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Website Windows NT als Taschenbuch

Website Windows NT

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WebSite is an elegant, easy solution for Windows NT 3.5 users who want to start publishing on the Internet. WebSite is a 32-bit World Wide Web server that combines the power and flexibility of a UNIX server with the ease of use of a Windows applicat … weiterlesen

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Website Windows NT als Taschenbuch


Titel: Website Windows NT
Autor/en: O'Reilly & Associates Inc

ISBN: 1565921437
EAN: 9781565921436
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 1995 - kartoniert - 342 Seiten


WebSite is an elegant, easy solution for Windows NT 3.5 users who want to start publishing on the Internet. WebSite is a 32-bit World Wide Web server that combines the power and flexibility of a UNIX server with the ease of use of a Windows application. Its intuitive graphical interface and easy install make it a natural for Windows NT users. WebSite provides a tree-like display of all the documents and links on your server, with a simple solution for finding and fixing broken links. Using CGI, you can run a desktop application like Excel or Visual Basic from within a Web document on WebSite. Its access security lets you control which users have access to different parts of your Web server. In addition to Windows NT 3.5, WebSite runs on the current version of Windows 95. WebSite is a product of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. It is created in cooperation with Bob Denny and Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc. (EIT).Who is WebSite for?WebSite is for anyone who wants to publish information on the Web, including individuals, corporate desktop users, and small and medium-size businesses and groups. The intuitive nature of the software and the comprehensive, easy instructions in the book make WebSite a natural choice for a wide variety of users.Why would I want to publish on the Web?You can reach a large and growing audience on the Web. The World Wide Web (WWW) is one of the fastest-growing parts of the Internet, with estimates ranging from 6 to 8 million users. The anticipated release of Windows 95, with built-in TCP/IP connectivity, will increase the number of Web users substantially.Further, the Web is considered by many to be one of the most significant developments in publishing. Web documents can include text, graphics, sound, and video files. Hypertext links make it a breeze to navigate instantly among Web documents all over the world. This makes the Web an ideal publishing environment for people who want to make a wide variety of content available, ranging from personal to business, educational, hobby, and commercial information. Of course, with the access control features of WebSite, you can set restricted access on part or all of your server. This allows you to put information on your server that is accessible only to people in a specific group, such as members of a department, an organization, or a special-interest group.What's in the package?
* 32-bit HTTP server that lets you maintain a set of Web documents; control access; serve multiple domains; administer remotely; index your desktop directories; and use a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) program to run Excel, Visual Basic, and other programs from within a Web document. The server is based on a 16-bit server for Windows 3.1 created by Bob Denny, which has been available on the Net since early 1994 and has gotten excellent feedback.
* WebView ™, which provides a tree-like display of the documents and links on your server; logging statistics; icons for file type, access state, and broken links; a graphical editor for enhancing images in Web documents; wizards that automatically create common Web documents; a search button; an indexing tool that allows users to search for terms on your server; and multiple windows to view several Web sites simultaneously.
* Enhanced Mosaic 2.0 with progressive display of documents, a toolbar, support for sound and external viewers, and display of in-line JPEG and other graphical files.
* Complete documentation: a 342-page book that clearly describes how to use these resources, including tutorial sections, task descriptions, and chapters on using CGI to run external applications. Also includes online Help that describes all the product features, and WebSite Central, an online resource with product updates and info. Check out http://website.ora.com/
* 30-day money-back guarantee, and 90 days of free technical support for registered users.
What do I need to use WebSite?
* 386 or higher
* VGA video display adapter
* 3.5" disk drive
* 12 MB RAM (16 MB recommended)
* 5 MB free disk space
* Windows NT 3.5 with TCP/IP connectivity or Windows 95 with TCP/IP connectivity
What kind of security does WebSite have?WebSite provides Web-standard security in the form of basic authentication and access control. You can specify user names and passwords for individuals and groups, and then control access to any part of your server based on user name, group, or IP address. Version 1.1 of WebSite, available later this year, will have full cryptographic security, including S-HTTP and SSL.Why does WebSite work either as an application or as a service?WebSite was designed like this to give users greater flexibility. When you run WebSite as an application, you can use CGI programs that run applications such as Excel, Visual Basic, OLE, and relational databases from within a Web document on your server. When you run WebSite as a service, the server runs whether someone is logged in or not, and you can also run Perl and script programs.How large can my WebSite server be?Your WebSite server can be as large as your disk space will allow.How does WebSite compare to some of the large UNIX servers?Until recently, most Web servers have run on UNIX because most of the Internet was developed on UNIX. However, Windows is more standardized and easier to use than UNIX, which makes it an attractive platform for servers. There are a small number of UNIX servers with specialized security features that are aimed at a different audience than WebSite. However, on a feature-by-feature basis, WebSite compares extremely well to the UNIX servers, and it has the added benefit of low-cost, easy-to-use hardware.What do early users of WebSite think of the product?Beta users of WebSite rate it extremely high in the areas of speed, intuitive UI, feature richness, stability, and setup. Beta users have used WebSite with small and large collections of Web documents, on both Windows NT 3.5 and pre-release Windows 95.When will WebSite be available?WebSite is available now.How can I get my copy?WebSite is distributed in software stores and bookstores across the United States. You can call O'Reilly to get the names of stores near you that sell WebSite. To order WebSite directly from O'Reilly, call (707) 829-0515 or (800) 998-9938, or send an email message toorder@ora.com. If you have product questions, send an email message to website@ora.com.For the latest news, check out WebSite Central.For answers to frequently asked questions, a downloadable 60-day demo copy of WebSite, software to help you get the most out of WebSite, online ordering, and our Developer's Corner, stop by WebSite Central for a visit. Point your Web browser to:http://website.ora.com/Your satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.If you are unhappy with WebSite for any reason, and you've purchased the product directly from O'Reilly, a refund will be given if you return the product within 30 days of purchase. If you purchase WebSite from another source, please follow their return policy.About O'Reilly & AssociatesO'Reilly & Associates is the leading publisher of books and online tools for UNIX, X, and the Internet. O'Reilly is well known worldwide for publishing down-to-earth technical books on topics that are hard to master. O'Reilly reaches the millions of Internet, UNIX, and X users who are hungry for clear information about these complex systems.WebSite is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. WebView is a trademark of Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc. Microsoft is a registered trademark, and Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
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