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The Aesthetics of Comics als Taschenbuch

The Aesthetics of Comics

Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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From Gary Larson's The Far Side to George Herriman's Krazy Kat, comic strips have two obvious defining features. They are visual narratives, using both words and pictures to tell stories, and they use word balloons to represent the speech and thought... weiterlesen


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The Aesthetics of Comics als Taschenbuch
Titel: The Aesthetics of Comics
Autor/en: David Carrier

ISBN: 0271021888
EAN: 9780271021881
Sprache: Englisch.
Pennsylvania State University Press

Januar 2000 - kartoniert - 152 Seiten


From Gary Larson's The Far Side to George Herriman's Krazy Kat, comic strips have two obvious defining features. They are visual narratives, using both words and pictures to tell stories, and they use word balloons to represent the speech and thought of depicted characters. Art historians have studied visual artifacts from every culture; cultural historians have recently paid close attention to movies. Yet the comic strip, an art form known to everyone, has not yet been much studied by aestheticians or art historians. This is the first full-length philosophical account of the comic strip.Distinguished philosopher David Carrier looks at popular American and Japanese comic strips to identify and solve the aesthetic problems posed by comic strips and to explain the relationship of this artistic genre to other forms of visual art. He traces the use of speech and thought balloons to early Renaissance art and claims that the speech balloon defines comics as neither a purely visual nor a strictly verbal art form, but as something radically new. Comics, he claims, are essentially a composite art that, when successful, seamlessly combine verbal and visual elements.Carrier looks at the way an audience interprets comics and contrasts the interpretation of comics and other mass-culture images to that of Old Master visual art. The meaning behind the comic can be immediately grasped by the average reader, whereas a piece of museum art can only be fully interpreted by scholars familiar with the history and the background behind the painting. Finally, Carrier relates comics to art history. Ultimately, Carrier's analysis of comics shows why this popular art is worthy of philosophical study and proves that a better understanding of comics will help us better understand the history of art.


A lover of life and experiences, David Carrier has traveled extensively around the U.S., studying faiths from Christianity to Zen Buddhism, trying each one on for the perfect fit. He became a practitioner of Religious Science, completed Practitioner Studies in The Journey, Thought Field Therapy, and is an ordained minister in The Beloved Community. This thirst for understanding is what led him to Nancy, who would give him his greatest lessons on the meanings of living and dying. After being raised in New England, Carrier took advice from a high school teacher telling him, "If you never go anywhere else, you'll never know if this is where you most want to live." David lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas, and is currently working on his second book, Life After Death: a cancer survivor's story.


"Carrier's gracefully erudite book will do for the comics what Stanley Cavell has done for Hollywood movies."--George J. Leonard, Universal Pictures

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