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X Window System Administrator's Guide als Taschenbuch

X Window System Administrator's Guide

Sprache: Englisch.
As X moves out of the hacker's domain and into the "real world," users
can't be expected to master all the ins and outs of setting up and
administering their own X software. That will increasingly become the
domain of system administrators. ... weiterlesen


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X Window System Administrator's Guide als Taschenbuch
Titel: X Window System Administrator's Guide
Autor/en: Linda Mui, Eric Pearce

ISBN: 156592052X
EAN: 9781565920521
Sprache: Englisch.

August 1993 - kartoniert - 388 Seiten


As X moves out of the hacker's domain and into the "real world," users
can't be expected to master all the ins and outs of setting up and
administering their own X software. That will increasingly become the
domain of system administrators. Even for experienced system
administrators, X raises many issues, both because of subtle changes in
the standard UNIX way of doing things and because X blurs the boundaries
between different platforms. Under X, users can run applications across
the network on systems with different resources (including fonts,
colors, and screen size). Many of these issues are poorly understood,
and the technology for dealing with them is in rapid flux.
This book is the first and only book devoted to the issues of system
administration for X and X-based networks, written not just for UNIX
system administrators but for anyone faced with the job of administering
X (including those running X on stand-alone workstations). The book
* An overview of X that focuses on issues that affect the system
administrator's job.
* Information on obtaining, compiling, and installing the X software,
including a discussion of the trade-offs between vendor-supplied
and the free MIT versions of X.
* How to set up xdm, the X display manager, which takes the place
of the login program under X and can be used to create a customized
turnkey X session for each user.
* How to set up user accounts under X (includes a comparison of the
familiar shell setup files and programs to the new mechanisms
provided by X).
* Issues involved in making X more secure. X's security features are
not strong, but an understanding of what features are available can
be very important, since X makes it possible for users to intrude
on each other in new and sometimes unexpected ways.
* How fonts are used by X, including a description of the font server.
* A discussion of the issues raised by running X on heterogenous
* How colors are managed under X and how to get the same colors across
multiple devices with different hardware characteristics.
* The administration issues involved in setting up and managing an X
* How to use PC and Mac X servers to maximize reuse of existing
hardware and convert outdated hardware into X terminals.
* How to obtain and install additional public domain software and
patches for X.
* Covers features new in R5, including the font server and Xcms.
The X Window System Administrator's Guide is available either alone or
packaged with the XCD. The CD provides X source code and binaries to
complement the instructions for installing the software that are given
in the book. It contains over 600 megabytes of X11 source code and binaries
stored in ISO9660 and RockRidge formats. This will allow several types of
Unix workstations to mount the CD-ROM as a filesystem, browse through the
source code, and install pre-built software. The XCD includes:
* Source code for MIT X11 Release 4 and Release 5 "core" and "contrib"
distributions and recent "fixes".
* Binaries of MIT Release 5 "core" for Sun3, Sun4, DECstation and
IBM RS/6000 platforms. This includes the X Server and important
clients such as the twm window manager and xterm.
* Several of the non-MIT programs described in the book that can be used
in administration (getbdf, xtici, xcoloredit) in
source and binary form.
* Young Minds "RockRidge" CD-ROM software to permit mounting the CD-ROM
as a Unix-like filesystem.
* Software that allows custom installation or compilation of source code
on the CD-ROM.
* Examples from the O'Reilly X Window System Series books and The X Resource.


Linda Mui started working for O'Reilly & Associates in 1986.
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