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Administrator's Complete School Discipline Guide als Taschenbuch

Administrator's Complete School Discipline Guide

Techniques & Materials for Creating an Environment Where Kids Can Learn. 6:B&W 8. 25 x 11 in or 280 x 210 mm…
The "Guide" covers changing school programs, staffing for effective discipline, and cutting-edge approaches such as peer counseling for dealing with student values and problems that are drastically different from those of only a few years ago.


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Administrator's Complete School Discipline Guide als Taschenbuch


Titel: Administrator's Complete School Discipline Guide
Autor/en: Robert D. Ramsey, Ramsey

ISBN: 0130794015
EAN: 9780130794017
Techniques & Materials for Creating an Environment Where Kids Can Learn.
6:B&W 8. 25 x 11 in or 280 x 210 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

11. Oktober 1994 - kartoniert - 276 Seiten


The "Guide" covers changing school programs, staffing for effective discipline, and cutting-edge approaches such as peer counseling for dealing with student values and problems that are drastically different from those of only a few years ago.


Chapter one: Kids aren't buying what we're selling anymore.; It's a new ball game in school discipline.; Modern threats to every school.; What doesn't work anymore and why.; The new agenda for today's youth.; Chapter two: Shaping a school culture that works for learning.; How the culture drives the school's discipline.; Using your school's image as a self--fulfilling prophecy.; Reproducible.; An informal audit of school climate.; How to drag your school's discipline philosophy into today's real world.; Trust--building programs that can turn your school around.; Celebrating diversity as a positive force in the school.; Reproducible.; Antidiscrimination pledge.; New ways to work with today's students for better discipline.; Conflict resolution: Students helping students to solve problems.; Reproducible.; Conflict resolution worksheet.; Guidelines for a successful peer counseling program.; Reproducible.; Peer counseling application form.; How to match students with "caring adults".; Reproducible.; Male minority mentor proposal.; Chapter three: How changing school programs can promote positive discipline.; What it takes to have a curriculum where all students succeed.; How to personalize education through schools--within--a--school.; Earmarks of successful alternative programs.; Advisor--Advisee programs: revisited and revitalized.; Reproducible.; Role of advisors.; Themes for the school year.; Taking the school to students who won't come to school.; Reproducible.; Guidelines for the week.; Sample evaluation form.; Success secrets for effective after--school programs.; Reproducible.; Sample list of elementary and secondary activities.; Sample mission, "Givens," goals of the student activity program.; Sample activity director job description.; Sample expectations for activity advisors.; Sample eligibility policy.; Ten Ways to use technology to turn students on.; Chapter four: Assistant principals can't do it all anymore-- staffing for effective discipline.; What it takes to get the job done today.; How to make effective use of police liaison officers.; Reproducible.; Police--school liaison program philosophy.; Defining the role of security monitors.; Reproducible.; Security monitor-- job description.; Hall monitor-- job description.; Disciplinary Aide-- job description.; Step--by--step procedures for conducting background checks on security personnel.; Reproducible.; Sample release form.; Sample records request letter.; Why social workers are more important than ever.; Using management aides for one--on--one supervision.; Reproducible.; Management/behavior aide-- job description.; Blueprints for using teacher--deans to improve discipline.; Making everyone part of the school's discipline team.; Reproducible.; Behavior intervention program.; Creative use of advocates and ombudsmen.; Chapter five: How to deal with gangs in school.; What gangs are all about.; Why gangs appeal to today's youth.; Special concerns about girls in gangs.; How to spot gang presence in your school.; How to make your school a safe--zone from gangs.; Reproducible.; Examples of gang symbolism in graffiti.; Tips for releasing information about gangs to the media.; Sample parent letter.; Sample policy #1: gang activity or association.; Sample policy #2: gang activity or association.; Chapter six: What to do to curb violence in school.; New ways to keep weapons out of your school.; Security measures that reduce violence.; Reproducible.; Sample procedures.; Sample parent letter.; Tips for handling fights in school.; Sample incident report form.; How to plan an antiviolence education program.; Handling the worst case scenario: terrorism in school.; Sample antiviolence policies that work.; Reproducible.; Sample policy #1: weapons in school.; Sample policy #2: dangerous weapons in the schools.; Sample policy #3: possession of weapons and/or ammunition.; Sample