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Unified Physics

which Einstein & co. dreamed of and is finally realised now…
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Titel: Unified Physics
Autor/en: Peter Jakubowski

ISBN: 3744801888
EAN: 9783744801881
which Einstein & co. dreamed of and is finally realised now.
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Sprache: Englisch.
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Nature. An extraordinary term. There is no other word in our human dictionary containing more substance. Scientists devote their entire lives to studying Nature, propelled by her apparent vastness and seeming myriad unknowns; an individual life being simply too short to ever finish this enormous undertaking. There will always be another unfolding element ... another mysterious and revelatory corner to turn in the impulse to further "know" her.

The Unified Physics of Naturics presented here is the first successful scientific description of the entire Nature, the inanimate and animated matter, including our body, our mind, and our individual and global consciousness.

1. A scientific paradigm
2. Scientific paradigm of the 20th century
3. New Paradigm is emerging in science
4. Unified Physics - the New-Paradigm physics
5. Applications of the New Paradigm in sciences
6. Applications of the New Paradigm in technologies
Peter Jakubowski is working on the unification of all domains of physics since his doctor-physics study in 1970s. The reached now unification describes the inanimate matter and the animated matter on a common basis of the Quantum Spectrum of matter and spirit. All physical quantities of the traditional physics can be now calculated from just two basic properties of all quanta of our Universe. All physical constants of the traditional physics can be calculated from the mass of the cosmic accretion-cloud from which our Proto-Solar System has been formed 7.1 milliard years ago.
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