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The Honky Tonk Years 1950-1966 als CD

The Honky Tonk Years 1950-1966

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The Honky Tonk Years 1950-1966 als CD


Titel: The Honky Tonk Years 1950-1966
Autor/en: Ray & Cherokee Cowboys Price

ISBN: 4000127158437
EAN: 4000127158437
FSK freigegeben ab 00 Jahren.
In-Akustik / Ballrechten-Dottingen

1. Januar 2000 - CD



1.01: Jealous Lies
1.02: Your Wedding Corsage
1.03: If You're Ever Lonely Darling
1.04: I Saw My Castles Fall Today
1.05: You've Got My Troubles Now
1.06: I Get The Short End Every Time
1.07: Hey La La
1.08: The Answer To 'The Last Letter'
1.09: Till Death Do Us Part
1.10: Beyond The Last Mile
1.11: Heart Aching Blues
1.12: Weary Blues (From Waiting)
1.13: I Made A Mistake And I'm Sorry
1.14: We Crossed Our Heart
1.15: Your Heart Is Too Crowded
1.16: I Lost The Only Love I Knew
1.17: I've Got To Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
1.18: Talk To Your Heart
1.19: I Know I'll Never Win Your Love Again
1.20: The Road Of No Return
1.21: You're Under Arrest (For Stealing My Heart)
1.22: Move On In And Stay
1.23: I Can't Escape From You
1.24: Won't You Please Be Mine
1.25: Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
1.26: My Old Scrapbook
2.01: The Priece For Loving You
2.02: That's What I Get For Loving You
2.03: Cold Shoulder
2.04: You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me Last Night
2.05: The Wrong Side Of Town
2.06: Time
2.07: Start The Music
2.08: Gone Again
2.09: The Way You've Treated Me
2.10: Time
2.11: The Wrong Side Of Town
2.12: Who Stole That Train
2.13: Let Your Heart Decide
2.14: You Always Get By
2.15: Leave Her Alone
2.16: The Wall Around Your Heart
2.17: Release Me
2.18: I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
2.19: The Last Letter
2.20: Much Too Young To Die
2.21: I Love You So Much I Let You Go
2.22: I Could Love You More
2.23: What If He Don't Love You
2.24: If You Don't, Somebody Else Will
2.25: I'm Alone Because I Love You
2.26: Oh Yes Darling
2.27: One Broken Heart (Don't Mean A Thing)
3.01: Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
3.02: The Way She Got Away
3.03: Let Me Talk To You
3.04: Call The Lord And He'll Be There
3.05: A Man Called Peter
3.06: As Strange As It Seems (I Still Love You)
3.07: I Can't Go Home Like This
3.08: Don't You Know Me Any More
3.09: I Don't Want It On My Conscience
3.10: Run Boy
3.11: You Never Will Be True
3.12: Don't Tempt Me
3.13: Slowly Dying
3.14: Crazy Arms
3.15: You Done Me Wrong
3.16: Wild And Wicked World
3.17: Crazy
3.18: Are You Wasting My Time
3.19: Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'
3.20: Wasted Words
3.21: Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'
3.22: Wasted Words
3.23: I've Got A New Heartache
3.24: Don't Do This To Me
4.01: Letters Have No Arms
4.02: I'll Sail My Ship Alone
4.03: A Mansion On The Hill
4.04: I Can't Help It
4.05: Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You)
4.06: I Saw My Castles Fall Today
4.07: Let Me Talk To You
4.08: Please Don't Leave Me
4.09: Blues Stay Away From Me
4.10: Pins And Needles (In My Heart)
4.11: I Love You Because
4.12: Many Tears Ago
4.13: I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)
4.14: It's All Your Fault
4.15: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
4.16: Faded Love
4.17: Gone
4.18: Bye Bye Love
4.19: Four Walls
4.20: A Fallen Star
4.21: It's All Your Fault
4.22: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
4.23: Don't Do This To Me
4.24: Walls Of Tears
4.25: Curtain In The Window
4.26: Talk To Your Conscience
5.01: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
5.02: Driftwood On The River
5.03: Deep Water
5.04: I'll Keep On Loving You
5.05: I Love You So Much, It Hurts
5.06: I Told You So
5.07: Ice Cold Heart
5.08: I've Gotta Have My Baby Back
5.09: Please Don't Leave Me
5.10: Talk To Your Heart
5.11: I'm Tired
5.12: Wondering
5.13: Walkin' The Floor
5.14: Invitation To The Blues
5.15: I've Got To Know
5.16: Heartaches Must Be Your Name
5.17: City Lights (take 3)
5.18: Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)
5.19: That's What Its Like To Be Lonesome
5.20: Punish Me Tomorrow
