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Math Games

180 Reproducible Activities to Motivate, Excite, and Challenge Students, Grades 6-12. illustrations. Sprache:…
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"Math Games" offers a dynamic collection of 180 reproducible activity sheets to stimulate and challenge your students in all areas of math - from whole numbers to data analysis - while emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, and the use of te… weiterlesen
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Math Games als Taschenbuch


Titel: Math Games
Autor/en: Judith A. Muschla

ISBN: 0787970816
EAN: 9780787970819
180 Reproducible Activities to Motivate, Excite, and Challenge Students, Grades 6-12.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons Inc

12. Juli 2004 - kartoniert - 229 Seiten


"Math Games" offers a dynamic collection of 180 reproducible activity sheets to stimulate and challenge your students in all areas of math - from whole numbers to data analysis - while emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, and the use of technology for today's curriculum! Each of the book's activities can help you teach students in grades 6 through 12 how to think with numbers, recognize relationships, and make connections between mathematical concepts. You pick the activity appropriate for their needs . . . encourage the use of a calculator . . . or provide further challenges with activities that have multiple answers. Designed to be user friendly, all of the ready-to-use activities are organized into seven convenient sections and printed in a lay-flat format for ease of photocopying as many times as needed.


About the Authors.Acknowledgments.Introduction.Section 1: Whole Numbers.1-1. There's a Place for Everything.Operations and Place Value.1-2. Finding Missing Numbers.Operations with Whole Numbers.1-3. Finding the Largest and Smallest.Operations with Whole Numbers.1-4. A Number Chain.Operations with Whole Numbers.1-5. Which Is Greater?Operations and Rounding with Whole Numbers.1-6. The Trio Rounds to ...Rounding Numbers.1-7. A Fact About You.Factors and Perfect Squares.1-8. Who Am I?Factors, Primes, and Composites.1-9. Which One Does Not Belong?Attributes of Numbers.1-10. Cross Number Puzzle: Whole Numbers.Number Puzzle.1-11. The Powers of Primes.Exponents.1-12. Cubes and Squares.Exponents.1-13. An Exponential Typo.Exponents.1-14. Euclid and the GCF.Greatest Common Factor.1-15. Finding the LCM Using the GCF.Least Common Multiple.1-16. The Missing Symbols.Order of Operations.1-17. What a Mix-Up!Order of Operations.1-18. A Perfect 10.Order of Operations.1-19. Not-So-Famous Firsts for Presidents.Order of Operations.1-20. What's Next?.Patterns.1-21. Numbers of All Kinds.Types of Numbers.1-22. Val's Baby-Sitting Job.Application of Numbers.1-23. Is the Price Right?Number Sense.Section 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.2-1. Fractional Trivia.Equivalent Fractions.2-2. Odd Fraction Out.Equivalent Fractions.2-3. Don't Be Redundant.Fraction and Decimal Equivalences.2-4. Out of Order.Fraction Sequence.2-5. Don't Be Square.Greatest Common Factor and Lowest Common Denominator.2-6. Boxes and Numbers.All Operations with Proper Fractions.2-7. Think About This.All Operations with Fractions.2-8. Filling in Fractions.All Operations with Mixed Fractions.2-9. Making a Match.All Operations with Mixed Numbers.2-10. Not Really Complex at All.Complex Fractions.2-11. Making a Point.Place Value.2-12. More or Less.Comparing Decimals.2-13. What Comes First?Decimal Order.2-14. What's the Point?Decimals and Equivalent Fractions.2-15. Decimal Round-up.Rounding Decimals.2-16. A Decimal Cross Number Puzzle.All Operations with Decimals.2-17. The Missing Link.All Operations with Decimals.2-18. Get the Point.All Operations with Decimals.2-19. At the Mall.All Operations with Money.2-20. Do You Have Some Change?Money and Change.2-21. Human Body Statistics.Scientific Notation.2-22. Celestial Facts.Standard Form2-23. Right and Wrong.All Operations with Fractions and Decimals.2-24. Mystery Ratios.Ratios.2-25. How Do You Rate?Ratios.2-26. What's Cooking?Proportions.2-27. Finding the Third.Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Equivalences.2-28. Times Change.Three Types of Percent Problems.2-29. Percents with a Twist.Three Types of Percent Problems.2-30. Short Work of Percents.Percents of Numbers and Percent of Increase.Section 3: Geometry.3-1. What's the Angle?Angles and Angle Pairs.3-2. Quilting Lines.Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.3-3. Counting Sides.Polygons.3-4. Sometimes It's Right!Acute, Obtuse, and Right Triangles.3-5. Find the Right Word.Types of Triangles.3-6. What's My Line?Lines of a Triangle.3-7. Angles and Measures.Angles of Parallel Lines and Transversals.3-8. A Quadrilateral by Any Other Name.Types of Quadrilaterals.3-9. What's the Measure?Angles of Quadrilaterals.3-10. A Polygon Word Find.Terms of Polygons and Angles.3-11. Always, Sometimes, Never.Angles and Polygons.3-12. Different and Yet the Same.Angles and Polygons.3-13. What's the Relationship?Angles and Polygons.3-14. All, Some, or No.Congruent and Similar Figures.3-15. Finding the Proof.Congruent Triangles.3-16. Finding Right Triangles.Pythagorean Theorem.3-17. Figure This.Special Right Triangles.3-18. Picture This.Lines of Symmetry.3-19. Spinning Around.Line and Rotational Symmetry.3-20. Don't Go in Circles!Terms of a Circle.3-21. A Circle Word Find.Circle Terms.3-22. Complete the Circle.Lines and Angles of a Circle.3-23. A Circular Chain.Lengths of Segments in Circles.3-24. 3-D Word Scramble.Terms of Three-Dimensional Figures.3-25. Finding 3-D Figures.Three-Dimensional Figures.3-26. A Great Swiss Mathematician.Euler's Formula.Section 4: Measurement.4-1. Going to Great Lengths.Customary Units of Length.4-2. The Long and Short of It.Metric Units of Length.4-3. Going the Distance.Lengths of Segments.4-4. Not Just for Cooking.Customary Units of Liquid Measure.4-5. Odd Measure Out.Customary Units of Length, Liquid, and Weight.4-6. Getting to the Basics.SI Units.4-7. Equal or Not Equal.Metric Units of Length, Liquid, and Weight.4-8. It's About Time.Computation with Time.4-9. Never Enough Time.Computation with Time.4-10. Timely Words.Words Relating to Time.4-11. Coded Equations.Units of Measure.4-12. How Do You Measure Up?Equivalent Measures.4-13. Take Your Measure.Miscellaneous Measures.4-14. Matching Temperatures.Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales.4-15. A Matter of Degree.Angle Measures.4-16. A Slice of the Circle.Angle Measures: Degrees and Radians.4-17. Finding the Way Around.Perimeters and Circumferences of Plane Figures.4-18. Going Around in "Squares".Perimeters of Irregular Figures.4-19. Sketching It Out.Area and Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles.4-20. Different Figures, Same Areas.Areas of Plane Figures.4-21. Drawing Geometric Figures.Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures.4-22. All Related.Areas of Rhombi, Triangles, and Rectangles.4-23. Going Full Circle.Measurements of Circles.4-24. Know What Formula to Use.Perimeter, Circumference, and Area Formulas.4-25. Formulas to the Max.Advanced Area Formulas for Polygons.4-26. A Step Beyond.Areas of Volumes and Right Prisms.4-27. Same and Different.Volume and Surface Area.4-28. What's the Value?Volume and Surface Area.4-29. Double Trouble.Various Measures of Length, Area, Volume, and Surface Area.4-30. Measuring Up.Customary Units of Measurement.Section 