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Spaß an Englisch. 3 CDs als Hörbuch

Spaß an Englisch. 3 CDs

Die amüsante Art, Englisch aufzufrischen und zu vertiefen. Laufzeit ca. 150 Minuten. Sprachen: Englisch…
Assimil Spaß an Englisch ("Joking while you work"), 3 Audio CDs Tonaufnahmen mit 150 Min, Spielzeit als Ergänzung zum Lehrbuch "Spaß an Englisch" Auf den Audio-CDs finden Sie die Tonaufnahmen aller Lektionen zum Lehrbuch "Spaß an Englisch". Die Tonau... weiterlesen


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Spaß an Englisch. 3 CDs als Hörbuch
Titel: Spaß an Englisch. 3 CDs

ISBN: 2700512472
EAN: 9782700512472
Die amüsante Art, Englisch aufzufrischen und zu vertiefen.
Laufzeit ca. 150 Minuten.
Sprachen: Englisch Französisch.
Herausgegeben von ASSiMiL S.A.S.
Assimil-Verlag GmbH

Oktober 2003 - CD's


Assimil Spaß an Englisch ("Joking while you work"), 3 Audio CDs Tonaufnahmen mit 150 Min, Spielzeit als Ergänzung zum Lehrbuch "Spaß an Englisch" Auf den Audio-CDs finden Sie die Tonaufnahmen aller Lektionen zum Lehrbuch "Spaß an Englisch". Die Tonaufnahmen sind nur auf Englisch und wurden ausschließlich mit Muttersprachlern produziert. Die Box ist in englischer Sprache mit dem Titel "Joking while you work" versehen. Die Sprechgeschwindigkeit ist immer an das jeweilige Lektionsniveau angepasst. Sie benötigen das Lehrbuch, um mit den Tonaufnahmen arbeiten zu können. Die Tonaufnahmen dienen als Ergänzung zum Lehrbuch "Spaß an Englisch" (ISBN 978-3-89625-016-2)


Contents: Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales; Introduction; The Netherlandish presence in England before the coming of the stranger churches, 1480-1560; Bringing Reformed theology to England's rude and symple people' Jean Veron, minister and author outside the stranger church community; Discipline and integration: Jan Laski's Church Order for the London Strangers' Church; Nicolas des Gallars and the Genevan connection of the stranger churches; Acontius's plea for tolerance; Europe in Britain: Protestant strangers and the English Reformation; Protestant refugees in Elizabethan England and confessional; conflict in France and the Netherlands, 1562c.1610; Fictitious shoemakers, agitated weavers and the limits of popular xenophobia in Elizabethan London; The Dutch in Colchester in the 16th and 17th centuries: opposition and integration; Mayntayninge the indigente and nedie': the institutionalisation of social responsibility in the case of the resident alien communities in Elizabethan Norwich and Colchester; Melting into the landscape: the story of the 17th-century Walloons in the Fens; Insiders or outsiders? Overseas-born artists at the Jacobean court; A Dutch stranger ... on the make': Sir Peter Lely and the critical fortunes of a foreign painter; Foreign artists and craftsmen and the introduction of the Rococo style in England; The production and patronage of David Willaume, Huguenot merchant goldsmith; Worthy of the monarch: immigrant craftsmen and the production of state beds, 16601714; Huguenot master weavers: exemplary Englishmen, 1700c.1750; Immigrants in the DNB and British cultural horizons, 15501750: the merchant, the traveller, the lexicographer and the apologist; Maps, spiders, and tulips: the ColeOrteliusL'Obel family and the practice of science in early modern London; The Huguenots and Medicine; That great and knowing virtuoso': the French background and English refuge of Henri Justel; Huguenot self-fashioning: Sir Jean Chardin and the rhetoric of travel and travel writing; Jean-Theophile Desaguliers: d'une integration reussie a l'Europe des savoirs; Emanuel Mendes da Costa: constructing a career in science; London's Portuguese Jewish community, 15401753; Embarrassing relations: myths and realities of the Ashkenazi influx, 16501750 and beyond; Slaves or free people? The status of Africans in England, 15501750; The first Turks and Moors in England; Greeks and Grecians' in London: the other' strangers; Irish Jewry in the 17th and 18th centuries; Sephardic settlement in the British colonies of the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries; Dutch merchants and colonists in the English Chesapeake: trade, migration and nationality in 17th-century Maryland and Virginia; The Dutch in 17th-century New York City: minority or majority?; Anglican conformity and nonconformity among the Huguenots of colonial New York; Jacob Leisler and the Huguenot network in the English Atlantic world; From ethnicity to assimilation: the Huguenots and the American immigration history paradigm; Creating order in the American wilderness: state-church Germans without the state; Rewriting the Church of England: Jean Durel, foreign Protestants and the polemics of Restoration Conformity; Henry Compton, Bishop of London (16761714) and foreign Protestants; An unruly and presumptuous rabble': the reaction of the Spitalfields weaving community to the settlement of the Huguenots, 166090; Huguenot integration in late 17th- and 18th-century London:;; insights from records of the French Church and some relief agencies; Huguenot thought after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes: toleration, Socinianism', integration and Locke; The newspaper The Post Man and its editor, Jean Lespinasse de Fonvive; The birth of political consciousness among the Huguenot refugees and their descendants in England (c.16851750); The Huguenots in Britain, the Protestant International' and the defeat of Louis XIV; Elites and assimilation: the question of leadership within Dublin's Corps du Refuge, 16621740; Conditions et preparation de l'integration: le voyage de Charles de Sailly en Irlande (1693) et le projet d'Edit d'accueil; The integration of the Huguenots into the Irish Church: the case of Peter Drelincourt; Good faith: the military and the ministry in exile, or the memoirs of Isaac Dumont de Bostaquet and Jaques Fontaine; Writing the self: Huguenot autobiography and the process of assimilation; The English reception of the Huguenots, Palatines and Salzburgers, 16801734: a comparative analysis; The Naturalisation Act of 1709 and the settlement of Germans in Britain, Ireland and the colonies; German immigrants and the London book trade, 170070; Naturalisation and economic integration: the German merchant community in 18th-century London; A dearer country': the Frenchness of the Rev. Jean de la Flechere of Madeley, a Methodist Church of England vicar; Archbishop Thomas Secker (16931768), Anglican identity and relations with foreign Protestants in the mid-18th century; What's in a name?: self-identifications of Huguenot refugiees in 18th-century England; Index.
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