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Advanced Techniques for Surface Engineering als Buch

Advanced Techniques for Surface Engineering

'Eurocourses: Mechanical and Materials Science'. Auflage 1992. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Based on the Lectures given during the Eurocourse on Advanced Techniques for Surface Engineering held at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, 10-13 November, 1992


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Advanced Techniques for Surface Engineering als Buch


Titel: Advanced Techniques for Surface Engineering

ISBN: 0792320069
EAN: 9780792320067
'Eurocourses: Mechanical and Materials Science'.
Auflage 1992.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von W. Gissler, H. A. Jehn
Springer Netherlands

31. Oktober 1992 - gebunden - 414 Seiten


Today's shortages of resources make the search for wear and corrosion resistant materials one of the most important tasks of the next century. Since the surface of a material is the location where any interaction occurs, it is that there the hardest requirements on the material are imposed: to be wear resistant for tools and bearings; to be corrosion resistant for turbine blades and tubes in the petrochemical industry; to be antireflecting for solar cells; to be decorative for architectural panels and to combine several of these properties in other applications. Surface engineering is the general term that incorporates all the techniques by which a surface modification can be accomplished. These techniques include both coating and modification of the surface by ion implantation and laser beam melting. In recent years a continuously growing number of these techniques were developed to the extent that it became more and more difficult to maintain an overlook and to understand which of these highly differentiated techniques might be applied to resolve a given surface engineering problem. A similar development is also occuring for surface characterization techniques. This volume contains contributions from renowned scientists and engineers to the Eurocourse the aim of which was to inform about the various techniques and to give a comprehensive survey of the latest development on this subject.


Preface. The Emergence of Interfacial engineering; E.D. Hondros. Nucleation and Growth of Thin Films; H.A. Jehn. Interfaces and Adhesion; S.J. Bull. Nitriding, Boriding and Carburizing of Steels; P. Jacquot. Ion Implantation for Surface Engineering; P. Mazzoldi. Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition; R. D'Agostino, P. Faria, F. Fracassi, R. Lamendola. Physical Vapor Deposition Techniques I: Evaporation and Sputtering; Y. Pauleau. Physical Vapor Deposition Techniques II: Ion Plating, Arc Deposition and Ion Beam Deposition; E. Moss. Plasma Spraying -- a Versatile Coating Technique; F. Brossa, E. Lang. Laser Surface Treatments: Microstructural Aspects; A. Frenk, W. Kurz. Hybrid Processes; H. Freller, H.P. Lorenz. Meassurement of Mechanical Properties of Thin Solid Films I: Hardness, Elasticity and Stress; K.H. Taube. Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Thin Solid Films II: Friction and Wear; A. Matthews, K. Holmberg. Microstructural Characterization of Films and Surface Layers; W. Gissler, J. Haupt. Surface Engineering for High Temperature Corrosion Resistance; M.F. Stroosnijder, M.J. Bennett, R. Mevrel. Decorative Coatings; H.A. Jehn. Diamond and Diamond-Like Carbon Films; F. Rossi. Subject Index.
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