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Auflage 2004. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Morphotectonics, the relation between geomorphology and (neo)tectonics is fundamental to the understanding of landscape evolution. Stressing mainly the quantitative interpretation of field observations, this monograph compares the morphological struc … weiterlesen
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Morphotectonics als Buch


Titel: Morphotectonics
Autor/en: Adrian E. Scheidegger

ISBN: 3540200177
EAN: 9783540200178
Auflage 2004.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

8. April 2004 - gebunden - 212 Seiten


Morphotectonics, the relation between geomorphology and (neo)tectonics is fundamental to the understanding of landscape evolution. Stressing mainly the quantitative interpretation of field observations, this monograph compares the morphological structure of drainage systems, river courses, glacial forms, volcanic landscapes and mass movements with joint orientations. The latter are indicative of the neotectonic stresses; and thus inferences on the genesis of the morphological forms can be drawn. The data on outcrops on all six continents and on islands in all major oceans have been acquired to a large extent by the author himself. The book, therefore, represents a first-hand account of the work and its relevance which has been done worldwide over the last 30 years.


1 Fundamentals.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2.1 General Considerations.- 1.2.2 Phenomenological Principles.- 1.2.3 System Theory.- 1.2.4 Integrated View of Landscape Development.- 1.3 Orientation Studies.- 1.3.1 Significance.- 1.3.2 Nonparametric Statistics.- 1.3.3 Parametric Statistics.- 1.4 Tectonic Features.- 1.4.1 General Remarks: The Tectonic Stress Field.- 1.4.2 Joints.- 1.4.3 Faults and Lineaments.- 1.4.4 Earthquakes.- 1.4.5 Petrofabrics.- 1.5 Planar Morphological Features.- 1.5.1 General Remarks.- 1.5.2 Wiggly Lines.- 1.5.3 Networks.- 1.6 Significance of Correlations.- 1.6.1 Local Correlations.- 1.6.2 Plate Tectonics.- 1.6.3 Other Models.- 2 Global Morphotectonics.- 2.1 Scope of Chapter.- 2.2 Laurasia.- 2.2.1 Europe.- 2.2.2 Asia without Peninsular India.- 2.2.3 North America.- 2.2.4 Laurasian Arctic and Subarctic Regions.- 2.3 Gondwanaland.- 2.3.1 Africa.- 2.3.2 Peninsular India.- 2.3.3 Australasia.- 2.3.4 South America.- 2.3.5 Antarctic and Subantarctic Regions.- 2.4 The Oceans.- 2.4.1 General Physiography/Geology.- 2.4.2 The Atlantic Ocean.- 2.4.3 Indian Ocean.- 2.4.4 Pacific Ocean.- 2.5 Global Morphotectonic Conclusions.- 3 Local Morphotectonics.- 3.1 Scope of Chapter.- 3.2 Local Valley Morphology.- 3.2.1 Introduction.- 3.2.2 Drainage Patterns.- 3.2.3 River Courses in Plan.- 3.2.4 Problems of Longitudinal River Profiles.- 3.2.5 Transverse Valley Profiles.- 3.2.6 The Origin of Gorges.- 3.3 Basins.- 3.3.1 General Remarks.- 3.3.2 Landscape Depressions.- 3.3.3 Lake Basins.- 3.4 Shore/Coast Lines.- 3.4.1 General Remarks.- 3.4.2 Scarborough Bluffs.- 3.4.3 Fiords.- 3.5 Inselbergs.- 3.5.1 General Remarks.- 3.5.2 Classical Inselbergs.- 3.5.3 Piedmont Inselbergs.- 3.5.4 Escarpent Outliers.- 3.5.5 Periglacial Features.- 3.6 Volcanic Features.- 3.6.1 Introduction.- 3.6.2 Basaltic/Effusive Volcanism.- 3.6.3 Mixed Volcanism.- 3.6.4 Explosive-Andesitic Volcanism.- 3.6.5 Conclusions.- 3.7 Mass Movements on Slopes.- 3.7.1 General Remarks.- 3.7.2 Shear Slides.- 3.7.3 Slides at Mountain - Fractures and Artificial Cuts.- 3.7.4 Conclusions.- 3.8 Local Morphotectonic Conclusions.- References.


In the 1980s Prof. Scheidegger published several titles with Springer:
- Scheidegger: Principles of Geodynamics
- Scheidegger: Systematic Geomorphology
- Scheidegger: Theoretical Geomorphology


From the reviews:

"Morphotectonics, the examination of the genetic relationships between topography and underlying tectonic or structural features within the crust, has been a rapidly developing field of the Earth sciences in recent years. ... The book has quite a good list of references and an index. ... In summary, this is a highly focused work ... . The work deserves a space in university libraries, and is more likely to be used as a reference source ... ." (Colin Murray-Wallace, Newsletter of the Geological Society of Australia, Issue 135, June, 2005)

"The present volume is devoted to the concept that drainage patterns on Earth are largely controlled by bedrock joints that have been produced tectonically. This has been a favorite theme of his scholarship for many years, and this volume pulls together in a coherent presentation much of the earlier work that has been published bit by bit in journals. ... Extensive bibliography. An excellent guide. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Graduate students through professionals." (H. N. Pollack, Choice, Vol. 42 (3), 2004)
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