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Islamic Masculinities

Sprache: Englisch.
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This innovative book outlines the great complexity, variety and difference of male identities in Islamic societies. From the Taliban orphanages of Afghanistan to the cafes of Morocco, from the experience of couples at infertility clinics in Egypt to … weiterlesen


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Islamic Masculinities als Taschenbuch


Titel: Islamic Masculinities

ISBN: 1842772759
EAN: 9781842772751
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Lahoucine Ouzgane

Januar 2006 - kartoniert - 248 Seiten


This innovative book outlines the great complexity, variety and difference of male identities in Islamic societies. From the Taliban orphanages of Afghanistan to the cafes of Morocco, from the experience of couples at infertility clinics in Egypt to that of Iraqi conscripts, it shows how the masculine gender is constructed and negotiated in the Islamic Ummah. It goes far beyond the traditional notion that Islamic masculinities are inseparable from the control of women, and shows how the relationship between spirituality and masculinity is experienced quite differently from the prevailing Western norms.


Islamic Masculinities: an introduction - Lahoucine Ouzgane PART ONE: Masculinities and Religion; 1. Gender and Islamic Spirituality: A Psychological View of 'Low' Fundamentalism - Durre S. Ahmed; The Psychological/Theoretical Framework; Elements of Doctrine and Practice in Islamic Mysticism; Ulemas-culinists, Money-theists, and Other 'Low' Fundamentalists; The Terror Within; The Hero's Shadow; Masculinity in Crisis; Conclusion; 2. The Smile of Death and the Solemncholy of Masculinity - Banu Helvacioglu; Tragedy is Comedy; This Is My Mother and I Am the Daughter of a Holy Man; Bon Dieu, Mr. President!; Islamic Masculinity, Will You Please Stand Up?; The Spiritual Family; The Masculinity of the 'New Woman'; Whose Solemncholy Is This?; The End: Go in Laughter; 3. Alternate Images of the Prophet Muhammad's Virility - Ruth Roded; Forthright Classical Islamic Descriptions of the Prophet's Sexual Life; Western European Attacks on Muhammad's "Licentious behaviour"; Modern Muslims' Defensive Responses; Modern Muslims' Views of Sexuality; Conclusion /; 4. The Trial of Heritage and the Legacy of Abraham - Najat Rahman; PART TWO: Masculinities and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict; 5. My wife is from the jinn: Palestinian men, diaspora, and love - Celia Rothenberg; The jinn and politics in the West Bank; On interpretation; Diaspora and return /; Love and Desire; The Power of Love /; 6. Chasing Horses, Eating Arabs - Rob K. Baum; The Language of Struggle; Palestinian Position; Plot Lines; Screening Male/Female Sexuality; Feminizing the Enemy; Eating Arabs /; 7. Stranger Masculinities: Gender and Politics in a Palestinian-Israeli 'Third Space' - Daniel Monterescu; Introduction; Identity Conflicts and Dilemmas of The Palestinian Citizens of Israel /; The Mixed Context in Jaffa: Otherness, Strangeness and Stereotypes; Postcolonial 'Strangeness': Ambivalence as an Existential State; To Modernity and Back: Three Competing Models of Masculinity; The Gender Essence: 'Covered' Women and Pious Men; Strategic Essentialism: Liberal-'Secular' Masculinity; The Gender Essence: 'Liberal' and 'Egalitarian' Masculinity; Situational Masculinity as an "Identity Play"; Stranger Masculinities as Postcolonial Products /; PART THREE: Masculinities and Social Practice; 8. Gender, Power and Social Change in Morocco - Don Conway-Long; Social Changes; 9. Masculinity and Gender Violence in Yemen - Mohammed Baobaid; Methodology; Understanding Gender Violence within the Family; The Status of Women in Islamic Countries; Yemen Society; Violence Against Women in Yemen; The Legalization of Gender Violence; The Response of Society Towards Gender Violence; Conclusion /; 10. Opportunities for Masculinity and Love: Cultural Production in Ba'thist Iraq during the 1980s - Achim Rohde; Nationalism and Gender; Mass Culture in Ba'thist Iraq; Militarism, War and Gender; When the Land is Female, War is Love, and the Nation is a Family; Conclusion /; 11. On Being Homosexual and Muslim: Conflicts and Challenges - Asifa Siraj; Source of Conflict; 'Coming Out'; Marriage; Challenge to Heteronormativity /; Conclusion /; 12. "The Worms Are Weak": Male Infertility and Patriarchal Paradoxes in Egypt -; Marcia C. Inhorn; Introduction; Male Infertility in Global Perspective; Methodology; Two Cases of Male Infertility; Egyptian Patriarchy; Patriarchy and Procreative Blame; Patriarchy and Masculinity; Patriarchy and Infertile Marriages; Patriarchy and New Reproductive Technologies; Conclusion; Index


Lahoucine Ouzgane is associate professor of English at the University of Alberta, where his teaching and research interests focus on postcolonial theory and literature, composition and rhetoric, and masculinity studies. His recent publications include Crossing Borderlands: Composition and Postcolonial Studies (U of Pittsburgh P, 2004) and African Masculinities: men in Africa from the late 19th century to the present (Palgrave, 2005). He is Consultant Editor for The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities. Contact: louzgane@ualberta.ca Contributors include Durre S. Ahmed, Ruth Roded, Mohammed Baobaid


'Lahoucine Ouzgane has collated a powerful and impressive collection of essays, making an important and timely contribution to our understanding of men and masculinities. In an age when the complex relationship between Islam and gender has never been more critical, and yet never more susceptible to myth, Islamic Masculinities not only challenges prevalent stereotypes about Muslim men and women, but provides compelling insights into the dynamics of masculine identity construction.' - Stephen Whitehead, author of Men and Masculinities: Key themes and new directions 'We have waited a long time for a book on Muslim men and Islamic Masculinities and now we have one. Lahoucine Ouzgane's timely collection covers the key debates about men and masculinity and includes discussion of violence, sexuality, spirituality and power.' - Professor Robert Morrell, School of Education, Faculty of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal 'Gender problems and gender justice concern men as intimately as they concern women. In recent years, studies of men and masculinities have developed rapidly around the world. Islamic Masculinities is a valuable contribution to this new branch of social science. It is also a challenge. - R.W.Connell, University Professor at the University of Sydney, and author of 'Masculinities' and 'Gender' 'The wide-ranging and ground-breaking essays included in Ouzgane's thoughtful collection unequivocally demonstrate the diverse and suggestive complexity of both concepts and practices of Islamic masculinities, sexualities, and gender.' - Mary Layoun, Professor and Chair, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin

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