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Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed als Buch

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed

Sprache: Englisch.
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"Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed "is your complete reference guide to developing dynamic, data-driven web sites and applications with Dreamweaver 8. Based on the newest version of Dreamweaver, you will find comprehensive and up-to-date instruction... weiterlesen
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Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed als Buch
Titel: Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed
Autor/en: Zak Ruvalcaba

ISBN: 0672327600
EAN: 9780672327605
Sprache: Englisch.

Oktober 2005 - kartoniert - 1020 Seiten


"Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed "is your complete reference guide to developing dynamic, data-driven web sites and applications with Dreamweaver 8. Based on the newest version of Dreamweaver, you will find comprehensive and up-to-date instruction on developing complex applications, as well as how to collect information from users, personalize their online experience, and use a variety of built-in site management tools to create the ultimate web site experience. With "Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Unleashed," you will" "learn how to fully exploit Dreamweaver 8 by working with frames and framesets, layers, incorporating multimedia and animation, and adding dynamic elements such as a shopping cart.


Introduction. What's Inside, Part by Part What's Inside, Chapter by Chapter I. GETTING UP TO SPEED WITH DREAMWEAVER. 1. Introducing Dreamweaver. CSS Design Coding Site/File Management Application Development Other Additions and Enhancements 2. The Dreamweaver Interface. The Start Page The Document Window Context Menus The Insert Bar The Properties Inspector Panels The Menu Bar 3. Building a Web Page. Creating a New Document Working with a New Document in Design View Inserting the Time and Date Inserting a Horizontal Rule Working with Images Working with Hyperlinks Working with a Web Page in Code View 4. Dreamweaver Site Management. The Importance of Defining Sites in Dreamweaver Defining a New Site Managing a Website in Dreamweaver Using Advanced Site Management Options 5. Defining Preferences. Using the Preferences Window Setting Keyboard Shortcuts Working with Tag Libraries II. STATIC WEB PAGE DEVELOPMENT. 6. Web Page Structuring Using Tables. Inserting and Working with Tables 7. Advanced Page Formatting Using Style Sheets. An Introduction to CSS Designing CSS Using Dreamweaver and the CSS Styles Panel Tips and Tricks for Using CSS 8. Working with Frames and Framesets. Understanding Framed Websites Working with Frames and Framesets Adjusting Frame Attributes Adjusting Frameset Attributes Adding Content to Frames Saving Frames and Framesets Targeting Frames Iframes Targeting Browsers That Don't Support Frames 9. Working with HTML Forms. An Introduction to HTML Forms Working with Forms and Form Objects 10. Using Dreamweaver Behaviors. An Introduction to Behaviors Using the Behaviors Panel 11. Layers in Dreamweaver. Introduction to Layers Working with Layers Designing Table-less Websites Using Layers Adding Interactivity with Behaviors III. TEAM COLLABORATION AND TASK AUTOMATION. 12. Building Dreamweaver Web Sites within Teams. Using File Check In and Check Out Maintaining Design Notes File View Column Sharing Generating Workflow Site Reports Implementing Source Control with Visual SourceSafe Using WebDAV 13. Managing Website Content Using Contribute. Content Management Using Contribute Administrating Contribute-Enabled Sites in Dreamweaver Sending Connection Keys to Contribute Users Using Contribute to Make Basic Edits Rolling Back Pages in Dreamweaver 14. Workflow Enhancement. Working with the Assets Panel Using Find and Replace Using the History Panel Working with Commands 15. Working with Templates. Understanding Dreamweaver Templates Working with Repeating Regions Defining Optional Regions Nested Templates Templates and the Assets Panel Removing Template Markup Changing the Default Document 16. Working with Library Items. Understanding Library Items Using the Assets Panel to Manage Library Items Working with Server-Side Includes Summary PART IV. INCORPORATING MULTIMEDIA AND ANIMATION. 17. Understanding DHTML and the Timeline. Animation with the Timeline Behaviors and the Timeline 18. Adding Video and Audio. Video on the Web Media Players Working with Video Clips Audio on the Web 19. Integrating with Fireworks. Specifying External Editors Editing Images in Dreamweaver with Fireworks Replacing Image Placeholders Using Fireworks Optimizing Images in Fireworks Creating Rollover Buttons in Fireworks Inserting Fireworks HTML Creating a Web Photo Album 20. Integrating with Flash and Shockwave. Inserting Flash Movies into Dreamweaver Documents Working with Flash Elements in Dreamweaver Managing Links in Flash Movies with Dreamweaver Controlling Flash Movies with Dreamweaver Behaviors Roundtrip Flash Editing V. DYNAMIC WEB PAGE CREATION. 21. Introduction to Web Applications. Terminology The Dynamic Dorknozzle Intranet Application 22. Working with Server-Side Technologies. Introduction to Internet Information Services (IIS) Introduction to ASP Introduction to ASP.NET Introduction to ColdFusion Introduction to PHP 23. A Database Primer. What Is a Database? Installing a Database An Overview of the Dorknozzle Database 24. A SQL Primer. The Structured Query Language Basic SQL Expressions Operators Functions Joins Subqueries Using Access to Generate Queries Using MySQL Maestro to Generate Queries VI. BUILDING DYNAMIC WEB PAGES. 25. Working with Dynamic Data. Connecting to a Data Source Building the Employee Store Using ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP Building the Employee Store Using ASP.NET Using Live Data View 26. Adding and Modifying Data. Creating the New User Registration Page Using ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP Creating the My Account Page Using ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP Building the New User Registration Page Using ASP.NET Using Application Objects to Create an Admin Page 27. Integrating Search Functionality. SQL Search 28. Adding Shopping Cart Functionality. Creating the Employee Store Shopping Cart Using ASP Building an ASP.NET Shopping Cart 29. Security and User Authentication. Securing the Dorknozzle Site Using ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP Securing the Dorknozzle Site Using ASP.NET 30. Web Services. An Introduction to Web Services Dreamweaver and Web Services Integration Building a Simple Calculator Web Service Web Service and Database Interaction VII. APPENDIXES AND BONUS CONTENT ON THE WEBSITE. A. Visual Authoring with XML. Introduction to XML and XSL Dreamweaver's Visual XML Authoring Environment B. Accessibility. Accessibility Standards Accessibility Reference C. Extending Dreamweaver. Working with Objects Working with Behaviors Customizing Dreamweaver Menus Using menus.xml Sharing Extensions Through the Macromedia Exchange The Server Behavior Builder Index.


Zak Ruvalcaba is the founder and president of Module Media, a media development and training firm in San Diego. He teaches and gives design lectures on various technologies and tools, including Dreamweaver, Flash, and ASP.NET, for the San Diego Community College District.

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