Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos Design and Implementation

Junos Design and Implementation. 1. Auflage. Sprache: Englisch.
This book provides a complete reference to network mergers and migrations using the Junos operating system

Network Mergers and Migrations provides readers with a comprehensive guide for network migration activities by detailing a variety of internetwo … weiterlesen
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Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos Design and Implementation als Taschenbuch


Titel: Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos Design and Implementation
Autor/en: Gonzalo Gómez Herrero, Jan Antón Bernal van der Ven

ISBN: 0470742372
EAN: 9780470742372
Junos Design and Implementation.
1. Auflage.
Sprache: Englisch.

30. April 2010 - kartoniert - 568 Seiten


This book provides a complete reference to network mergers and migrations using the Junos operating system

Network Mergers and Migrations provides readers with a comprehensive guide for network migration activities by detailing a variety of internetworking case studies. Both enterprise and service provider scenarios are examined based on the experience and expertise of two senior Juniper Networks engineers. From MPLS Layer 3 VPN migration approaches to comprehensive network protocol consolidation and integration, each case study covers planning, design and implementation, as well as discussing alternatives and leveraging additional specific services and Junos resources, to ensure successful completion at each migration phase. These case studies are complemented with solid state-of-the-art protocol analysis and with practical application notes focused on specific functionalities. Readers are shown, not told, how to accomplish one of the more critical tasks of modern day networking - merging two or more networks or migrating one into the other. This is a book that truly describes the challenges that involve networks in modern environments, in both enterprise and service provider milieus.

Key Features:

* Provides an invaluable reference for engineers needing to upgrade networks, consolidate activities, or deploy new features or services.

* Contains case studies and application notes of network migrations, moving well beyond theoretical technology descriptions.

* Offers advanced techniques from engineers who have planned, designed, and accomplished complicated internetwork migrations, offering lessons learned from their success stories and pitfall situations.

* Covers specific Junos resources for routing tables, link-state interior gateway protocols, BGP, MPLS label distribution protocols, MPLS Layer 3 VPN and many more Junos related features and functionalities

Network Mergers and Migrations will be of immense interest to network engineers, network designers, architects, and operators, as well as network planners and consultants. Networking engineering students will discover a treasure trove of real-world scenarios and solutions and the book is additional recommended reading for students pursuing Juniper Networks Technical Certification Programs.


"Having been through the network migrations of both SBC-Ameritech, and SBC-AT&T, this book provides valuable direction and advice to an operator that would be useful when dealing with mergers and migrations. It is about time that someone wrote a book covering not just green field network design, but how do you merge networks together while maintaining the needs of the business."

Tom Scholl, Principal IP Network Engineer, IP/MPLS Backbone Design and Development, AT&T Labs

"I have never read such an excellent book detailing so much about Juniper router operation and design knowledge in depth, not only it has helped me with operating all of our Juniper routers in our national backbone network more efficiently, but also on improving my design knowledge as well."

Ji Hui, Senior Manager, China Telecom Group Corporation

"NMM gives a clear idea of the difficulty of merging or migrating IP networks, and it is a great help for engineers that have to face this type of operation for the first time or even repeatedly."

Chiara Moriondo, Senior Engineer, Telecom Italia Labs

"Network Mergers and Migrations provides an original approach to IP and MPLS instruction that is right on target. When combined with the depth of technical information and case studies contained within, the result is an irreplaceable resource for any network engineer."

Chris Grundemann, Senior Engineer, tw telecom, inc.

"Network Mergers and Migrations is a thorough guide for anyone involved in a wide range of network consolidation and integration exercises. The authors use Junos as a technical focus for their examples keeping the concepts related to some of the more relevant protocols and topics in current IP and MPLS networks. It's a must-have book for anyone wishing to further enhance their protocol knowledge base."

Shafik Hirjee, Bell Canada, Director, National MPLS/IP Core Network Engineering

"We operate the largest R&E network in the world using Juniper T640s, and my job often involves network planning and design. I have found this book to be just the one I need. I thought I knew Junos, but these authors are at an unprecedented level."

