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Ageism als Taschenbuch


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Ageism has appeared in the media increasingly over the last twenty years.

*What is it?
*How are we affected?
*How does it relate to services for older people?

This book builds bridges between the wider age-conscious culture within which people live their … weiterlesen

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Ageism als Taschenbuch


Titel: Ageism
Autor/en: Bill Bytheway, Bytheway

ISBN: 0335191754
EAN: 9780335191758
Sprache: Englisch.

Dezember 1994 - kartoniert - 160 Seiten


Ageism has appeared in the media increasingly over the last twenty years.

*What is it?
*How are we affected?
*How does it relate to services for older people?

This book builds bridges between the wider age-conscious culture within which people live their lives and the world of the caring professions. In the first part, the literature on age prejudice and ageism is reviewed and set in a historical context. A wide range of settings in which ageism is clearly apparent are considered and then, in the third part, the author identifies a series of issues that are basic in determining a theory of ageism. The book is written in a style intended to engage the reader's active involvement: how does ageism relate to the beliefs the reader might have about older generations, the ageing process and personal fears of the future? To what extent is chronological age used in social control? The book discusses these issues not just in relation to discrimination against 'the elderly' but right across the life course.

The book:

* is referenced to readily available material such as newspapers and biographies
* includes case studies to ensure that it relates to familiar, everyday aspects of age
* includes illustrations - examples of ageism in advertizing, etc.


Part 1 The background of ageism
"too old at 58" - introduction
"ugly and useless" - the history of age prejudice
"another form of bigotry" - ageism gets on the agenda
Part 2 Current aspects of ageism
"the government of old men" - ageism and power
"the imbecility of age" - the impact of language
"get your knickers off, granny" - interpersonal relations
"is it essential?" - ageism and organizations
Part 3 Rethinking ageism
theories of age
no more elderly, no more old age


"It is...for the bold confrontation with the weary clich sabout ageing...that I particularly commend it...I hope that when I need to look for a social worker for help I will have the good fortune to fall into the hands of one who has studied this valuable book."- Margaret Simey, Community Care "Bytheway... contributes some new and interesting perspectives supported by an anecdote, observation, experience, illustration, example, theory and analysisin an authoritative and accessible mix." - Ageing andSociety "If you are concerned about ageism, you cannot do better than read this latest book of Bytheway's ... this is the first sophisticated attempt in Britain to expound the meaning and implications of 'ageism' ... This is a very well-researched book on the meaning and origins of the term and provides an indispensable background for the serious student. It is exhilarating in so many ways and readers need to be aware of its existence." - BASELINE: The Journal of the British Association for Service to the Elderly "Bill Bytheway presents a mass of information that invites discussion and reorientation of one's own ideas." - Institute ofHealth Education Recommended Paperback "Bill Bytheway's readable contribution to the excellent 'Rethinking Ageing' series is a reflective, challenging review of the literature and thinking on ageism...Vignettes, case studies, newspaper extracts and pictorial images are interwoven as topics such as the history of prejudice on the grounds of age, the impact of ageist language and organisational ageism are addressed." - Health Psychology Update "...lively and readable." - Age & Ageing "It is an excellent read and helps readers to question their own and others assumptions. The author successfully blends quotations from the academic literature, press reports, personal accounts and photographic material." - Clinical Psychology Forum "...canbe read as a useful introduction to ageism, providing an overview of the subject, together with a respectable literature review, and shouldbe utilised as a useful teaching aid." - Health Matters"Read the book and recommend it to your students. It will give them food for thought and something to argue about." - Sociology of Health and Illness "...an excellentbook and its readable style will make it a favourite with students ofgerontology." - Psychological Medicine

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