5.21: Heartaches By The Number
5.22: Wild And Wicked World
5.23: Beyond The Last Mile
5.24: The Same Old Me
5.25: Under Your Spell Again
5.26: Broken Hearts Will Haunt Your Soul
5.27: One More Time
5.28: Who'll Be The First
5.29: City Lights (alt)
6.01: The Old Rugged Cross
6.02: In The Garden
6.03: How Big Is God
6.04: Until Then
6.05: Help Though My Unbelief
6.06: When I Take My Vacation In Heaven
6.07: Faith
6.08: Rock Of Ages
6.09: Softy And Tenderly
6.10: When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
6.11: Just As I Am
6.12: Where He Leads Me (I Will Follow)
6.13: Now The Day Is Over
6.14: I Can't Run Away From Myself
6.15: I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today
6.16: Heart Over Mind
6.17: The Twenty-Fourth Hour
6.18: Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)
6.19: Soft Rain
6.20: Here We Are Again
6.21: You're Stronger Than Me
6.22: This Cold War With You
6.23: Soft Rain
6.24: Imagination's Wonderful Thing
6.25: Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)
6.26: Soft Rain (overdub)
7.01: Intro / San Antonio Rose
7.02: A Maiden's Prayer
7.03: My Confession
7.04: Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now
7.05: Roly Poly
7.06: Bubbles In My Beer
7.07: Home In San Antone
7.08: You Don't Love Me (But I'll Always Care)
7.09: You Don't Care What Happens To Me
7.10: Time Changes Everything
7.11: The Kinda Of Love I Can't Forget
7.12: Hang Your Head In Shame / Outro
7.13: Intro / Night Life
7.14: Lonely Street
7.15: The Wild Side Of Life
7.16: Sittin' And Thinkin'
7.17: A Girl In The Night
7.18: There's No Fool Like A Young Fool
7.19: If She Could See Me Now
7.20: Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women
7.21: Are You Sure
7.22: Let Me Talk To You
7.23: This Cold War With You
7.24: I've Just Destroyed The World
7.25: Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)
7.26: Pride
8.01: Big Shoes
8.02: Walk Me To The Door
8.03: You Took Her Off My Hands
8.04: Be A Good Girl
8.05: Make The World Go Away
8.06: I'll Find A Way (To Free Myself Of You)
8.07: Make The World Go Away
8.08: Let Me Talk To You
8.09: I'll Find A Way (To Free Myself Of You)
8.10: I've Still Got Room (For One More Heartaches)
8.11: That's All That Matters
8.12: Burning Memories
8.13: Each Time
8.14: A Way To Free Myself
8.15: How Long Is Forever
8.16: This Cold War With You
8.17: Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
8.18: All Right (I'll Sign The Papers)
8.19: I Fall To Pieces
8.20: Please Talk To My Heart
8.21: Cold, Cold Heart
8.22: Still
8.23: I Don't Know Why (I Keep Loving You)
8.24: Same Old Memories
8.25: Here Comes My Baby Back Again
8.26: Together Again
8.27: A Thing Called Sadness
8.28: Soft Rain
8.29: Release Me
9.01: Devils's Dream
9.02: Linda Lou
9.03: Crazy Arms
9.04: Lil'Liza Jane
9.05: Rubber Dolly
9.06: Burnt Fingers
9.07: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
9.08: Maiden's Prayer
9.09: Your Old Love Letters
9.10: Spanish Two Step
9.11: Liberty Bells
9.12: Sing A Sad Song
9.13: The Other Woman
9.14: Tearful Earful
9.15: The Last Letter
9.16: Born To Lose
9.17: Just Call Me Lonesome
9.18: Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
9.19: Funny How Time Slips Away
9.20: Rose Colored Glasses
9.21: Unloved, Unwanted
9.22: An Eye For An Eye
9.23: Too Much Love Is Spoiling You
9.24: After Effects (From Loving You)
9.25: Let Me Talk To You
9.26: I'm Not Crazy Yet
9.27: A Way To Survive
##.01: Another Bridge To Burn
##.02: A Legend In My Time
##.03: Take These Chains In My Heart
##.04: Don't Touch Me
##.05: Go Away
##.06: I'd Fright The World
##.07: I Want To Hear It From You
##.08: It Should Be Easier Now
##.09: Don't You Believe Her
##.10: Healing Hands Of Time
##.11: Too Late
##.12: Each Time
##.13: Touch My Heart
##.14: There Goes My Everything
##.15: It's Only Love
##.16: You Took My Happy Away
##.17: I Lie A Lot
##.18: Enough To Lie
##.19: Swinging Doors
##.20: Am I That Easy To Forget
##.21: The Same Two Lips
##.22: Just For The Record
##.23: Touch My Heart
##.24: I'm Still Not Over You
##.25: I Let My Mind Wander
##.26: Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)

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