Zheng Zhiyan, Senior Engineer, Network Operation Center, CNGI-6IX/CERNET2

"Recommend reading for networkers who like to look into complex and detailed network migration scenarios, as well as those interested in a better understanding of Junos implementation of common ISP protocols."

Andreas Weiner, Network Engineer/IP Backbone, Telekom Austria TA AG

"Network Mergers and Migrations provides network operators a comprehensive reference for network migration. The level of detail included in this book is exceptional. It's a thorough guide for any network professional who are involved with network migration."

Mazen A. Baragaba & Eid Al Harbi

Communications Engineers, Communications operations department, Saudi Aramco

"Efficient IP network planning and management involves more than just the in-depth knowledge of theory. This book helps the reader gain a thorough understanding of the Junos routing architecture via practical and useful case studies, resulting in smooth and clean transitions between different network implementations. The clear and concise exposition make this book a pleasure to read and a useful companion during work."

Giorgio Lembo, R&D Director, Tinet S.p.A.

"Network Mergers and Migrations describes in detail the basics of L3VPN architectures while providing a clear and detailed roadmap for various migration scenarios. Even for telcos (operators) that are not implied in migration phases, a lot of great advice is provided for designing network architectures based on Junos software."

David Roy, Orange France, RBCI IP Technical Assistance Center

"Network Mergers and Migrations is much more than a reference for all relevant IP protocols today, it is a book of practical examples for your daily work and should be on the desk of everyone who has to deal with network migrations and mergers."

Christian Kaufmann, Senior Manager Network Architecture, Akamai Technology

"An invaluable guide for anyone about to undertake a network merger, full of appropriate case studies and Junos tips to back up the concepts discussed."

Keith Slater, NOC Manager, Cable&Wireless Worldwide

"The best book on operating Junos router networks!"

Jia Yan, Director, Network Maintenance Center, China Telecom Group Beijing Corporation


0.1 Motivation

0.2 Book audience

0.3 Book structure

1 Dealing with routes within the router

1.1 Intrarouter Route handling Features in JUNOS Software

1.2 RIB Route Advertisement at MPLS VPNs

1.3 Directing traffic to forwarding tables

1.4 Case Study


2 Link-State IGP migrations

2.1 Link-state IGP hierarchical migrations

2.2 Link-state IGP domain migrations

2.3 Case Study


3 BGP Migrations

3.1 Motivations for BGP migrations

3.2 Considerations for BGP migrations

3.3 Generic strategies for BGP migrations

3.4 JUNOS Software implementation of BGP

3.5 Resources for JUNOS Software BGP migrations

3.6 Case study


4 MPLS Label Distributions migrations

4.1 Motivations for MPLS Label Distribution migrations

4.2 Considerations for MPLS Label Distribution migrations

4.3 Generic strategies for an MPLS label distribution protocol migration

4.4 Resources for an MPLS label distribution protocol migration

4.5 Case Study


5 MPLS Layer 3 VPN migrations

5.1 Motivations for Layer 3 VPNs migrations

5.2 Considerations for Layer 3 VPN migrations

5.3 Generic strategies for L3 VPN migrations

5.4 JunOS implementation of L3 VPNs

5.5 Resources for L3 VPN migrations

5.6 Case Study



Juan Antonio Bernal van der Ven, Juniper Networks, Spain Juan Antonio Bernal van der Ven (certified instructor - JNCIE#27) holds a BS in Telecommunications and a MS in Electronics by Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain). After completing a MSc in Space Telecommunications, he spent 2 years in the European Space Operations Centre supporting research for ground segment operations. Joined the professional services arm of General DataComm in 1998, and moved to the Juniper Networks Professional Services team in 2001. Gonzalo Gomez Herrero, Juniper Networks, Spain Gonzalo Gomez Herrero holds a MS in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and Postgraduate Studies in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich (Germany). He is JNCIE-M #155, JNCIP-E #108, CCIE Routing and Switching #14068 and Juniper Certified Instructor. Prior to joining Juniper in June 2005, he worked in various technical positions for Siemens and Cable & Wireless. He is currently a dedicated consultant in the EMEA Professional Services team, having worked in the networking industry for over 9 years.

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