policy #4: weapons.; Chapter seven: The best of the best in drug prevention measures.; Current trends in student drug use.; What's new in drug education.; Role of the chemical health specialist.; Reproducible.; Chemical health specialist sample job description.; Making drug prevention a community affair.; Reproducible.; Sample mission statement.; Sample PCN Parent letter.; How to have a drug--free school.; Reproducible.Tobacco--free environment (policy #1).; Alcohol and other drugs policy (policy #2).; Student drug abuse (policy #3).; Alcohol use by students (policy #4).; Student Discipline--alcohol (policy #5).; Student use of beepers (policy #6).; Emergency intervention guidelines.; Contract for life.; Weekly Bulletin messages.; Chapter eight: How to handle sexual harassment in school.; What is sexual harassment? What's not?; Examples of sexual harassment in schools.; Special concerns about student--to--student harassment.; How to protect your students and yourself.; Reproducible.; Sample sexual harassment report form.; How to investigate complaints.; Reproducible.; Process for investigation.; Tips on proper documentation.; Reproducible.Sample letter of reprimand.; Sexual harassment checklist.; Samples policies dealing with sexual harassment.; Reproducible.; A sample school policy on sexual harassment.; Sample policy: prohibition of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Chapter nine: New approaches to traditional discipline problems.; Workable ways to reduce truancy.; Reproducible.; Sample policy #1: truancy.; Sample policy #2: student attendance policy.; Sample policy #3: appeals process-- attendance.; Sample truancy notice.Modern steps to stop student stealing.; Tested tips to reduce vandalism.; How to handle bus discipline.; Reproducible.Sample policy #1: student conduct on school buses.; Sample policy #2: student conduct on school buses.; Sample policy #3: bus rider rules and disciplinary measures.; Sample policy #4: school bus misconduct form.; What to do about teen pregnancies, AIDS, and other STDs.; Reproducible.; Model guidelines for school attendance of children with Human Immune Deficiency Virus.; Better methods for crowd control.; Reproducible.; Guidelines for good spectator sportsmanship.; Improving substitute teacher discipline.; Reproducible.; Sample evaluation form: substitute teacher performance appraisal.; Do's and Don'ts of due process.; Reproducible.; Sample policy #1: Student due process rights.; Sample policy #2: due process.; Sample policy #3: student due process rights.; Student grievances form.; New uses of suspension and expulsion.; Reproducible.; Sample expulsion letter.; Sample Policy: suspension/expulsion of handicapped students.; Chapter ten: Helping teachers learn the secrets of successful classroom management.; It's a different classroom today.; Defining a new role for teacher in discipline.; Modernizing your classroom rules.; What teaching strategies work best with today's students.; 75 discipline tips for today's teachers.; Reproducible.; Behavior improvement form.; Classroom behavior chart.; Behavior marks on student report cards.; Chapter eleven: How to rejuvenate the partnership between home and school.; What went wrong with the partnership?; The school's role in strengthening the family and the partnership.; Reproducible.; Education on the home front (16 ways to help your child stay out of trouble and succeed in school).; How to help families boost self--esteem in their students.; Reproducible.; Parent tips on building a child's self--esteem.; How to reach at--risk families and gain their support.; What it takes to get communitywide involvement.; Reproducible.; Sample mission and goals: children first partnership.; Process for community dialogue.; Reproducible.; Protocol for conducting town meetings.; Chapter twelve: Little things that make a difference in discipline.; Ways to work smarter in solving discipline problems.; Reproducible.; Tips for handling committees and meetings.; How to document disciplinary action.; When and how to use legal counsel.; Where to go for help.; What king of staff development helps discipline.; Reproducible.; Staff development evaluation form.; Chapter thirteen: A final word.; It's better than most people think.; We're all in this together.; Making it work.; Appendices.; Appendix A: Sample discipline policies.; Reproducible.; Educational and personal rights.; Ombudsman.; Student conduct off school grounds.; Summer school.; Special situations--substance abuse.; Appendix B: Bibliography.


Robert D. Ramsey, (B.S., M.S., and Ed.D. degrees, University of Kansas), has front--line experience spanning 35 years as teacher, counselor, supervisor, curriculum director, assistant and associate superintendent, and acting superintendent in three award--winning school districts. He is the author of Educator's Discipline Handbook (Parker), Secondary Principal's Survival Guide (Prentice Hall), and 501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Self--Esteem (Contemporary Books).
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