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Early Childhood Education als Taschenbuch

Early Childhood Education

An International Perspective. Auflage 1982. Sprache: Englisch.
Possibly more than any other field of education, early child­ hood education has been an international phenomenon. The great pioneers of the field--Friedrich Froebel of Germany, Maria Montessori of Italy, Margaret McMillan and Susan Isaacs of England … weiterlesen
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Early Childhood Education als Taschenbuch


Titel: Early Childhood Education
Autor/en: Nechama Nir-Janiv, Nehama Yaniv-Nir

ISBN: 0306410079
EAN: 9780306410079
An International Perspective.
Auflage 1982.
Sprache: Englisch.

30. November 1982 - gebunden - 556 Seiten


Possibly more than any other field of education, early child­ hood education has been an international phenomenon. The great pioneers of the field--Friedrich Froebel of Germany, Maria Montessori of Italy, Margaret McMillan and Susan Isaacs of England--all saw their influence expand weIl beyond the borders of their native lands. Froebelian kindergartens, Montessorischools, and nursery schools designed along the English model have flourished in many lands during this century and the last. The international perspective is no less important in early childhood education today. The research work done in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, along with the development of differ­ ent conceptual models of early childhood education, had an impact on early childhood education research, policies, and practices through­ out the world. Ideas from many lands continue to influence the field as information becomes available through national journals, the ERIC system, and such international journals as OMEP's IntePnationaZ JouPnaZ of EarZy ChiZdhood. Thus, the International Congress in Early Childhood Education convened in Tel Aviv, Israel, in January 1980 represented and ex­ tension of existing international perspectives in the field rather than a new thrust. The Congress provided opportunities for scholars, researchers and practitioners to present their ideas and report their work. It afforded an opportunity for each one to interact with others in the same field who might ordinarily have been separated by thou­ sands of miles or who might be familiar by name only.


Early Childhood Education Foundations.
Early Childhood Education: A Synoptic View.
Towards Solutions for Problems of Early Childhood Education.
Towards Education of a New Generation: Some Thoughts.
Children's Development.
Experimental and Observational Studies of Preschool Children's Memory.
Development of Children's Moral Deliberations: Implications for Early Childhood Education.
Young Children's Differential Perceptions of Their Parents.
Some Dimensions of Creativity in Young Children.
Auditory Attending Skills.
Teacher Education.
Helping Others Learn to Teach: Some Principles and Techniques for Inservice Educators.
An Attempt to Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice in Early Childhood Teacher Education.
The Early Childhood Training Course for Bedouin Educators.
Some Factors Affecting Teacher Behavior and Pupil Performance.
Parents, Family, and Home Intervention.
How One City Involved Parents.
Learning in the Family Context: Research on Parents' Perceptions of Their Role as Educators of Young Children.
Effects of a Home Intervention Program on Maternal Language.
Parents' Goals and Preschool Education.
HIPPY: A Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters.
The Parent as Partner in the Educational Advancement of Preschool-Age Children.
Maternal Influences in the Formation of Sex Identity and Gender Role Designation among Differently Sexed Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets.
Parent-School Cooperation in a Changing Society: Teachers' Learning from Disadvantaged Parents.
Children's Learning.
Arithmetic Disabilities: The Relation between Arithmetic and Some Psychological Abilities-A Reanalysis.
Why Some Children Don't Conserve: Implications for Early Childhood Education.
Comprehension of "Before" and "After" by the Young Child.
Effects of Training on the Divergent Thinking Ability of Kindergarten Children.
Studies in Pretense Play and the Conservation of Quantity.
Social Environment of Children.
The Relationship between the Development of a Peer Social System and Attachment.
An Exploratory Study of Problem Solving in the Natural Habitat.
An International and Comparative Study of Children's Play Space Requirements in Residential Environments.
Early Childhood Education Programs.
The Froebelian Kindergarten as an International Movement.
Early Childhood Education in the Kibbutz.
The Structure of Children's Activities: A Report on the Work of the Study Center for Children's Activities.
A Demonstration Program for Campus Infant Care.
Dialogical Approach Applied to Non-Formal Education in Poor Areas of Underdeveloped Countries.
A Contribution to the Evaluation and Design of Non-Formal Preschool Programs in Marginal Committees.
Change in Affective Perceptions with Changes in Academic Achievements: A Preliminary Study of Three Twelve-Year-Old Boys.
A Unique Blending of Technology and Education Using the Self-Controlled Interactive Learning Systems (SCILS) in an Ongoing Early Childhood Program.
The Self-Controlled Interactive Learning Systems (SCILS): A Communication Model of Learning.
Suggestions for Improving Kindergarten Education in the Arabic Sector.
Tests and Testing.
Cognitive Performance of Kindergarten Children When Tested by Parents and Strangers.
Beyond Early Identification of Children's Abilities and Disabilities.
The Bar-Ilan Picture Test: A Semi-Projective Technique for Diagnosing Problems Related to the Educational Environment in Elementary Schools.
Teacher Evaluation in Early Childhood Education: Application of a Model.
Lasting Effects After Preschool.
Selected Attitudes of Teachers and Student Perceptions of Instruction at the Primary Level.
A Field-Based Approach to the Validation of Behavioral Competencies for Young Children.
Current Issues in the Evaluation of Early Childhood Programs.
Israel Organizing Committee and Advisory Boards.

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