapy in cosmetology.
28. Ozonetherapy in veterinary medicine.
29. Ozone as doping in athletes.
30. Ozone as a rejuvenating agent!
31. Ozone as a drinking water disinfectant.
32. Ozone disinfection to prevent nosocomial infections.
33. Can ozone be useful for banked blood or fresh frozen plasma?
34. Is there any way to substitute ozonization of blood?
35. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HOT) versus ozonetherapy.
36. Acute care during or after ozonetherapy.
37. Orthodox medicine versus complementary medicine: a conflict that may be resolved with appropriate research.
38. Does ozonetherapy have a future in medicine?
39. Appendix: The optimized procedure of O3-AHT.
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