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Problems of Religious Diversity

von Griffiths
New. Sprache: Englisch.
"Exploring Religious Diversity" analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that many religions in the world often appear to contradict each other in doctrine and practice. Analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that man... weiterlesen
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Problems of Religious Diversity als Taschenbuch
Titel: Problems of Religious Diversity
Autor/en: Griffiths

ISBN: 0631211500
EAN: 9780631211501
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2001 - kartoniert - 196 Seiten


"Exploring Religious Diversity" analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that many religions in the world often appear to contradict each other in doctrine and practice. Analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that many religions in the world often appear to contradict each other in doctrine and practice. Evaluates the fundamental philosophical underpinnings of the debates between religious and non-religious approaches to religious diversity. Contains a glossary that defines the book's key technical terms and how they are related to one another.


Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Religious Diversity. Religion: Some Historical Remarks. Religion: A Definition. Diversity in Religion. Philosophical Questions About Religious Diversity. Standpoints and Answers. 2. Religious Diversity and Truth. Religious Claims: Doctrines and Teachings. Assent and Acceptance. Truth, Falsehood, Incompatibility. Parity with Respect to Truth: A Kantian View. Parity with Respect to Truth: A Wittgensteinean View. Parity with Respect to Truth: Nonreligious Views. Difference with Respect to Religious Truth: Exclusivism. Difference with Respect to Religious Truth: Inclusivism. A Catholic Christian Argument for Open Inclusivism. 3. Religious Diversity and Epistemic Confidence. Epistemic Confidence. Awareness of Diversity. Religious Responses to the Question of Epistemic Confidence. Privatization. A Christian View, in Conversation with William Alston. 4. The Religious Alien. Toleration: Enduring the Religious Alien. Separation: Isolating the Religious Alien. Conversion: Domesticating the Religious Alien. Christian Evangelism. 5. The Question of Salvation. Pluralism. Exclusivism. Inclusivism. Restrictivism and Universalism. A Brief Guide to Further Reading. Glossary. Index.


Paul J. Griffiths is Schmitt Chair of Catholic Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has held academic posts at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Chicago. He is author of On Being Buddha: The Classical Doctrine of Buddhahood (1994) and Religious Reading: The Place of Reading in the Practice of Religion (1999).


"At a time when words like tolerance, diversity, pluralism, and truth are brandished as rhetorical weapons, Paul Griffiths provides a crisp and elegant analysis of the philosophical, moral, and political contexts in which these and other terms function. A bracing and helpful treatment of a perpetually vexed subject." Stanley Fish, University of Illinois at Chicago "Problems of Religious Diversity is a rare work -- an introduction that not only accurately orients beginners, but draws them into the midst of current dialogue. Its bracing clarity has challenges for the expert as well as the novice. It should become a favored port of entry for those who want to think philosophically about the relations among religions." S. Mark Heim, Andover Newton Theological School "A profound, challenging, and edifying appraisal of what it means to keep faith with integrity in a religiously plural world, Problems of Religious Diversity is indispensable for those who seek philosophical grounding for the dialogue with world religions." Carol Zaleski, Smith College "A must read for both introductory students and seasoned scholars alike!" Amos Young, Religious Studies Review, Vol 27, October 2001 "Griffiths skilfully balances a general introductory perspective accessible to serious students with profound analysis that will appeal to professionals." Bernardo J. Cantens, Theological Studies, Vol. 63, June 2002 "Problems of Religious Diversity is a very helpful introduction to the cluster of questions arising from religious diversity in the West. Both those just becoming acquainted with the issues and those already quite familiar with the debates will benefit from careful study of Paul Griffitha s clear and stimulating treatment of the subject." Journal of the Evangelical Philosophic Society, February 2003

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