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The Attack Queers: Liberal Media and the Gay Right

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"Attack Queer" offers a critique of the gay right agenda, and describes how it differs from the one long embraced by the queer community.


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The Attack Queers: Liberal Media and the Gay Right als Buch
Titel: The Attack Queers: Liberal Media and the Gay Right
Autor/en: Richard Goldstein

ISBN: 1859846785
EAN: 9781859846780
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2002 - gebunden - 108 Seiten


"Attack Queer" offers a critique of the gay right agenda, and describes how it differs from the one long embraced by the queer community.


Richard Goldstein is an executive editor of "The Village Voice" and the author of several books including "The Poetry of Rock," "Goldstein's Greatest Hits," and "Reporting the Counterculture." He is the winner of the 2001 GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination) columnist of the year award.


"Hooray for Richard Goldstein! "The Attack Queers" is a brilliant ... and brilliantly written ... polemic against the rising tide of heartless gay conservatism and its 'liberal' straight allies. "The Attack Queers" is a much-needed call to arms for progressives of all stripes to rally before it's too late."--Martin Duberman, author of "Stonewall" "Besides its sheer cogency, the most notable thing about "The Attack Queers" is, surprisingly, the generous patience with which it anatomizes the gay right. Far beyond the hackneyed invocation of 'internalized homophobia, ' Goldstein embarks on an incisive navigation of the historical, racial, and psychological dynamics between queers and mainstream American political discourse."--Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, author of "Epistemology of the Closet" "Richard Goldstein's "The Attack Queers" is a lucid, finely written, generously balanced polemic that retrieves the gay movement's long, variegated history and its alliances with other oppressed minorities. Goldstein persuasively argues that the suppression of this history in public discussions of 'gay issues' has empowered gay versions of Clarence Thomas, pontificating from the bully pulpits of talk shows and mass circulation magazines to prescribe their own mimicry of straight people as model behavior for everyone else. Whatever their actual influence, Andrew Sullivan, Camille Paglia, and other spokespersons for nobody offer the Orwellian spectacle of conformity posing as iconoclasm."--Gary Indiana, author of "Depraved Indifference" and "Resentment" "Goldstein takes on the right-wing queer media darlings Andrew Sullivan, Camille Paglia, Norah Vincent et al. with insight and up-to-the-minute urgency. It's about time someone took some of the hot air out of their inflated balloons."--Esther Newton, author of "Mother Camp" and "Cherry Grove, Fire Island" "Whether you think you will agree with the main argument or not, you will learn from this book. Richard Gold

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