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Moral Problems in Medicine: A Practical Coursebook als Taschenbuch

Moral Problems in Medicine: A Practical Coursebook

Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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Presenting an introduction to the subject of medical ethics, this book examines issues such as euthanasia, abortion, vivisection, human-testing and behaviour control. It also includes chapters on egoism, utilitarianism, Kant's theories, determinism a … weiterlesen

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Moral Problems in Medicine: A Practical Coursebook als Taschenbuch


Titel: Moral Problems in Medicine: A Practical Coursebook
Autor/en: Palmer Michael, Michael Palmer

ISBN: 0718891783
EAN: 9780718891787
Sprache: Englisch.

September 2005 - kartoniert - 192 Seiten


Presenting an introduction to the subject of medical ethics, this book examines issues such as euthanasia, abortion, vivisection, human-testing and behaviour control. It also includes chapters on egoism, utilitarianism, Kant's theories, determinism and meta-ethics, and is useful for medical students, nurses and other health professionals.


Introduction; Ethics; What is Ethics?; What is Medical Ethics; The Principles of Moral Actions: Normative Ethics; Questions; Bibliography; Egoism; What is Egoism?; Psychological Egoism; Ethical Egoism; Discussion: Egoism and the Right to Life; The right to Life; The right to Life and Abortion; Extract 1 Judith Jarvis Thomson A Defense of Abortion; Extract 2 John T Noonan How to Argue About Abortion; Extract 3 Laura Purdy and Michael Tooley Is Abortion Murder?; The Right to life and Euthanasia; Extract 4 James Rachels Active and Passive Euthanasia; Extract 5 Yale Kamisar Some Non-religious views against proposed Mercy-killing legislation; Extract 6 Timothy Quill Death and Dignity; Utilitarianism; The Theory of Jeremy Bentham; The Principle of Utility; The Hedonic Calculus; The Theory of John Stuart Mill; Some Criticisms of Utilitarianism; Discussion: Utilitarianism and the Ethics of Experimentation; Human Experimentation; Extract 1 Paul Ramsey The Ethics of Consent; Extract 2 George J Annas Baby Fae; Extract 3 Willard Gaylin Harvesting the Dead; Animal Experimentation; Extract 4 Tom Regan The Other Victim; Extract 5 Peter Singer All Animals are Equals; Extract 6 Carl Cohen The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research; The Ethical Theory of Immanuel Kant; The Good Will; The Categorical Imperative; Some Criticisms and Amendments of Kant; Discussion: Kant and the Ethics of Truth-Telling; The Duty of Truth; Autonomy and Paternalism; Extract 1 Sissela Bok Placebos; Extract 2 Mack Lipkin On Lying to Patients; Extract 3 Grant Gillett AIDS and Confidentiality; Determinism and Free Will; Hard Determinism; Libertarianism; Soft Determinism; Discussion: Medical Practice and the Ethics of Behaviour Control; Psychological Behaviourism; Bio-Behaviourism; Medical Practice and Behaviourism; Extract 1 Robert Nevill Sterilizing the Mildly Mentally Retarded without their Consent; Extract 2 Joseph Fletcher Ethical Limits of Genetic Control; Extract 3 Marc Lappe The Limit of Genetic Control; Appendix: Meta-Ethics; Ethical Naturalism; Ethical Non-Naturalism; Ethical Non-Cognitivism; Index.


Dr. Michael Palmer has taught extensively in schools and universities on both sides of the Atlantic. Following the prestigious award of the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship at the University of Marburg, he was invited to found a philosophy course at Manchester Grammar School, where he remained for eight years as the Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy. The course attracted national attention; Palmer's Moral Problems formed a substantial component of the course and is also published by The Lutterworth Press. Other titles by Michael Palmer published by the Lutterworth Press: Moral Problems: A Coursebook For Schools and Colleges (1st Edition) Moral Problems: A Coursebook For Schools and Colleges (2nd Edition)


Reviews and Comments "I was very impressed with both the content and layout of, particularly with the use of extracts and critical commentary. The exercises and questions posed in the text are very useful to help the reader understand and relate the concepts and theories to practice. The extensive reading lists are a very useful source of further reading." Ian Donaldson, Institute of Health & Community Studies, Bournemouth University "This book was a joy to read. It is easy to read, yet has greater depth than most books of applied ethics. It is wonderful resource with many pertinent articles not only included, but critiqued. The extracts offer the reader a balanced, critical view from which to analyse and reflect. This book should be useful for academics and clinicians, as well as saving hours for students searching for primary sources." Isabel Smith, School of Health Studies, University of Bradford "The book highlights the relevant ethical theory. Overall, this is an excellent text for level three undergraduate study." Maureen A. Eby, School of Health and Social Welfare, The Open University "An excellent resource." Jon Whelan, Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire "I am sure that it will be very useful to students and staff in teaching a number of modules concerned with ethics in health care in the future." Dr. Marylin Hammick, Head of Professional Studies Department, Oxford Brookes University "Accessible to those with a little knowledge of philosophical or moral theory. It packs a great deal into fewer than 200 pages. A rich mix and a layout that lends itself to structured study. The book presents basic philosophical principles well, includes challenging texts and poses good questions based on realistic practical dilemmas. As a text for the student it is of value. For the practising health professional it provides useful background and theory." Michael Wilks, Health Service Journal "Warmly recommended as an introduction to philosophical medical ethics which needs no prior knowledge of philosophy nor even any deep understanding of the medical problems it discusses. It would provide an excellent basic text for any course on medical ethics for health care professionals and interested non-professional alike." John Wilkinson, The Expository Times "Those seeking a crash course in bioethics would be advised to turn first to excellent collection of readings, summaries, and exercises. It will be an appropriate starting point for many students of disability studies. ... It is clear, concise and provides suggestions for further readings. ... An excellent and well prepared introduction to an important and complex subject of use in university teaching and for those campaigning around genetics, euthanasia and other dimensions of contemporary healthcare. An understanding of the philosophical arguments it contains would add immeasurably to the quality of political debate in this area." Disability and Society "The structure of the books is likely to appeal to health care professionals, with extensive case studies and an extremely generous supply of possible essay questions." Prof J. Stuart Horner, Public Health, Vol 113 "We should be grateful that Mr Palmer has now extended his excellent general work earlier in the decade on moral problems to the morality which lies beneath the practise of some branches of medicine. ... this is a first-class text which will prove to be eminently useful for those both teaching and studying morality in the sixth form." P.A.S. Harrington, School Librarian Journal "A great introduction to ethics for clinicians. ... The fusion of ethical principle and medical dilemma is well managed throughout the book, and provides a rhythm and focus that prevents it from becoming overly academic. The book is liberally sprinkled with extracts from works of major ethical thinkers, giving the reader a balanced and thought-provoking view of the pros and cons of the various ethical paths described. ... The language is on the whole easy to read and the chapters short enough to enable even the most fatigued pre-bedtime reader to extract a few gems without having to try too hard." Steven Luttrell, Age and Ageing
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