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Weiss's Herbal Medicine als Buch

Weiss's Herbal Medicine

Classic Edition.
Buch (kartoniert)
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The classic edition is back! First published in 1988, Weiss's Herbal Medicine is revered by herbalists and medical professionals alike as the seminal work in the field of phytotherapy. This book has established itself as an indispensable resource and... weiterlesen
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Weiss's Herbal Medicine als Buch
Titel: Weiss's Herbal Medicine

ISBN: 3131293810
EAN: 9783131293817
Classic Edition.
Herausgegeben von Weiss
Thieme Georg Verlag

April 2001 - kartoniert


The classic edition is back! First published in 1988, Weiss's Herbal Medicine is revered by herbalists and medical professionals alike as the seminal work in the field of phytotherapy. This book has established itself as an indispensable resource and is widely acknowledged as the key text in the field of medical herbalism.

You will find clear, detailed information on treating conditions ranging from colds and influenza to rheumatic problems, metabolic and endocrine disorders, cancer, and much more. Conveniently arranged by organ system, the text provides guidelines for prescribing herbal remedies, with sections on dosage, application, and precautionary measures.

Plus, for each plant discussed, you will find lists of their occurrence, botanical features, differentiation from related species, constituents, and medical benefits. Proprietary formulations, full references, and a comprehensive subject index of almost 2,000 entries round out the superb coverage!

Weiss's life's work examines the subject of herbal medicine from both a clinical and practical viewpoint, incorporating his personal observations and clinical experience with scientific studies. This material formed the basis of Herbal Medicine, 2E, also by Thieme. The second edition, revised, expanded and modernized by Volker Fintelmann, streamlines the work into a more clinical text, incorporating the latest scientific research and Commission E findings on the efficacy of herbs. This edition is recommended for allopathic physicians and other medical professionals who are new to the field of herbal medicine.

Professor Rudolf Fritz Weiss (1895-1991) is highly regarded as the "founding father" of modern German phytotherapy. He studied botany and medicine at the University of Berlin, qualifying as a doctor in 1922 and subsequently taking additional qualifications in internal medicine. A teaching post in herbal medicine was interrupted by war service as an army doctor, followed by seven years in Russian captivity as a doctor in prisoner-of-war camp hospitals. After retiring from clinical practice in 1961, he devoted his life to the scientific development and acceptance of herbal medicine. Weiss was appointed as a member of the German Commission E in 1978. He was founder and editor of the Zeitschrift fuer Phytotherapie, and lectured on current advances in the subject at the University of Tuebingen.


1 What is Herbal Medicine? 2 Proof of the Efficacy of Plant Drugs 3 Guidelines for Prescribing Herbal Medicines 4 The Digestive System 5 The Cardiovascular System 6 The Respiratory System 7 Influenza and Colds: Non-Specific Enhancement of Resistance 8 The Urinary Tract 9 Rheumatic Conditions 10 Some Metabolic and Endocrinal Conditions 11 The Nervous System 12 Gynaecological Conditions and Diseases of the Breast 13 Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer 14 Skin Diseases 15 Eye Diseases 16 Wounds and Other Injuries 17 Herbal Baths Index


Rudolf F. Weiss

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