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Beautiful Work

A Meditation on Pain. Sprache: Englisch.
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Experimental work on meditation and the nature of pain by a distinguished senior Americanist.


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Beautiful Work als Buch
Titel: Beautiful Work
Autor/en: Sharon Cameron

ISBN: 082232508X
EAN: 9780822325086
A Meditation on Pain.
Sprache: Englisch.
Duke University Press

9. Juni 2000 - gebunden - 128 Seiten


Experimental work on meditation and the nature of pain by a distinguished senior Americanist.


Sharon Cameron is Kenan Professor of English at The Johns Hopkins University. Her previous books include "Choosing Not Choosing: Emily Dickinson's Fascicles;""Writing Nature: Henry Thoreau's "Journal, and "Thinking in Henry James."


"This beautiful work ... is a lyrical and absorbing quest to understand pain as an entity in and of itself, devoid of ownership and separate from suffering."--Publishers Weeky "In Beautiful Work Sharon Cameron tries to locate the origin of pain, tries to free it from narrative, so that it can be known as something in itself. It is an obsessive yet disciplined search. Cameron's prose is lyrical, even incantatory, and its descriptive acuity carries the reader to the far reaches of consciousness, to a place where language both embodies sensation and moves beyond it, creating a delirium of awareness, a place where the presence of nothing (disembodied yet whole) and death are agents of illumination. Beautiful Work in itself is a beautiful work, a profound and original one." - Mark Strand "Beautiful Work is a remarkable book. It is the key that fits the lock - this is the possibility of living without pain turning into suffering, of freeing the body to heal in the heart." - Stephen Levine "Beautiful Work employs the strategies of twentieth century modernism to satisfy its 'hunger for storylessness,' but is a work of dazzling contemporanaeity. Poetry, fiction, autobiography, philosophy, and theology comfortably coexist and seamlessly merge in this delicate but fearless probing of the unanswerable questions that are the source of all serious writing. Cameron is a wonderful addition to the small choir of low, clear voices dedicated to the performance of the difficult and strange." - Janet Malcolm
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