5: Algebra.5-1. Finding Solutions.Expressions.5-2. According to the Facts.Expressions.5-3. A Sweet Time Line.Number Line.5-4. A Place for Everything.Number Line.5-5. Finding Equal Expressions.Addition and Subtraction of Integers.5-6. Counting Down.Multiplication and Division of Integers.5-7. Finding the Largest and Smallest.All Operations with Integers.5-8. Integer Facts.All Operations with Integers.5-9. Parentheses, Please.Order of Operations.5-10. Numbers in Boxes.Operations with Real Numbers.5-11. Putting the Fun in Functions.Functions.5-12. Finding the Fourth.Functions.5-13. Absolutely Sure!Absolute Value.5-14. The Lucky 13.Expressions.5-15. An Equation Chain.Equations.5-16. Matching Equations.Equations.5-17. Not Quite Right.Equations.5-18. Correct Solutions.Equations.5-19. Get to the Point!Coordinate Plane.5-20. Common Knowledge.Coordinate Plane.5-21. A Shining Star.Systems of Equations.5-22. Doubletalk.Systems of Equations.5-23. A Radical Change.Radicals.5-24. Radical Matches.Basic Operations with Radicals.5-25. All in the Range.Quadratic Functions with Perfect Squares.5-26. And the Answer Is ...Quadratic Equations.5-27. Varying Values.Quadratic Equations.5-28. Common to Both.Common Factors of Polynomials.5-29. Something's Wrong.Linear Inequalities.5-30. Absolutely Correct.Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities.5-31. Find the Functions.Composite Functions.5-32. Relativity.Families of Functions.5-33. Just Passing Through.Graphs.5-34. Defining Expressions.Domains of Functions.5-35. How Well Do You Function?Algebra of Functions.Section 6: Data Analysis.6-1. Passing the Test.Mean, Median, and Mode.6-2. Inserting the Missing Data.Mean, Median, and Mode.6-3. Charting the Temperatures.Line Graphs.6-4. A Piece of the Pie.Circle Graphs.6-5. Mark That Date.Simple Probability.6-6. All About Data.Data Displays.6-7. A Matrix Chain.Addition and Subtraction of Matrices.6-8. The Missing Elements.Matrix Multiplication.6-9. The Odds Are ...Probability and Odds.Section 7: Potpourri.7-1. Deuces Are Wild.Basic Operations.7-2. Finding Missing Numbers.Basic Operations.7-3. Make a Quiz.Basic Operations.7-4. Reading the Signs.Basic Operations.7-5. Wheeling Around.Basic Operations.7-6. Math Tic-Tac-Toe.Equivalent Expressions.7-7. It's a Date.Roman Numerals.7-8. Left to Right or Right to Left.Palindromes.7-9. What's the Problem?Word Problems.7-10. And the Question Is ...Word Problems.7-11. You're the Teacher.Word Problems.7-12. Finding Missing Information.Word Problems.7-13. Create a Pattern.Patterns.7-14. Signs.Order of Operations.7-15. Numbers and Values.Equivalencies.7-16. A Mixed-up Magic Square.Computation.7-17. Math Word Chains.Mathematics Vocabulary.7-18. Finding the 10s.Variables and Expressions.7-19. Code Cracking.Equations.7-20. Turning It Around.Rotations, Translations, and Reflections.7-21. What's the Connection?Numbers and Relationships.7-22. Tracing Networks.Networks.7-23. Very "Plane".Vectors.7-24. The "Bases" of This Activity.Bases 2, 5, and 8.7-25. Sines, Cosines, and Tangents.Trigonometric Ratios.7-26. Cones, Cones, Cones.Conic Sections.7-27. Not Just for Techies.Computer and Internet Words.Answer Key.


Judith A. Muschla has taught mathematics in South River, New Jersey, for over twenty-five years. Gary Robert Muschla taught reading and writing for more than twenty-five years in Spotswood, New Jersey. This is the seventh math resource coauthored by Judith Muschla and Gary Muschla. Their earlier books include: The Math Teacher's Book of Lists, Hands-on Math Projects with Real-Life Applications, Math Starters, The Geometry Teacher's Activities Kit, Math Smart, and Algebra Teacher's Activities Kit, all published by Jossey-Bass.

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