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A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics

von Person
How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks and Other Indicators. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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A thorough trading guide from a professional trader The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics can help the new individual investor understand the mechanics of the markets. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this book details wh... weiterlesen


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A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics als Buch
Titel: A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics
Autor/en: Person

ISBN: 047158455X
EAN: 9780471584551
How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks and Other Indicators.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons Inc

21. April 2004 - gebunden - 288 Seiten


A thorough trading guide from a professional trader The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics can help the new individual investor understand the mechanics of the markets. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this book details what it takes to trade and shows readers how they can broaden their horizons by investing in the futures and options markets. The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics outlines a variety of proven methodologies-pivot points, candlesticks, and other top indicators-so readers may use those that work best for them as well as make their own trading decisions without a second thought. Author John Person also shares his insights on a variety of trading technologies that will allow readers to gain a competitive edge in the market. John L. Person (Palm Beach, FL) publishes The Bottom-Line Financial and Futures Newsletter, a weekly commodity publication that incorporates fundamental new developments as well as technical analysis using his trading system.




CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Futures and Options: Understanding the Mechanics.

How the markets work, the elevator analogy, product for the times, important terminology such as margin, contract specifications, and leverage.

CHAPTER 2: Fundamentals: The Market Driver.

Supply and demand issues, economic growth and productivity effects, major economic reports and their in role in market prices.

CHAPTER 3: Technical Analysis: The Art of Charts.

Western-style bar charts and key reversals, point-and-figure charts that focus only on price, market profiling, price and time analysis.

CHAPTER 4:Candle Charts: Lighting the Path.

Enlightening charting technique and its colorfully named patterns--hammers, stars, spinning tops, dojis, hanging man, and others--powerful reversal patterns, reliable continuation patterns, key examples in the dollar and bonds.

CHAPTER 5:Chart Analysis: Volume, Open Interest, Price Patterns.

Volume and open interest rules for traders, M tops and W bottoms, trend lines, measuring patterns, the head-and-shoulders, triangles, pennants and flags, diamonds, wedges, funnels, gaps, islands, rounded bottoms, oops signals, opening range breakouts.

CHAPTER 6:Pivot Point Analysis: A Powerful Weapon.

The pivot point formula for target trading, calculating support and resistance levels, importance of multiple verification from several sources, the P3T trading technique, weekly and monthly charts and numbers, risk management techniques.

CHAPTER 7:Day-Trading, Swing Trading: Acting on Analysis.

Trading to bounce off target numbers, calling tops and bottoms, weekly chart magnets, harami cross and other candle clues to market reversals, pivot points save the day, lining up the stars, the verify-verify-verify approach.

CHAPTER 8:Technical Indicators: Confirming Evidence.

Moving averages and trends, simple rules with averages, tweaking and visualizing MACD, stochastics, false signals, Gann's key numbers, Fibonacci ratios and projections, time counts for cycles, Elliott wave and its clues

CHAPTER 9:Market Sentiment: What Traders Are Thinking.

Getting a market consensus from contrary opinion, Commitments of Traders reports, margin rate changes, Market Vane Bullish Consensus report, put-to-call ratios, volatility index (VIX), when the boat is tipping over, media effect.

CHAPTER 10:Order Placement: Executing the Plan.

Importance of getting an order right, online platform concerns, impact of market conditions on orders, 14 top order entry selections you need to know, orders in after-hours trading, spreading concepts.

CHAPTER 11:The Mental Game: Inside the Trader.

Conquering fear, learning discipline, improving confidence, suggestions for success, I'll-think-about-it syndrome, the paper trader, fear and greed factors, becoming a specialist, setting up an investment diary, setting a positive mind frame, dealing with adrenaline, establishing goals, positive affirmations, stress relief techniques, rewarding success to build success.

CHAPTER 12:The Tactical Trader: Tips and Techniques That Work.

Pyramiding approaches, scale trading, stop reversals, breakouts, momentum trading, the Friday 10:30 a.m. rule, stop placement near a magnet, trading multiple contracts.

CHAPTER 13:Options: A Primer.

What options are and how to use them with futures, simple puts and calls, options premiums, the Greeks, comparison shopping, strangles and straddles, eight top option spreads, delta neutral techniques.

CHAPTER 14:Closing Bell: My Top 10 List.

What the experts suggest, top 10 trading thoughts, measuring success.





JOHN L. PERSON is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor who publishes The Bottom Line Financial and Futures Newsletter, a weekly publication.John hosts his own financial radio show where he interviews some of the country's top analysts and traders. These interviews are archived on his Web site He is widely quoted by CBS Market Watch,Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg, the BBC, Futures magazine,and appears as a guest onCNBC. He teaches these techniques atsome of the country's leading investment expos andconducts seminars from coast to coast. He was invited by the Chicago Board of Trade to contribute his daily market commentaries, which can be found at

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