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Morphologl Theory An Intro als Taschenbuch

Morphologl Theory An Intro

von Spencer
67:B&W 6. 69 x 9. 61 in or 244 x 170 mm (Pinched Crown) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam. Sprache: Englisch.


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Morphologl Theory An Intro als Taschenbuch
Titel: Morphologl Theory An Intro
Autor/en: Spencer

ISBN: 0631161449
EAN: 9780631161448
67:B&W 6. 69 x 9. 61 in or 244 x 170 mm (Pinched Crown) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons

25. April 1991 - kartoniert - 532 Seiten


Preface. Abbreviations. Part I: Preliminaries. 1. The Domain of Morphology. Word Structure. Morphemes, Morphs and Allomorphy. Types of Morphological Operation:. Inflection and Derivation. Morphemes: Things or Rules?. Morphological Formatives: Morphemes as Things. Morphological Formatives: Morphemes as Rules. Summary. Functions of Morphology -- Morphosyntax. Summary. 2. Basic Concepts and Pre--Generative Approaches. Introduction. Morphological Typology. Morphemes, Words and The Lexicon:. Morphemes and Allomorphy. The Nature of Words. The Lexicon. Structuralist Theories. The Three Models. Morphophonemics. Summary. Exercises. 3. Early Generative Approaches. Phonology and Syntax in the Standard Theory:. The Standard Theory in Outline. The SPE Model of Phonology. Morphosyntax in the Standard Theory. Chomskya s a Remarks on Nominalizationa : Lexicalist Grammar:. Generative Semantics and Lexical Transformations. Lexicalism. Concluding Remarks on a Remarksa . Hallea s a Prolegomenaa . Siegela s Level Ordering Hypothesis. Aronoffa s Word Formation in Generative Grammar:. The Model in Outline. The Form and Function of WFRs. Justifying the Model. The a Classicala Model of Generative Morphology: Conclusions. Exercises. Part II: The Morphology--Phonology Interface. 4. Approaches to Allomorphy. Introduction. The SPE Model. Natural Generative Phonology. Lexical Phonology:. Kiparskya s Alternation Condition. Cyclic Phonology and Lexical Phonology. Lexical Phonology: Summary. Morpholexical Phonology. Allomophy in Natural Morphology. Zwigya s Shape Conditions. Summary. Exercises. 5. Nonlinear Approaches to Morphology. Introduction. The Autosegmental Approach to Morphology:. McCarthya s Theory. Some Theoretical Consequences of McCarthya s Approach. Reduplication. Further Applications of Nonconcantenative Morphology:. Alternations Affecting Melody Elements. Alternations Affecting the CV Skeleton. Tones as Morphemes. Prospect. Summary. Exercises. Part III: The Morphology--Syntax Interface. 6. Later Generative Theories. Introduction. Basic Issues:. Problems with Level Ordering. Constituent Structure in Morphology. Argument Structure. The Nature of Inflection. The Constituent Structure of Words:. Psg Approaches. Liebera s a Organization of the Lexicona . Syntactic Affixation. Template Morphology. Approaches to Inflection:. Basic Issues. Andersona s a Extended Word--and--Paradigma Theory. Paradigms as Systems. Paradigm Economy. Summary. Exercises. 7. Grammatical Relations. Introduction. Overview of the Phenomena. Theoretical Preliminaries:. Representing Grammatical Relations. Transformational Theories of Passive. The Unaccusative Hypothesis. Matantza s Theory:. Introduction. Affix--Mediated Alternations. Morphological Merger: Causatives. Morphological Merger: Applied Verbs. Bakera s Incorporation Theory:. The Basic Principles. PF Identification. Causatives. Applicatives (Applied Verbs). Passives and Antipassives. Conclusions. Lexical Approaches to Valency Alternations:. Valency Alternations in the Llexicon. Williamsa s Theory. Excursus on Adjectival Passives (Levin and Rappaport). Conclusions: Syntactic and Lexical Approaches. Exercises. 8. Compounds. Introduction. Overview of Compound Types:. Basic Concepts. Compounding in Turkish. Root Compounds. English Synthetic Compounds:. Introduction. Roeper and Siegel (1978). Selkirk (1982). Lieber (1983). Di Sciullo and Williams (1987). Syntactic Approaches. Fabb (1984). Sproat (1985a). Roeper (1988). Postscript on Inheritance. Roeper (1987). Semantically Based Accounts of Inheritance. Summary and Conclusions. Exercises. 9. Clitics. Introduction. Four Case Studies:. Serbo--Croat. Macedonian. Portuguese. Polish. Resume. Definitions of Clitics. Cliticization and Agreement. Summary and Conclusions. Exercises. Part IV: The Word in Generative Grammar. 10. Bracketing Paradoxes. Introduction: The Phenomena. Bracketing Paradoxes in Lexical Phonology. A Prosodic Approach (Aronoff and Sridhar). Williamsa s Theory of a Lexical Relatednessa . Pesetskya s a Morphological QRa . Sproata s Mapping Principle. Bracketing Paradoxes and Paradigmatic Word Formation. Appendix: Sproata s Formalism. Exercises. 11. The Place of Morphology. Introduction. Di Sciullo and Williamsa s Definition of Worda . The Separation Hypothesis. Zwickya s a Interface Programa . Autolexical Syntax. Post--Syntactic Compounding in Japanese. Parallel Morphology. Conclusions. Notes. References. Subject Index. Name Index. Language Index.


Andrew Spencer is a lecturer in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex.


"What Andrew Spencer aims to offer us here--for teh first time--is a comprehensive guide...he achieves his goals splendidly." Times Higher Education Supplement "Spencera s new book on morphology provides for the first time a complete introduction to all of the major theoretical approaches to morphology being discussed in the literature today." John Goldsmith, University of Chicago
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