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The Yodelling Ranger  5-CD & als CD

The Yodelling Ranger 5-CD &

von Hank Snow
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The Yodelling Ranger  5-CD & als CD


Titel: The Yodelling Ranger 5-CD &
Autor/en: Hank Snow

ISBN: 4000127155870
EAN: 4000127155870
FSK freigegeben ab 00 Jahren.
In-Akustik / Ballrechten-Dottingen

1. Januar 2000 - CD



1.01: Prisoned Cowboy
1.02: Lonesome Blue Yodel
1.03: Blue For Old Hawaii
1.04: We met in the hills of old Wyoming
1.05: My San Antonio Mama
1.06: My Little Swiss Maiden
1.07: Was There Ever A Pal Like You
1.08: The Blue Velvet Band
1.09: The Hobo's Last Ride
1.10: Answer To That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
1.11: Someday You'll Care
1.12: I'll Ride Back To Lonesome Valley
1.13: Bluer Than Blue
1.14: Yodelling Back To You
1.15: There's A Picture On Pinto's Bridle
1.16: The Texas Cowboy
1.17: On The Mississippi Shore
1.18: Under Hawaiian Skies
1.19: She's A Rose From The Garden Of Prayer
1.20: Wanderin' On
1.21: Broken Wedding Ring
1.22: You Didn't Have To Tell Me
1.23: His Message Home
1.24: Answer To The Blue Velvet Band
2.01: I'll Tell The World I Love You
2.02: Polka Dot Blues
2.03: The Alphabet Song
2.04: Galveston Rose
2.05: Broken Dreams
2.06: Let's Pretend
2.07: The Days Are Long, I'm Weary
2.08: I Traded My Saddle For A Rifle
2.09: When That Someone You Love, Doesn't Love You
2.10: The Rainbow's End
2.11: We'll Never Say Goodbye, Just Say So Long
2.12: I'm Sending You Red Roses
2.13: Goodnight Little Buckaroo
2.14: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
2.15: Dream Tide
2.16: Seal Our Parting With A Kiss
2.17: You'll Regret Those Words My Darling
2.18: You Promised To Love Me To The End Of The Wor
2.19: Just Across The Bridge Of Gold
2.20: There's A Pony That's Lonely Tonight
2.21: Old Moon Of Kentucky
2.22: Rose Of The Rio
2.23: Lonely And Heartsick
3.01: Your Last Kiss Has Broken My Heart
3.02: When It's Over, I'll Be Coming Back To You
3.03: Your Mother Is Praying For You
3.04: Soldier's Last Letter
3.05: Riding Along, Singing A Song
3.06: Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
3.07: Only A Rose From My Mother's Grave
3.08: Too Many Tears
3.09: Your Little Band Of Gold
3.10: Sunny Side Of The Mountain
3.11: You Broke The Chain That Held Our Hearts
3.12: My Blue River Rose
3.13: You Played Love On The Strings Of My Heart
3.14: How She Could Yodel
3.15: Headin' Home
3.16: Dry Those Tears Little Girl And Don't Cry
3.17: In Memory Of You Dear Old Pal
3.18: Can't Have You Blues
3.19: Just Waiting For You
3.20: My Kalua Sweetheart
3.21: I'll Not Forget My Mother's Prayer
3.22: Darling, I'll Always Love You
3.23: Blue Ranger
4.01: Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet
4.02: My Sweet Texas Bluebonnet Queen
4.03: I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye
4.04: Down Where The Dark Waters Flow
4.05: Answer To Galveston Rose
4.06: Brand On My Heart
4.07: No Golden Tomorrow Ahead
4.08: On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You
4.09: You've Broken My Heart
4.10: Linda Lou
4.11: My Mother
4.12: The Drunkard's Son
4.13: Within This Broken Heart Of Mine
4.14: My Filipino Rose
4.15: The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin
4.16: My Two Timin' Woman
4.17: Wasted Love
4.18: Broken Hearted
4.19: Your Sad Kiss Goodbye
4.20: Somewhere Along Life's Highway
4.21: Out On The Open Range
4.22: Little Buddy
4.23: Journey My Baby Back Home ('146')
4.24: I Knew That We'd Meet Again
4.25: Within This Broken Heart Of Mine (alt.)
4.26: My Two Timin' Woman (alt.)
4.27: Wasted Love (alt)
5.01: Life Story, Part 1
5.02: Life Story, Part 2
5.03: Marriage And Divorce (demo)
5.04: I Don't Hurt Anymore (demo)

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